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Jokes about girls

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Why is a girl extravagant with her clothes?
When she has a new dress she wears it out the first day.

Why did the girl keep a ruler on her newspaper?
Because she wanted to get story straight.

If Janet's mother is Mary's daughter, what relation is Janet to Mary?
Mary is Janet's grandmother.

If a woman is born in Italy, grows up in England, goes to America and dies in Baltimore, what is she?

What do well-behaved young lambs say to their mothers?
'Thank ewe!'

Why did the girl buy a set of tools?
Everyone said she had a screw loose.

Why is a bride always out of luck on her wedding day?
Because she never marries the best man.

When Adam introduced himself to Eve, what three words did he use which read the same backward and forward?
Madam, I'm Adam.

Why is a lady's belt like a garbage truck?
Because it goes around and around and gathers the waist.

What is the difference between a hungry girl and a greedy girl?
One longs to eat and the other eats too long.

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