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Did you hear about the little spook who couldn't sleep at night because his brother kept telling him human stories ?

A little monster was learning to play the violin,' I'm good, aren't I?' he asked his big brother.
'You should be on the radio,' said his brother.
'You think I'm that good?'
'No, I think you're terrible, but if you were on the radio, I could switch you off !

'Charley, why did Farley run through the screen door?' asked mum.
'Because he wanted to strain himself.'

Dad: Don't be selfish. Let your brother use the sled half the time.
Son: I do, Dad. I use it going down the hill and he gets to use it coming up!

Ned: Boy! Was I ever in hot water last night !
Ed: You were? What did you do ?
Ned: I took a bath !

Why did your brother go to night school?
Because he wanted to learn to read in the dark!

Did you hear about my brother: He saw a moose's head hanging on a wall and went into the next room to see the rest of it!
Charley wanted to buy Farley a birthday cake, but he couldn't figure out how to get the cake in the typewriter so he could type 'Happy Birthday'

Mum: Why does your little brother jump up and down before taking his medicine?
Boy: Because he read the label, and it said 'shake well before using.'

My brother's been practising the violin for ten years.
'Is he any good?'
'No, it was nine years before he found out he wasn't supposed to blow

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