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What did the maggot say to another ?
What's a nice maggot like you doing in a joint like this !
What did the woodworm say to the chair ?
It's been nice gnawing you !
What's yellow, wiggles and is dangerous ?
A maggot with attitude !
How can you tell if you are looking at a police glow worm ?
it has a blue light !
Why are glow worms good to carry in your bag ?
They can lighten your load !
What do you get if you cross a glow worm with a python ?
A 15 foot strip light that can strangle you to death !
What is a worm's favourite band ?
Mud !
Who is the worm's Prime Minister ?
Maggot Thatcher !
When should you stop for a glow worm ?
When he has a red light !
What is the maggot army called ?
The Apple Corps !
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