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Jokes about girls

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My sister is so dim she thinks that a cartoon is a song you sing in a car.

My sister is so stupid she thinks that aroma is someone who travels a lot

First vampire: I don't think much of your sister's neck.
Second vampire: Never mind - eat the vegetables instead.

Teacher: What's this a picture of ?
Class: Don't know, Miss.
Teacher: It's a kangaroo.
Class: What's a kangaroo, miss ?
Teacher: A kangaroo is a native of Australia.
Smallest boy: Wow, my sister's married one of them 1

Did you hear about the time Eddy's sister tried to make a birthday cake ?
The candles melted in the oven.

'Why is your son crying ? the doctor asked a young woman in his surgery.
'He has four baked beans stuck up his nose.'
'And why is his little sister screaming ?'
'She wants the rest of her lunch back.

Why did your sister jump out the window ?
Because she wanted to try out her new spring suit

Susannah was watching her big sister covering her face with cream. 'What's that for ?' she asked.
'To make me beautiful,' came the reply.
Susannah then watched in silence as she wiped her face clean. 'Doesn't work, does it ?' was the young sister's comment.

Brother: What two things can you never eat for breakfast ?
Sister: Lunch and dinner.

Why did your sister take a bicycle to bed ?
Because she didn't want to walk in her sleep.

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