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There was a young hunter named Shepherd
who was eaten for lunch by a leopard.
Said the leopard, 'Egad!
you'd be tastier, lad,
if you had been salted and peppered.

A junior school dropout name Ray
once had an unusual day.
Entrusting his fate
to a twenty-pound weight,
while a hurricane blew him away.

An unlucky fellow named Foster
caught a mermaid while fishing off Gloucester.
To his lasting regret,
when he reached in the net,
she slipped through his hands and he lost her.

There was a young man from Quebec
who wrapped both his legs round his neck !
But then he forgot
how to undo the knot,
and now he's an absolute wreck.

There was a yound man called Art,
who thought he'd be terribly smart.
He ate ten cans of beans,
and busted his jeans,
with a loud and earth shattering *****!

While visiting close friends, a gnat,
decided to sleep in a hat.
but an elderly guest
decided to rest,
now the gnat and the hat are quite flat.

A blackberry picker called Sam
ate berries where others ate ham.
A doctor who pried,
said, 'Sir, your inside
would make most delectable jam.'
There was a young lad of St Just
who ate apple pie till he bust.
It wasn't the fru-it
that caused him to do it,
what finished him off was the crust.
Said a very l-o-n-g crodile,
'My length is a terrible trail!
I know I should diet
but each time I try it
I'm hungry for more than a mile!'
I don't wish to harp about Lew
who kept peering into the stew.
He lifted the lid
and in it he slid
I think I'll miss dinner, don't you ?
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