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What do you get if you cross a zombie with a boy scout ?
A creature that scares old ladies across the road !
How did the invisible boy upset his mother ?
He kept appearing !
Igor: How was that science fiction movie you saw last night ?
Dr Frankenstein: Oh, the same old story - boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy builds new girl ...!
Did you hear about the boy who got worried when his nose grew to be eleven inches long ?
He thought it might turn into a foot !

A man out for a walk came across a little boy pulling his cat's tail.
'Hey you!' he shouted, ' don't pull the cat's tail !'
'I'm not pulling !' replied the little boy. 'I'm only holding on - the cat's pulling !'

There was a little boy who had really smelly feet. One night before he went to bed his mother told him that tomorrow was a very special day and the when he woke up his feet wouldn't smell at all.
The boy was so excited he hardly slept. But, eventually, he dropped off.
Next morning, his mother woke him early.
The first thing he did was sniff his feet. They smelled even worse than before.
His mother just laughed and said 'April Fool !'

A farmer was showing a schoolboy round his farm when they came to a field where the farmer's sheep were grazing.' How many sheep do you reckon there are ?' asked the farmer proudly
'Seven hundred and sixty four,' replied the boy after a few seconds.
The farmer gasped. 'That's exactly right, boy. How did you count them so quickly ?'
'Simple,' said the boy genius, 'I just counted the legs and divided by four !

Did you hear about the doctor who crossed a parrot with a vampire ?
It bit his neck, sucked his blood, and said, 'Who's a pretty boy then ?'!
Did you hear about the little boy who was named after his father ?
They called him Dad !
Cannibal: Mom, mom, I've been eating a missionary and I feel sick !
Mom: Well, you know what they say - you can't keep a good man down !
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