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Jokes about girls

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Don't do homework. No teacher can blame you for something you haven't done.

My sister can play the piano by ear. I'd rather she sent and played it over there.

God made Adam but thought he could do better so he made little girls.

Cinderella married for money. She really put her foot in it.

Black magic - by Sue Pernatural

My needlework teacher is a sew and sew!

My teacher's got a pretty face if you can read between the lines.

Bo Peep did it for the insurance.

Is she Hungary?
Yes Siam.
I'll Fiji then don't Russia.

Woman wanted to run up curtains.

Sheena is a good dancer.
That's not dancing, someone spilled coffee in her lap.

I caught the Loch Ness Monster - by Janet A.Big-wun.

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