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Little Brother: Look Bro, I've got a pack of cards.
Big Brother: Big deal !

Mummy Monster: What are you doing with that saw and where's your little brother ?
Young Monster: Hee, hee ! He's my half-brother now!

Did the bionic monster have a brother ?
No, but he had lots of trans-sisters!

A small boy walked into a police station one day and said, 'I've got three big brothers and we all live in the same room. My eldest brother has seven cats. Another one has three dogs and the third has a goat. I want you to do something about the smell.'
'Are the any windows in your room?' asked the officer.
'Yes, of course there are!' said the boy.
'Have you tried opening them?'
'What and lose all my pigeons ?'

'What's your father's occupation?' asked the school secretary on the first day of the new academic year.
'He's a conjurer, Ma'am,' said the new boy.
'How interesting. What's his favourite trick?'
'He saws people in half.'
'Gosh! now, next question. Any brothers or sisters?'
'One half brother and two half sisters.'

A small ghost was sitting in a haunted house all alone when another ghost came in. It said, 'Hello, I'm your long lost brother.'
The first ghost replied. 'ooooo?'

My big brother is such an idiot. The other day I saw him hitting himself on the head with a hammer. He was trying to make his head swell so his hat wouldn't fall over his eyes !
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