5 Weirdest Lottery Win Stories

We all like to imagine what we would do if we won big in the lottery. For almost all of us, that will never happen since the odds are astronomical. That doesn’t mean it’s not fun to think about, though. There have been several people that have won the lottery over the years and didn’t even know it at first, or have had some really roundabout ways of cashing in their winning tickets.

There are a few truly bizarre stories of lottery winners that will have you double and triple-checking your tickets to see if you actually won. These five stories will also make you wonder if you may have won years ago without even knowing.

Valentine’s Day Craziness

In April of 2019, Canadian couple Nicole Pedneault and Roger Larocque became the lucky winners of the $750,000 prize money for a lottery ticket that won the year prior. They mentioned having bought the ticket for Valentine’s Day in 2018 and apparently tucked it away and forgot about it. In April of 2019, their grandson asked for informational books to help with a school project. When Nicole went through the books for her grandson, a ticket fell out of the pages. To their amazement, the ticket was a winner, and even more amazing, the ticket was still valid, but only for two more days. The couple turned in their ticket and collect their winnings. A very happy ending to what could have been an unfortunate situation. 

Aussie Luck

The next story is one you may have heard of before. In 1998, Bill Morgan of Australia was the victim of a horrible car crash, the vehicle almost crushing him. He survived but suffered a heart attack as a result of the crash. He was rushed to the hospital, where they administered a drug that caused an allergic reaction. He died for 14 minutes and was put into a medically induced coma for 12 days after his heart stopped beating. He recovered and with his newfound lease on life, decided to play the lottery after settling into his life with his then-fiancée. He ended up winning a car worth $17,000. Insane luck followed soon after when the local news station covered his story and asked him to reenact the win. When he did, he scratched off a $250,000 winning ticket. Bill Morgan is one lucky guy. 

Chilled Win

A funny story about a man from the UK, whose reaction to winning a $106 million lottery prize went viral on Tik Tok. The audio recording of Andrew Clark’s phone call to the National Lottery line received social media due to his calm demeanor after having won a whopping $106 million prize. Clark is a busy man who tends to let things pile up in his van. Including his lottery tickets. His partner’s niece called and told him to check his tickets after the winning numbers had been announced. Days later he went through the stack of tickets and found a winner. A big winner. His reaction gave viewers a good laugh and was marked as the most British response ever. 

Kind Citizen

Losing lottery tickets seems to be a common theme for most winners. Michael J Weirsky is one of those. The man from New Jersey accidentally left his winning tickets on a local convenience store counter while distracted. A kind man turned the tickets into the store owner and a frantic Michael eventually found his way back to the store to ask if they had seen the tickets. He ended up winning an astounding $273 million. 

Better Late Than Never

Another lucky winner for more reasons than one is Joemel Panisa. He decided to clean his office and when doing so, found a lottery ticket he had tucked away in an envelope the year prior. It turned out to be a $1 million winning ticket and was only days away from becoming invalid in the ultimate bout of good timing.

10 Arabic Girls Names That Are Popular In The United States

Arabic names are among the most common in the world, and even those that don’t have ties to the Arabic region find the names to be beautiful and are giving their children these names. In the United States, there are some very popular Arabic girls names, with these 10 being among the most popular in the country:


Famous Aaliyahs: Aaliyah (singer), Aaliyah Ei (model)

Top 5 Ways to Make Money on Facebook
Top 5 Ways to Make Money on Facebook

One of the most popular Arabic names for girls in the US is Aaliyah. It’s the feminine version of the masculine name, Aali. Aaliyah became a more popular name in the US with the introduction of the famous R&B singer. The meaning of the name refers to someone who is ascending, highborn, and sublime. A name with a strong connection to the Muslim faith and spirituality. 


Famous Fatimas: Fatima Placek (voice actress), Fatima de Tetuan (TikTok star)

Another popularly given name with Arabic origins is Fátima. It refers to a girl who is motherly, abstains and is captivating. It has a particularly special meaning to those practicing the Muslim faith because it’s a name shared by one of Muhammad’s daughters. 


Famous Laylas: Layla Ali (boxer), Layla El (professional wrestler)

The name Layla shares Arabic and Hebrew origins and can be spelled in many variations. It’s derived from the ancient Semitic word “layl”, meaning night. It is typically given to girls who have been born at night, or who are dark beauties. The earliest use of the name was in the Arabian story of Quays and Layla. Another popular use of the name, which is most likely responsible for its rise in popularity in the US, is the song “Layla” by the band Derek and the Dominos, formed by the legendary Eric Clapton.  


Famous Kaylas: Kayla Blake (actress), Kayla Reeves (musician)

With ties to Yiddish, Hebrew, and Arabic origins, the name Kayla means the crown of laurels. A laurel crown is made from bay laurel leaves and represents triumph and status. I’m Yiddish the name Kayla means slim and fair. 


Famous Aisha: Aisha Tyler (actress), Aisha Dee (actress)

Another popular Arabic name in the US is Aisha. Aisha was the wife of Muhammad and has special meaning to people of the Muslim faith. The name means “life”, “alive”, “she who lives”, or “womanly” and can be spelled in many different variations. 


Famous Imanis: Imani (rapper), Imani Hakim (actress)

Imani is a strong and traditional Arabic name. It means “belief”, or “faith”. Imani is a unisex name, but most often given to girls. It is sometimes shortened to Iman, as well. 


Famous Zaras: Zara Larsson (singer), Zara Phillips (princess)

The name Zara is a highly popular variation of the Arabic-derived name Zahrah. Zara stands for “radiance” and describes those given the name as a “blooming flower”. 


Famous Mariams: Mariam Musa (reality star), Mariam Olivera (Instagram star)

With Arabic and Hebrew origins, the name Mariam means “drop of the sea”, “star of the sea”, “bitterness”, or “beloved”. Mariam is another traditional name strong in faith, making it popular among the Muslim religion. 


Famous Amiras: Amira Harvey (actress), Amira Shiwraj (TikTok star)

The name Amira, sometimes spelled Emira, Ameera, or Amirah, has Arabic, Hindi, and Hebrew origins. The Arabic derivative means “Princess” and is a recently popular name for girls in the US.  


Famous Inayas: Inaya Day (singer), Inaya Ashanti (TikTok star)

Inaya, occasionally spelled Anaya, is the feminine version of the name Inayat and is a Quranic word. It stands for “care”, “concern”, and “solicitude”. It is also said to mean “gift from god”. 

5 Best Hacks For Your iPhone

The iPhone is the most common smartphone in use around the world, and for good reason. The Apple smartphone has had amazing features since its inception, though it seems that there’s an endless list of tricks that aren’t commonly know. With the number of features being too long to list, there’s a lot that your iPhone can do that isn’t listed in the manual.

If you feel like tinkering around with your iPhone and seeing some of the cool features that you may not have known about, check out these five iPhone hacks.

1. Freeze your screen to prevent people from scrolling or swiping.

One incredibly useful trick you can do with your iPhone is you can actually freeze the touchscreen function while still displaying your screen. An especially helpful tool for parents of young and curious children who enjoy swiping the screen and pressing any and all buttons they get ahold of. 

Or when you’re showing off something in your phone to a nosey person who takes it upon themselves to start scrolling through your camera roll, or notifications. All you have to do is turn on Guided Access and when you’re done, press the home button three times in a row to shut off the feature. 

2. Use the Measure App as a household tool.

The Measure app comes pre-installed on any iPhones running iOS 12 and later. You can check if your iPhone needs any updates by going to settings, general, then software updates and updates if needed. 

The Measure app uses the camera to take pictures of objects and then measure their height, width, and even surface area with mostly accurate data taken by figuring out distances of surrounding objects. Another function offered by the app is one that can determine if a surface is level. 

3. Do a voiceover while recording your iPhone screen.

This iPhone hack is useful when recording an instructional, or how-to video. Go to the control center, and press the screen record button for longer than you normally would, and it’ll launch the recording function. Then select the video, or app you’d like to record your voiceover. 

Beneath that, press the microphone button to record your voice. When you’re ready, press start recording and it will record your screen and voice simultaneously. Press stop recording when you’re finished. 

4. Set a sleep timer so you can listen to music while you fall asleep.

We’ve all fallen asleep while using our phones, waking up abruptly later in the night to the startling sound of a particularly loud and energetic song. Or maybe you put on a relaxing video, or podcast to drown out other sounds while you drift off to sleep, but don’t want your phone to play them the entire night. Well, lucky for you there’s a way to put a stop to that annoyance. 

Open the clock app, click “Timer”, and select the time you want your iPhone to run your preferred music, podcast, or video. But before you press “Start”, click on “When Timer Ends”, scroll down through the lists of sounds until you get to “Stop Playing” and select that, then click “Set”, and then “Start”. 

5. Turn on your ‘Do Not Disturb’ during a movie and have it turn off automatically.

Nobody wants to be the person with their phone going off in the movie theater. You also don’t want to be the person who forgets to turn your notifications back on afterward, in case someone is trying to reach you when your movie, or another event, is finished. 

You can prevent that from happening by using this hack to ensure your Do Not Disturb feature turns itself off after you leave the location. Use the Focus feature in iOS 15, or later, by going to the Do Not Disturb option, under “turn on automatically” you can put in specific times and locations when/where you want the feature to turn on. 

5 Greatest Orioles of All Time

The Baltimore Orioles have a long history that dates back to the late 19th century, and though the franchise has just three World Series titles, they have also had some of the best players in Major League Baseball. In terms of the best Orioles players of all time, you can probably guess who number one is, but where do the rest rank? Here are our picks for the five greatest Orioles in franchise history.

5. George Sisler

Starting the top five is George Sisler, who began his career way back in 1915 and held the American League record for hits in a season for a very long time before Ichiro Suzuki set the new standard in the 2000s. Sisler played with the Orioles before their move to Baltimore, spending 12 seasons with what was then the St. Louis Browns.

During his career with the franchise, Sisler posted a .344 batting average with 93 home runs and 962 runs batted in, collecting an MVP Award in 1922. Sisler won two batting titles and was a master of stolen bases, swiping a career-high 51 bags during his MVP season. Sisler was even the Browns’ manager for three seasons and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1939.

4. Eddie Murray

“Steady” Eddie Murray is one of just a handful of players that’s hit 500 home runs while recording 3,000 career hits. Murray had two stints with the Orioles, starting his career in Baltimore from 1977 to 1988 and returning for the 1996 season. Murray was a seven-time All-Star with the Orioles and took home the Rookie of the Year Award with a .283 batting average and 27 home runs.

In his overall Orioles career, Murray slugged 363 home runs and knocked in 1,224 runs with a .294 batting average. Murray was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2003 in his first year on the ballot. He has also been inducted into the Orioles Hall of Fame and has his jersey number 33 retired by the franchise.

3. Jim Palmer

The only pitcher on the list is Jim palmer, who spent his entire career with the Orioles between 1968 and 1984, only taking off the 1968 season. Palmer was named an American League All-Star six times during his career, winning four Gold Gloves and learning the league in wins for three years in a row between 1975 and 1977.

The crown jewel of Palmer’s career is being a three-time AL Cy Young Award winner, taking home the title in 1973, 1975, and 1976. After retiring in 1984, Palmer was a first-ballot Hall of Famer in 1990 and had his number 22 jersey retired as he was inducted into the Orioles Hall of Fame.

2. Brooks Robinson

There’s a reason Brooks Robinson was known as the “Human Vacuum Cleaner” thanks to his tremendous defensive play that won him 16 Gold Glove Awards, the most by a non-pitcher in baseball history. Robinson played his entire career with the Orioles that spanned from 1955 to 1977 and included a long list of non-Gold Glove Awards, too.

Robinson was named to the American League All-Star Team 18 times during his career and won the MVP Award in 1964 thanks to a .317 batting average, 28 home runs, and 118 runs batted in. Like the others on the list, Robinson was a first-ballot Hall of Famer and was inducted in 1983, and the number five jersey is retired in his honor.

1. Cal Ripken Jr.

It’s probably no surprise that the number one player on the list is Cal Ripken Jr., who will always be known for his consecutive games played record that’s almost guaranteed to never be broken. Ripken played all 21 of his Major League Baseball seasons with the Orioles, and the former Rookie of the Year was named to the American League All-Star Team 19 times.

Ripken was an eight-time Silver Slugger winner for being one of the best-hitting shortstops of all time, while also winning a pair of Gold Glove Awards. Ripken won two MVP Awards, the first coming in 1983 and the second in 1991. Ripken was nearly a unanimous Hall of Fame entry on his first time on the ballot in 2007 and no Oriole will wear number eight again.

5 Surprising Facts About The Orioles

While the Orioles, to some people, still feel like a team that entered the league in the 1990s (thanks to Camden Yards), they are actually among the oldest franchise in Major League Baseball. For more than a century, the Orioles have experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, with a lot of surprises along the way.

What really stands out as the most shocking to hear, though? Here are five surprising facts about the Baltimore Orioles throughout their long and sometimes illustrious history.

They Were Originally The Milwaukee Brewers

There is a Milwaukee Brewers franchise in Major League Baseball that has been active since their move from Seattle in 1970, but the current Baltimore Orioles were the original Milwaukee Brewers. That’s right, the Orioles franchise roots date back to the 1870s when they were a minor league team named the Milwaukee Brewers, and moved up to the American League in 1901 for one season.

The following year, the Brewers moved to St. Louis, becoming the Browns. When owner Bill Veeck was forced to sell the team, they were moved to Baltimore under the Miles-Krieger-Hoffberger group and renamed the Orioles in 1954. The team has operated as the Baltimore Orioles ever since.

They Match The Yankees For One Obscure Record

Through the 2022 MLB season, there have only been 13 seasons in which a team has won at least 108 games. The 1906 Chicago Cubs were the first to do it, winning a whopping 116 games to set the standard that has yet to be broken. Since then, several franchises including the Los Angeles Dodgers and Pittsburgh Pirates have reached 108 wins, but only two teams have done it twice.

The Baltimore Orioles and New York Yankees are the only two, with the Yankees accomplishing the feat three times. The Orioles did it in back-to-back seasons, winning 109 games in 1969 and then 108 games in 1970. The team reached the World Series in both years, winning it all in 1970 over the Cincinnati Reds.

Only Three Teams Have Longer Pennant Droughts

After having tremendous success from the late 1960s through the 1970s, the Baltimore Orioles crowned the peak of the franchise’s success with a World Series title in 1983 over the Philadelphia Phillies. Since then, the Orioles have yet to win the American League pennant and get back to the World Series.

That drought is the fourth longest in Major League Baseball, and the second longest in the American League behind the Seattle Mariners, who have never reached the World Series. The two National League teams with longer pennant droughts are the Pittsburgh Pirates (1979) and Milwaukee Brewers (1982), who we know as the new Orioles.

Cal Ripken Leads In Just About Everything

It’s probably not a surprise that Cal Ripken Jr. holds a lot of franchise records since he has the most games played for the franchise and the most consecutive games by any MLB player. However, Ripken holds just about every single batting record. This includes having the most hits, doubles, home runs, runs batted in, walks, and even strikeouts.

There are a couple of franchise records that Ripken doesn’t hold though, surprisingly. Brady Anderson holds the record for the most times hit by a pitch, getting plunked 148 times. Ripken also takes a backseat in franchise triples to George Sisler (145) and shares the record with Chris Davis for most strikeouts at 1,305. What makes this surprising is that Ripken played in almost three times as many games (3,001 to 1,151) as Davis.

Nobody Has Had A Worse Start To A Season

1988 was a rough year for Baltimore Orioles fans, with the team’s postseason hopes dashed before the end of April. That season, the Orioles started with 14 consecutive losses, which was the first time that’s happened in MLB history. Only the 1997 Chicago Cubs have matched that start ever since.

However, the streak didn’t end there. The Orioles continued to lose until their streak reached 21 games and were 16 games out of first place. The Orioles finally snapped their skid, defeating the Minnesota Twins 4-2.

5 Ways To Inspire Yourself As An Artist

Nothing affects an artist quite like hitting a wall and losing inspiration. You can sit there for hours thinking about what you should create instead of simply letting your mind take over your body through inspiration. It’s much easier said than done to get into that kind of inspired rhythm, though. 

If you’re one of the countless artists that are struggling to find inspiration, not all is lost. There are plenty of ways where you can inspire yourself, and in the process not just benefit your art, but your life in general. Here are five of the best ways that will enrich any form of your art through inspiration.


If you’re the creative type seeking inspiration to expand your artistic prowess further, one tip that could help get those juices flowing is traveling. Our incredible planet has an almost endless amount of thought-provoking and inspiring places to be explored. Your destination doesn’t have to be set in stone and your journey can be whatever you make it. Inspiration could strike when you least expect it and that’s the beauty of using traveling as a tool to get your artistic vision back. 

Explore Different Walks of Life 

While traveling, or even in your own backyard, you can find people from all walks of life. Intriguing people are everywhere, you just have to find them. Some individuals are unassuming and don’t always put themselves out there, but when you get to know your community and people you meet on your travels, you’ll discover a cornucopia of personalities, with interesting life stories and their own view of the world. 

Taking pieces of others and using them to reshape your own reality can help birth inspiration for new projects and maybe even a new outlook on life. You begin to blossom when you aren’t stuck within the confines of your own mindset. 


Speaking of mindset, having a clearer view of how the inner mechanisms of your mind work can help provide inspiration. Whether you’re happy, you’re in love, you’re hurt, or you’re feeling things you can’t put into words, art can help express the things words can’t. It’s one of the reasons people indulge in varying artistic outlets, to begin with. Meditating doesn’t have to solely be used as a method of calming oneself, although it definitely can be. 

It can be a way to hone in on the emotions you’re experiencing, reflect on the reasons behind those emotions, and how to output them into another source. Otherwise, we hold onto them and it doesn’t always end well. It’s a great way to maintain a healthy mind, organize your thoughts, and get to know yourself in ways you previously didn’t. As well as providing you with the inspiration you need to put your feelings into art. 

Experiment With Different Art Styles

Even if it’s not your cup of tea, trying new things can turn out to be helpful. You don’t have to be good at or even necessarily enjoy it. Sometimes trying new things isn’t for our enjoyment and ends up being more of a learning experience and can lend to self-discovery. Try out new art styles, methods, and approaches, and see what it leads to. 

Keep An Open Mind 

A lot of what is featured on this list requires the depth of an open mind. Art in itself typically does as well. So odds are you have one or are capable of opening your mind further. Do things you’ve never done before. Entertain ideas you typically wouldn’t. Expect the unexpected and don’t conform to the norm and monotony of everyday life. When your mind is open, the possibilities are endless and your artistic skills will expand with it. 

5 Best Razor Blade Brands

Almost every household around the world has at least one razor blade in the home, with a lot of us shaving at least once per week while many people use razors on a daily basis. Because of this, the razor industry is incredibly competitive and is now producing well over $4 billion in yearly revenue.

With all of the razor companies getting their hands in the action, they have been able to maintain a high quality for mass consumption. There are dozens of razor blade brands that are making millions of dollars each, but only a handful stand out as being the best. Here are the five best razor blade brands on the market right now and a little bit about what makes them great.


Gillette is one of the more affordable brands of shaving razors that doesn’t skimp on quality. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, The Gillette Company merged with the Procter and Gamble company in 2005 and has been producing shaving razors since the early 1900s. Among all of their products, Gillette now pulls in over $10 billion in annual revenue.

Many publications have selected a variety of Gillette razors as the best razors a man can buy. They’re relatively inexpensive as far as quality safety razors are concerned and they do a fantastic job of giving you the perfect close shave. There are plenty of Gillette razors to choose from to find your perfect fit. 


Schick was founded by U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Schick in the mid-1900s and is second in sales behind Gillette. However, they’re top in sales in Japan. Schick came up with his idea for the product after sustaining an injury. 

He had difficulty shaving and with all the time on his hands, he come up with the Schick razor. Schick primarily sells safety razors, like their competition Gillette, and is around the same price. Customers enjoy the glide the lubrication of the razors gives and the ease of use. There are many options to choose from when you’re looking for the most comfortable and efficient razor to get the job done. 


Based in Germany, Merkur is a subsidiary of the DOVO Steelware company.  DOVO manufactures scissors, straight razors, and manicure equipment. Merkur has been around for more than 120 years and employs skilled workers who give incredible attention to detail, producing high-quality razors. 

The look of the razors is classic and sleek. They are more expensive than the typical American-brand straight razors, but the quality makes up for the price. You can find the razors at shaving supply shops around America, or through online retailers. 


Harry’s is based in New York and is a relatively new company, formed in 2012 by Jeff Raider and Andy Katz-Mayfield. The pair bought out the Feintechnik razor factory in 2014 for a whopping $100 million, giving them complete control over their product.  

Harry’s razors are sold in Target and Walmart stores as well as offering a subscription service where you can receive a variety of different products like hair care, deodorant, body care, face care, and of course shaving razors. You can purchase plans that renew and send you products you love every two, three, or five months. 

Leaf Razors 

Focused on producing plastic-free and sustainable razors, Leaf is a small company run by two guys named Adam. They pride themselves on handling customer service and packaging, delivering a more personal experience for the buyer. 

The razors are pretty pricey, but for the quality, longevity, and care put into the product by the founders of the company, it’s not a bad choice when it comes to picking the right shaving razor for you. The variety of razors is great for shaving all the different areas on your body you want smooth and hairless. 

Guide to Shaving: The 5 Types of Razor Blades

For a large portion of the population, shaving is something that’s done each and every day. In fact, more than one-third of people in the United States alone report that they shave at least once per day, while more than half shave at least once per week. 

Because of this, the razor industry is surprisingly large since you can find them in just about every household. You’ve likely seen a few different types of razors in your lifetime, too. What are all the razor types, though? Here’s a guide that shows the five types of razor blades that are used every day:

Cartridge Razors

For those that want a permanent handle that they’re comfortable with but want to use new blades, the cartridge razor is the way to go and it’s among the most frequently used types of razors. With these razors, there are several cartridges with blades that come in a package and one handle to house them.

When the blades start going dull in one cartridge, a user simply pops the cartridge out and replaces it with another one. About half of people who use razors each day opt for the cartridge type compared to the other forms due to the cost and convenience.

Disposable Razors

There was a time when almost everyone you knew had a disposable camera and used disposable razors. Though disposable cameras are almost nonexistent these days, there are still plenty of people who use disposable razors. This is one of the cheapest options for shaving and comes through in a pinch when you’re traveling.

Disposable razors typically aren’t the sharpest and come with a plastic handle, making them easy to simply throw away after they’ve been used a few times. Also known as shavettes, disposable razors became popular in the mid 20th century, but are being used less frequently.

Straight Razors

Perhaps the most nerve-wracking type of razor to use is the straight razor, which is only fitting since another name for it is the “cut-throat razor.” These blades that can be folded back into their handles were the standard for centuries, dating back to ancient Egypt. It wasn’t until the 17th century that they became commonly manufactured, though.

Straight razors are the most effective way of shaving, even if it is a bit more anxiety-inducing compared to other razors. Outside of shaving, straight razors have been used in pottery and leather crafting, but aren’t nearly as popular as they were hundreds of years ago.

Electric Razors

An electric razor will be handy for those who don’t need to be shaven but want to get the job done quickly. There are a few different types of electric razors, too, with some designed with rotary blades while others are foil-type. There are also different parts of the body on which electric razors focus.

This can include the top of your head for people who want to go with a buzzcut, all the way to nose hair trimmers and beard shapers. The original electric razor might be older than you think, too, with the patent first being granted in 1898. It wasn’t until 1915, though, that the electric razor became fully operational and exploded in popularity throughout the mid-20th century. Now, about more than one-third of men use an electric razor each day.

Safety Razors

Not all of us have a steady hand and are able to use a straight razor, and for that, we thank the inventors of the safety razor. Equipped with a guard between the edge of the blade and a user’s skin, a safety razor prevents amateur shavers from cutting themselves with the blade. 

While they were introduced in the 18th century, it wasn’t until King Camp Gillette’s version in the early 20th century that they became popular. This is especially true in the 1970s, with safety razors becoming the standard when used with disposable and cartridge razors.

Is Work From Home Right For You?

There are many reasons to consider working from home. You may suffer from social anxiety that makes it difficult to interact with the world on a continually daily basis. You may qualify for a job out of state, or country, that allows for long-distance employment. You could have a growing family of young children who require your attention and care. Or maybe it’s just the environment you feel most comfortable and focused in. With our society constantly changing and adjusting to events happening in the world, at-home careers are becoming more popular and available. 

WFH Examples

There’s a wide selection of at-home jobs for all kinds of people with a variety of skills. Some require more qualifications than others. Examples include freelance writers, graphic designers, in-home child care, animator, baker/caterer, and blogger. 

Freelance writers typically work entirely from home and their most common form of communication is online messaging, so you won’t have to worry about receiving pesky phone calls. The same can be said about the other examples, although you may be in a position where you’ll have to take some calls once in a while. All in all, it beats going to the office. 


As most would argue, working from home is the preferred option over working in the typical work environment. In 2022 a nine-month study done by Stanford, consisting of 16,000 workers, researchers found a 13% increase in productivity in those working from home. The study attributed the increase in productivity to the quieter work environment, the convenience of working from home and decreased exposure to germs, resulting in fewer sick days. 

Another seldom-discussed benefit is the surplus of job opportunities for those suffering from anxiety and those who are easily overstimulated. People suffering from anxiety and sensory issues often struggle in crowded public settings and environments/people they aren’t familiar with. A lot of workplaces don’t cater to mental health conditions and sensory sensitivities, making it a nightmare to focus and properly function. Working from home allows those affected to flourish and thrive without stressing their conditions. 


There may not be a lot of cons when it comes to working from home, but not everybody sees it that way. For some, working from home creates too much of a meld between work life and home life, making it difficult to feel motivated and productive. It can also create a more quiet and lonely environment for the highly extroverted who thrive in social settings. 

Although statistics say otherwise, some argue working from home decreases productivity and places employees in a setting that is too comfortable. There are bound to be instances where working from home can become problematic for some and they are just as valid. So before you decide if working remotely is right for you, think about your wants and needs, and what the job offers, and try to find ways to engage in social activity outside of work to create a healthy work/play balance. 

Experts Weigh In

A lot of companies have fought back against working from home for various reasons. The main reasons are the properties that are already rented out by these companies and being able to manage with a more hands-on approach. For the most part, though, employees returning to the office are likely to hear something along the lines of employers wanting to see their employees’ “smiling faces.”

“The most reluctant to face the new reality (of working from home) are going to have to experience significant pain to catch up,” said economist Julia Pollak. However, experts also note that those who work in person are more likely for career advancement. “There is a risk that those people who get more fact time are naturally at an advantage to advance faster than others,” said Julie Whelan of CBRE.

As the years go on, it’s expected that more jobs will become fully remote or hybrid between WFH and in-office. The exact percentage remains to be seen, but this is a new era for work in the post-COVID world.

5 Best Accessories for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Ever since it was first introduced in 1982, “Microsoft Flight Simulator” has been the top flight sim with several editions over the years. MFS picked up a lot of new fans when it was introduced onto the Xbox as part of the Game Pass subscription, opening a new generation of players to what it’s like to be a pilot.

While you can play “Microsoft Flight Simulator” with just a controller or a keyboard and mouse, there are certain accessories that hardcore enthusiasts love to use. Out of the countless peripherals made for the flight sim, these five stand out as the best to use when playing “Microsoft Flight Simulator”.

Thrustmaster TCA Yoke Pack – Boeing Edition

If you want the most accurate simulation of flying a jet, look no further than the Thrustmaster pack that features aircraft manufacturer Boeing’s name right on it. The first of its kind, this yoke is a full 1:1 scale and was made with experts in mind that want to take full control of the skies. There are plenty of key features that make the Boeing Edition even more special.

The ergonomics are complete replicas, simulating the feel of being in a Boeing Dreamliner down to the metal frame. The springs are adjustable and the levers are swappable, with a Boeing-designed autopilot mode. The Boeing Edition can be used on the Xbox One, Series X|S, or the PC, but comes at a hefty price. A new Boeing Edition out of the box costs $499.99, though much cheaper when used.

T Flight US Air Force Edition

One of the most important aspects of flying is making sure that you have good communication, which means having the right headset. The highest-rated headset is the Thrustmaster T Flight US Air Force Edition, which of course is officially licensed by the military branch. These comfortable headphones work on the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, and can be bought for $119.99.

These headphones are designed to simulate real-life aviation ones and have faceplates that adorn the United States Air Force logo. Function, fashion, and comfort, are all things that you’ll be getting with the T Flight USAF Edition. 

Samsung CRG Curved Gaming Monitor

The right monitor is important to get an accurate flight simulation, and Samsung has a top of the line one that makes it feel like you’re staring out of a cockpit window. The CRG curved gaming monitor is Samsung’s best, featuring a curved design that really increases the immersion for simulation fans.

Since those that are playing flight sims tend to be staring at the screen for lengthy time periods, you’ll want a monitor like the CRG since it’s easy on the eyes. For something a bit cheaper, Samsung also makes the CHG, with both being fantastic options.

TPR: Thrustmaster Pendular Rudder

Getting total immersion in a flight simulator wouldn’t be complete without the right rudder mechanism, and Thrustmaster has a great (albeit expensive at $600) option that can be adjusted and is compatible with all flight simulator games.

Thrustmaster uses what they call the PENDUL_R technology to make the TPR a unique experience that hardcore flight sim fans love. The precision of the TPR is second to none, which is why so many find it to be worth the price. There is one caveat, though, and it’s that the TPR is only able to be used for the PC.

Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls

If you want something that doesn’t take up a lot of room and can fit onto your computer desk, the Honeycomb Alpha is a fantastic option at $279.99. The Alpha has pretty much everything that a flight sim fan could ask for, including an eight-way hat switch, two vertical two-way rocker switches, and a push-to-talk button.

Even the lighting can be adjusted on the Alpha, which really helps the immersion. Sim fans have praised the Alpha for being durable, and though it comes with a two-year warranty, you aren’t likely to even need it.