Bored with School
It happens to us all...
Crazy Definitions
A daft A-Z dictionary of the REAL meanings of hundreds of words!
Crazy Questions
Things that you might get asked - with some sharp and hilarious answers !
Essential Homework Excuses
Not that any of you would ever need any of these !
Geography Jokes
Where in the world did these jokes come from !
History Jokes
That we've dug up for you from the dawn of time !
Maths Jokes
Two plus two equals lots of laughs !
Mixed Bag
A big bag of school jokes - dive straight in !
School Dinner Jokes
The meal that everyone loves to hate !
Start of Term
From your first day of school to getting to school every morning !
Teacher Jokes
Love them or hate them you'll see an awful lot of them by the time you leave school !
Testing Time
It's examination time, have you been paying attention!

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