The Best Edible Flowers for a Beautiful and Tasty Garden

When people are starting a garden, they often think of only plants and vegetables as the only things that are edible. Not many realize that edible flowers exist, and some are more common than you might think. If you want to include some edible flowers along with the other plants in your garden, here are the best ones that will make for a beautiful and tasty collection.


Not only are roses classic and gorgeous, but there are also over 150 varieties of roses, all of which are edible. Making them a fabulous addition to any garden. Roses petals are elegant and have a mild floral flavor. They contain vitamin A, vitamin C, and antioxidants, and are often used in herbal medicines. Add some rose petals to your dishes for a classy splash of color, or try some rose water in light desserts. 


Marigolds are known for being the bright orange flowers placed on ofrendas for Day of the Dead rituals. Well, they’re also used in lots of tasty dishes. Marigolds can be used as a dye to make cheese, teas, and other foods richer with color and appealing. They can also be used in savory dishes like stews, braised meats, or pasta. Also in sweet dishes like cakes, cookies, and tarts. 


Hibiscus is a commonly used flower for its edibility and homeopathic qualities. Hibiscus tea is the most popular way to consume vibrant flowers. Did you know the seeds, flowers, and leaves of the plant are all edible? They can even be consumed raw. They’re full of antioxidants and can promote heart and liver health. 


Often given as an inexpensive alternative to more extravagant flowers, carnations are surprisingly delicious. The flowers taste mild and sweet, with hints of nutmeg and clove, giving them a unique flavor. Carnation color varieties make them top-tier edible flowers to add to sweet and savory dishes. The stems are inedible, so be careful to consume the flower itself. 


Dandelions are seen as a nuisance to some, but to those who love edible flowers, dandelions are a real treat. The stem is inedible, as it contains a bitter and milky inside. The rest of the weed is indeed edible and has a tangy and bitter flavor. They’re often infused in jellies, syrups, and honey. 


You’ve likely heard of chamomile tea. What exactly is it? Chamomile is an edible flower full of health benefits. It can be made into tea, desserts, and jams. It has a smooth and mellow flavor with notes of honey and apple. Chamomile is renowned for its relaxing properties and for promoting digestive wellness. 

Squash Blossoms 

Squash blossoms don’t only look vibrantly beautiful, they make a rather delicious appetizer. They’re typically covered in a light tempura batter and quickly fried. Ensuring the batter is crispy and the delicate flower within stays tender. They melt in your mouth and taste a bit like squash, which makes sense considering they come from winter, or summer squash plants. 


Likely one of the most visually appealing edible flowers out there, pansies are completely edible through and through and lend a magnificent burst of color to any dish. They are typically added to dishes as is, because of how beautiful the flower looks on its own. The flavor is described as mild, peppery, and sweet, with a hint of evergreen. They’re great for decoration on sweet and savory dishes. 

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