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Robin Hood Jokes
Friar Tuck was a monk, so why did he get involved in a life of crime?
It was his habit!
How did Robin Hood tie his shoe-laces?
With a long bow!
Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Robin who?
Robin the rich to give to the poor!
What did Robin say when he nearly got hit at the archery contest?
"That was an arrow escape!"
What has two holes for the eyes and a slit for the beak?
A Robin Hood!
What is Robin Hood's favourite radio programme?
The Archers!
Where did Robin's Merry Men go to buy their sweets?
The Friar's Tuck-shop!
Why couldn't Robin Hood hit the target?
Because his arrows were all in a quiver!
Why did Robin Hood steal from the rich?
Because the poor didn 't have anything worth stealing!
Why wouldn't Robin Hood's bow work properly?
Because it was a crossbow!

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