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Jokes about girls

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Mother: Sara, haven't you finished filling the salt shaker yet ?
Sara: Not yet, Mum. It's awful hard to get the salt through those little holes!

Teacher: Your daughter's only five and she can spell her name backward ? Why, that is remarkable.
Mother: Yes, we're very proud of her.
Teacher: And what is your daughter's name ?
Mother: Anna.

'I'm very worried about my little girl's nail-biting habit,' a woman said to the doctor.
'Nail-biting is very common in youngsters,' said the doctor.
'What six inch rusty ones!

Mother: Do you know a girl named Jenny Simon ?
Daughter: Yes, she sleeps next to me in Math.

Jane's father decided to take all the family out to a restaurant for a meal. As he'd spent quite a lot of money on the meal he said to the waiter,' could I have a bag to take the leftovers home for the dog ?'
'Gosh,' exclaimed Jane, 'Are we getting a dog ?'

Mother to friend: Karen's so imaginative! I asked her what the 'P' meant on her report and she said 'fantastic.'

Mum: Sue, there were two chocolate cakes in the larder yesterday, and now there's only one. Why ?
Sue: I don't know. It must have been so dark I didn't see the other one.

Father: Jennifer, I've had a letter from your teacher. It seems you've been neglecting your appearance.
Jennifer: Dad ?
Father: He says you haven't appeared in school all week.

Mary's class was taken to the Natural History Museum. 'Did you enjoy yourself ?' asked her mother when she got home.
'Oh yes,' replied Mary. 'But it was funny going to a dead zoo.

Janet came home from school and asked her mother if the aerosol spray in the kitchen was hair lacquer.
'No,' said mum, 'it's glue.'
'I thought so,' said Janet. 'I wondered why I couldn't get my beret off today.'

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