5 Amazing Travel Experiences To Have Before You Die

There are unique vacations, and there are beautiful destinations. But if you’re looking for adventure and mind-blowing experiences, what are your best options?

Head to the far reaches of the earth! Here are 5 extraordinary suggestions:

Head to the Arctic Circle. You’ll be awed by the Aurora Borealis in winter. But it’s cold! The best viewing months are September and March, due to clear skies, increased solar activity, and extremely dark nights. And the best places? Take your pick — but Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Alaska top most lists. During summer’s Polar Day in the far north, you won’t see a sunset for four months, and you won’t see the northern lights, but you’ll enjoy the midnight sun! 

Visit Antarctica. There are no permanent settlements, and it’s still relatively hard to book excursions to a place that’s strictly devoted to scientific study. But some expeditions allow visitors to set foot on the frozen continent. Marvel at the glaciers, photograph penguin colonies, and walk the barren landscape. Book a cruise that includes a trip around the legendary Cape Horn at the tip of South America. Go ashore in Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city on earth, and gaze toward the Antarctic. 

Descend Deep Into Planet Earth. One of the most famous caves in the world is in Southern New Mexico. Carlsbad National Park has many attractions, but the cavern that is its showpiece is spectacular. The underground Big Room is 4,000 feet long, and a modern elevator whisks visitors down to the depths. Eat lunch at the cafeteria deep in the bowels of the earth. At sunset, watch thousands of bats depart from the main entrance. It’s truly awesome. Discoveries are still being made in the Cavern — the latest just three years ago. If you dream of becoming an explorer, this is your chance!

Embrace Morocco. Book a jeep and camel trek through Morocco to become immersed in its fascinating culture. Visit the vast Sahara Desert, cross the Atlas mountains, have dinner with a Bedouin family, explore the crowded souks of exotic cities, relax on beautiful beaches, and have a drink at Rick’s Cafe in Casablanca. Leave via Gibraltar, a quick ferry ride across the strait that separates the Mediterranean from the Atlantic. It’s a thoroughly British outpost that seems slightly out of place and time. Laugh at the Barbary Apes that have made their home at the top of the rock for centuries.

Explore Ancient Civilizations. There are many choices. Machu Pichu in Peru, Petra in Jordan, and the cities and ruins throughout Egypt. Visit Israel and the Greek Islands, Athens, Rome, and Beijing, China, as well as native American cliff dwellings of the American southwest, and the pyramids of Mexico. Art, architecture, and history buffs have a treasure trove of possibilities on every continent. Pack your camera and pick your pleasure. 

The best advice for any traveler? Step out of your comfort zone and follow your dreams, no matter where they take you!