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Jokes about girls

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Come here, you greedy wretch. I'll teach you to eat all your sister's birthday chocs.
It's all right Dad, I know how !

You might find my sister a bit dull until you get to know her. When you do you'll discover she's a real bore !

Jane: Have you noticed that your mother smells a bit funny these days ?
Wayne: No, why ?
Jane: Well your sister told me she was giving her a bottle of toilet water for her birthday.

Jim: My sister wants to be an actress.
Tim: Is she pretty ?
Jim: Well, put it this way, she'd be perfect on radio.

Gill: Yours sister uses too much makeup.
Jen: Do you think so ?
Gill: Yes. It's so thick that if you tell her a joke, five minutes after she's stopped laughing her face is still smiling.

Why did your sister give cough syrup to the pony ?
Because someone told her it was a little horse.

Why does your sister have yeast and shoe polish for breakfast ?
Because she wants to rise and shine.

Brother: Did you just take a shower ?
Sister: Why, is one missing.

Why did your sister keep running around her bed ?
Because she was trying to catch up with her sleep.

Brother: Why is that dog staring at me like that ?
Sister: Don't mind him. He's just mad COs you're eating out of his dish.

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