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Mermaid Jokes
Do mermaids use knives and forks when they eat?
No, they use their fish fingers!
What did the sea say to the Little Mermaid?
Nothing, it just waved!
What has beautiful hair, a pretty face, two arms, a fish's tail, looks like a mermaid, but isn't a mermaid?
A photograph of a mermaid!
What is a mermaid's favourite song?
Salmon-chanted Evening!
What names do mermaids have?
How about Water-Lily? Or Coral?
Maybe Michelle, as that can be shortened to Shell!
Which part of a mermaid weighs the most?
The scales!
Why did the Little Mermaid look the other way?
Because the seaweed.
Why did the Little Mermaid ride a sea-horse?
Because she was playing water polo!
Why was the Little Mermaid embarrassed?
Because she saw the big ship's bottom!

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