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5 Games For Rust Fans To Try

Rust is one of the most popular video games in the world, and for very good reason. The survival game which was initially released in 2013 had its full version come out five years later and is still a powerhouse on PC and consoles. Rust lets players build bases and join forces to help their chances of survival in a world where pretty much everything wants to take you out.

Because of the success of Rust, there have been many similar games that are based on survival and being part of a team. If you’ve been enjoying Rust for years and want to give some other games a try, these five will certainly whet your whistle while also giving you a teensy break from the world of Rust.


DayZ is an online multiplayer game released for the PC in 2018 and for consoles in 2019. It takes place in the fictional town of Chernarus, based in Russia. Where most of the world has been ravaged by a virus that turns them violent and infected, players must use the few essentials they start with to survive while searching for more supplies and are left to kill off the infected. The other players in the game can team up with you, do their own thing, or work against you by killing your player. 

The Forest 

The Forest is a survival game developed by Endnight Games, released in 2018 for PC and PlayStation 4. Your character, Eric LeBlanc, is lost in a densely forested area after the plane he and his son were traveling in crashed. He must search for his son Timmy in the heavily wooded area, where he discovers a tribe of cannibalistic mutants that live beneath the surface and in surrounding caves. Throughout the game, you’ll remain unsure if the tribe is hostile towards you, or not. There are supplies spread throughout the forest that you can gather, along with the ability to craft tools with said items. 


Valheim is a survival game developed by Iron Gate Studio, released in 2021 for PC and set to be released for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S in 2023. In Valheim you play as a Viking in an open-world environment where you must craft, build, forage, mine, and fight enemies to survive. You have a variety of locations to choose from when creating your worlds, such as meadows, mountains, the Black Forest, swamps, oceans, and the Mistlands, to name a few. Valheim also features multiplayer capabilities where you can play with up to ten players. 

ARK: Survival Evolved 

ARK: Survival Evolved is an open-world survival game focused on action and adventure, developed by Studio Wildcard and released in 2017. In the game, you’re challenged to survive the treacherous landscape known as the Ark. The Ark is a world inhabited by nearly 200 creatures like dinosaurs, mythical creatures, robots, and other players as well. It’s your job to train the creatures while focusing on your survival by building a camp, and monitoring their stamina, thirst, hunger, and overall health. There’s also the threat of other players in the game who can decide to be nefarious, or team up with players. The creatures can be ridden and obey your commands after being tamed. 

7 Days to Die 

Developed by The Fun Pimps, 7 Days to Die is an open-world survival horror game available for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You play as a survivor of the nuclear devastation of the Third World War in a small, fictional town in Arizona. While focusing on gathering supplies and surviving, you must fight off infected humans that have turned into zombies. Although a fun game for those who enjoy games like Rust and those on our list, the developers ceased any plans for adding to the game series. 

How To Build A Loving Relationship

Not every relationship is going to last, but if you’re truly in love with someone, you’ll find a way to make it work for good. Building a loving relationship isn’t the easiest task and requires a lot of effort, but you’ll find that it’s all worth it in the end. Whether you’re new to being in a relationship or have been with ‘the one’ for many years, everyone could use a little advice now and then.

With that in mind, there are some things that every successful loving relationship needs. Some of these you might already be on top of, while others could be popping up like a lightbulb above your head. Here are five tips on how to build a loving relationship.

Establish Trust

Trust is the foundation of every successful and loving relationship. Without trust, you’re left to question your partner’s every move, as well as their intentions. To establish trust, communication and consistency are key. Discuss any and all worries with your partner. It’s necessary to speak your mind and it’s okay to need reassurance. Be consistent with your words and actions. Don’t keep your partner guessing. Make them feel safe with you and that you say what you mean and mean what you say. 

Go on Dates 

It may not seem all that obvious, but dating your partner doesn’t just mean being in a relationship with them. Date your partner by actively participating in the romantic and intimate acts of affection you started the relationship with. Continuing that special level of affection and effort really does make a difference and keeps the relationship feeling fresh and new. Surprise each other with date nights, or spontaneous fun. Make it a special time for just the two of you where you get to unwind and create a closer and more loving bond. 

Make Time For Yourself

Relationships are a lot of work, with great rewards. Part of the work you should be putting into your relationship to build and keep a strong bond going is by maintaining your individuality. Sure, when we’re in love we want to do everything with our partner, but if you lose your sense of individuality then you lose yourself in the person you’re with. Spend quality time alone with yourself. Do the things you like to do with friends, family, or on your own. Spend all the time you’d like with your partner, just don’t forget to give yourself attention as well. 

Make Time Together

Similar to making time for yourself, making time for your partner is extremely important. Quality time together will build and strengthen the bond you share together and help you get to know each other on a deeper level. Connecting with your partner is crucial if you wish to build a strong foundation for your relationship to sit upon for years to come. Make plans together on a regular basis to do the things you both enjoy, try new things, or even just perform simple tasks like grocery shopping. That time spent together adds up and will give you a better view of who they become in social situations and general situations outside of the comfort of their own home. 

Pay Attention

We get so caught up in our busy lives that sometimes we don’t stop and look around as often as we could. Making the effort to stop and pay attention to your partner and what makes them happy, inspired, and full of emotion, is something they won’t soon forget. Everyone loves to feel cared for, especially when it’s something personal to them that they may not vocally express. Pay attention and pick up on the little things that bring them joy. They’ll be pleasantly surprised when you surprise them with knowledge of a subject they love, an experience they’ve been yearning to have, or are presented with some of their favorite things. 

5 Mysterious Murder Cases Left Unsolved

In most murder cases, the suspect is found and questioned within the first 48 hours, especially as forensic technology has increased tremendously. In years past, though, it was much more difficult to find a ruthless killer, and many cases left authorities stumped.

Some of these murder cases have become a thing of legend, with many having their theories as to who did it and what happened to the suspect. However, these cases (as far as the general public is concerned) are still wide open. Here are five of the most mysterious murder cases that are still unsolved to this day.

Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper is a case that stands out due to the brutal nature of the crimes and the presumably highly intelligent unknown individual serial killer behind the murders. 

The killings took place in London England through 1888, more specifically within the Whitechapel district. Although the killer’s identity has never been discovered, there are at least five murders Jack the Ripper has been thought to have committed. The precise nature of the mutilation of the victims leaves people to believe he was an intelligent man with a surgical background. 

Zodiac Killer

The Zodiac Killer is a name most people have heard at least once in their life. The mysterious and odd nature of the case has gained the interest of many, including filmmakers. The notorious killer targeted younger couples for the most part and was known to be active in Southern California and possibly Nevada in the late 1960s. 

He has sadly claimed the lives of at least five victims and injured two others that fortunately escaped. What really makes this case intriguing is that for the 60 years following, the killer’s identity still remains a mystery. With the threat of violence, the killer forced newspapers to print his cryptic messages. One code was cracked in 2020 and a couple, as well as the killer’s identity, still remain unknown. 

Julie Ward

Julie Ward was a bright woman with a kind nature. Her life, unfortunately, came to a brutal end when the wildlife photographer was murdered while on a trip to Kenya, Africa. She and her friend Dr. Glen Burns set out on a safari and while on their way to the Masai Mara game reserve, their vehicle broke down. 

Dr. Burns made his way to Nairobi, while Ward stayed the night at a nearby lodge. After the vehicle was repaired, Ward left to retrieve some supplies from a nearby camp and was never seen again. Her father, a wealthy former hotelier, used almost £2 million of his fortune to investigate the disappearance of his daughter, who he sadly found murdered and mutilated on one of his many trips to Kenya. Sadly, the murder has yet to be solved, but her father continues to seek justice. 

 The Grimes Sisters 

The disappearance and murder of the Grime sisters, Barbara and Patricia, is one that shook Chicago in December of 1956. The two girls, aged 12 and 15, went to a viewing of Love Me Tender at a theater in Brighton Park, promising to be back home before midnight. When the girls didn’t return, their mother filed a missing person report around 2 am that night. 

It wasn’t until January 1957 that their bodies were discovered by a motorist driving down German Church road in Willow Springs, where the surrounding snow had melted and revealed the girls. The identity of the killer has never been found, although there had been some people of interest questioned by police.  

The Boy in the Box

A sad story where not only is the identity of the killer unknown, but the identity of the victim also remains unknown. In February of 1957, a young boy was found deceased inside a cardboard box. 

The discovery was made by two passersby, only one smart enough to report the body to the police. Although groomed, the young boy was malnourished and had injuries that led investigators to believe the sweet child had been severely beaten and abused. The despicable killer responsible for his death has never been identified.  

5 Best Concert Venues In The World

It seems that these days, most concerts are held in stadiums that were made for football/soccer or indoors at basketball and hockey arenas. While they serve their purpose as being venues that can get a lot of fans into the seats and have large open flooring sections, the acoustics aren’t always preferable.

There are some venues, though, where the atmosphere is tremendous and the sound is second to none. These venues are located all around the world, with some being outdoors while others are tucked away in smaller indoor spots. Out of all of the concert venues in the world, these five stand out as the place where musicians truly want to play for a multitude of reasons.

Sydney Opera House

Located in Bennelong Point in Sydney Australia, the Sydney Opera House is one of the most incredible and uniquely built structures of our time. The fabulous building rests on the Sydney Harbour and stands out to anyone within the general vicinity. 

The Sydney Opera House was fully erected in 1973 and has been home to some of the world’s most impressive acts, such as the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Australian Ballet, as well as popular performances by Sting, Bob Dylan, and Prince.

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

Located in Morrison Colorado, the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre, also known more simply as the Red Rocks, is one of the most stunning music venues in all of America. The outdoor, open-air venue is stunning and well-constructed. Famous acts like U2, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Rush, and Colorado native John Denver. 

The stunning architecture of the surrounding nature and manmade features creates an awe-inspiring scene for any concert performed at the Red Rocks. Concertgoers and performers alike have commented on its beauty and claim it may be the best venue out there.

Hollywood Bowl

Another eye-catching Amphitheatre is the Hollywood Bowl, located in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles California. It’s been deemed as one of the best music venues in the world, even making it on Rolling Stone’s list of the top ten live music venues in 2018. 

It was initially opened in 1922 and underwent renovations in the early 2000s. Superstar acts like The Beatles, The Supremes, The Doors, The Jackson 5, and Elton John have all performed at the legendary venue. Plays like Mamma Mia, Rent, Westside Story, and Les Misérables have also made their way to the Hollywood Bowl, with all-star casts performing the popular shows. 


Dalhalla is an open-air venue, opened in 1995, and located a whopping 200 feet below sea level in an old limestone quarry in Rättvik, Sweden. Artists like Bjork, Iggy Pop, Sting, and Arcade Fire have performed in the extraordinarily unique venue that seats 4,000. 

Dalhalla hosts around 30 events during the summer months, mainly composed of opera, jazz, and popular musicians. The interesting location makes for an amazing acoustic sound that turns any and all instrumentals and vocals into even more beautiful works of art. 

Carnegie Hall

The famous Carnegie Hall venue is located in Manhattan, New York. William Burnet Tuthill designed the wondrous historic structure that was then built by and named after Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie Hall opened in 1891 and has been home to performances by the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Philadelphia Symphonic Orchestra, Billie Holiday, Judy Garland, Nina Simone, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin. 

The Hall earned its place on the list of US National Historic Landmarks as well as the US National Register of Historic Places. The Italian Renaissance style structure remains a beloved masterpiece in the heart of Manhattan for tourists and locals, adding a sophisticated touch to the city.  

5 Greatest Coaches in Montana Grizzlies Football History

There have been dozens of men that have been selected to be the head coach of the Montana Grizzlies football program, with the amount of success varying greatly from one coach to another. There have been coaches like Dewitt Peck and Clyde Carpenter who combined to go 0-11 during the first half of the 20th century, but also some fantastic coaches along the way.

Out of the program’s great history, there are five coaches that truly stand out above the rest. These five men won conference titles, and two even won a national title. Here are the five greatest coaches in Montana Grizzlies football history.

5. Jack Swarthout

The first coach on the list is the late, great Jack Swarthout who was a quarterback and halfback during his playing days at Montana. Following his college career, Swarthout coached in high school and as an assistant at the University of Texas before being named the Montana head coach in 1967.

Swarthout remained the head coach through the 1975 season and finished with a career record of 51-41-1. He won the Big Sky Conference twice and was named the conference’s Coach of the Year three times. After 1975, Swarthout decided to go back to coaching high school before retiring in the mid 1980s.

4. Mick Dennehy

Mick Dennehy knew what Montana Grizzlies football was all about since he played safety for the team in 1971 and 1972. Following his college days, Dennehy spent many years coaching high schoolers before taking a job at Montana Western. In 1991, he became the offensive coordinator for Montana and was promoted to head coach in 1996.

Dennehy led the Grizzlies for four seasons and in that time amassed a record of 39-12. In each of those seasons, the Grizzlies reached the NCAA Division I-AA tournament and made the title game in his first year before falling to Marshall.

3. Bobby Hauck

A Missoula, Montana native, Bobby Hauck attended the University of Montana but was an athlete in track instead of football. He joined the coaching staff after earning his degree from the school before heading to UCLA for a few seasons. Hauck bounced around as a coordinator in the Pac-12 and Northern Arizona before returning to Montana to become the head coach in 2003.

Hauck led the Grizzlies to seven Big Sky Conference Championships in a row before heading to coach UNLV in 2010. He’d remain in Las Vegas for five seasons, then spent time as the special teams coordinator at San Diego State before heading back to Montana once again to reassume head coaching duties in 2018.

2. Joe Glenn

Joe Glenn’s time at Montana as head coach was brief, but it sure was notable. The Nebraska native played college ball at South Dakota, and that’s where he got his coaching start. After becoming the head coach at Doane, Glenn was an assistant at Montana in the early 1980s before landing a gig at Northern Colorado that led to him becoming their head coach.

Glenn returned to coach Montana from 2000 to 2002. In his second season, the Grizzlies won the NCAA Division I-AA National Championship by defeating Furman the year after they came up short in the title game to Georgia Southern. Glenn won the Big Sky Conference in all three of his seasons and finished with a 39-6 record before taking the head coaching position at Wyoming.

1. Don Read

Don Read spent his playing days at Sacramento State and was a high school coach before getting his first taste of college head coaching at Portland State. After coaching the Oregon Ducks, Oregon Tech, and Portland State through the 1970s and early 1980s, Read made his way to Montana where he served as the Grizzlies’ head coach from 1986 through 1995.

Read had a losing record in his career by the time he got to Montana, but turned things around quickly and led the Grizzlies to an 85-36 record during his tenure. In that time, Montana had four double-digit win seasons and five NCAA Division I-AA tournament appearances. In Read’s final season before retirement, the Grizzlies won it all by defeating Marshall in the championship game for the school’s first national title.

5 Best Celtic Managers in History

Since their founding in 1887, Celtic Football Club has been the premier club in Scotland with a long list of championships with great players and managers along the way. Of those managers, there are some that have stood out as among the best in the club’s history. Between Scottish League titles and success across Europe, these five have helped define Celtic football and established it as the greatest club in the nation.

5. Neil Lennon

Northern Ireland-born Neil Lennon spent his career playing with many different clubs, but it was with Celtic where he had his most matches with one club at 214. The midfielder would retire after spending time with Wycombe Wanderers in 2008, and after a year off of football he became manager of the club he played with for eight years.

Lennon first served as Celtic manager from 2010 to 2014 and won 70 percent of his matches and three Scottish League titles. The then managed Bolton Wanderers and Hibernian before returning to manage Celtic once again from 2019 to 2021, and once again won 70 percent of his matches while adding two more Scottish League titles.

4. Gordon Strachan

Gordon Strachan had one of the longest senior careers ever as a midfielder, starting with Dundee back in 1974, playing with manchester United in much of the 1980s and then finally ending his career with Coventry City in 1997. He stuck around with Coventry when he started his managerial career, leading the squad from 1996 to 2001.

After a few years with Southampton, Strachan became the Celtic manager with his tenure running from 2005 to 2009. During his time with Celtic, the club won three Scottish League titles and nearly two-thirds of their matches, and added a Scottish Cup and a pair of Scottish League Cups during his tenure.

3. Martin O’Neill

From 1971 to 1985, Martin O’Neill played for several clubs, but none more than Nottingham Forest as he spent a decade with them, making 285 appearances. O’Neill’s managerial career got started with Grantham Town in the late 1980s and he made several stops including Leicester City in the second half of the 1990s. In 2000, he took on the Celtic managerial position.

O’Neill spent 282 matches as the Celtic manager, and won more than three-quarters of those matches to go along with five total titles and needed just 40.3 matches per trophy. Following his departure from Celtic, O’Neill spent time as the manager for Aston Villa and Sunderland before retiring following his brief gig in 2019 with Nottingham Forest.

2. Willie Maley

There isn’t anybody alive that remembers Willie Maley’s playing career, with 70 of his 71 senior career appearances coming with Celtic from 1888 to 1897. Celtic would be the only team that Maley managed, and he did it for a very long time. All in all, he spent 43 years as the manager, with his tenure lasting from 1897 to 1940.

Nobody will able to top Maley’s record for matches managed with 1,617. He won 1,042 of those matches and an astonishing 16 Scottish League titles. Malley retired in 1940 and would live for 18 more years in retirement. The legendary manager passed away in 1958 at the age of 89.

1. Jock Stein

As a player, Jock Stein spent eight years with Albion Rovers before heading to Llanelli Town and ending his career with six years with Celtic in 1957. Following his playing career, Stein took a few years off then became the manager of Dunfermline Athletic for the first half of the 1960s before a brief stint to Hibernian that led him to Celtic from 1965 to 1978.

Stein managed Celtic in 690 matches, winning just over 70 percent of those. He would end up winning the Scottish League 10 times and added another eight Scottish Cups. Following his Celtic managerial career, Stein was the manager for Leeds United briefly in 1978 and then managed the Scottish national team before passing away in 1985 at the age of 62.

5 Most Unbeatable Records in Football

The National Football League has been around for well over 100 years, and along the way there have been some legendary players, games, moments, and records set. A lot of records don’t last for very long, but there are some that withstand the test of time. There are even some records that are set, and it becomes immediately apparent that we may not see that record broken for a long time, if it even does happen.

Out of all of the records that have been set for a game, season, postseason, or career, these five stand out as the ones that are the least likely to be broken. In fact, some of these have been determined by many to be completely unbreakable.

5. Emmitt Smith’s Career Rushing Yards

Throughout the 2000s, the NFL became a quarterback-friendly league as the passing numbers exploded and running backs became an afterthought. Because of that, Emmitt Smith knew his record for career rushing yards would never be broken when he amassed 18.355 in his career with the Cowboys and Cardinals.

Even with longevity, NFL teams simply don’t give running backs enough carries to make it happen. Frank Gore and Adrian Peterson gave it their best shot, but nobody will be able to catch Emmitt.

4. Derrick Thomas’s Seven-Sack Game

On November 11, 1990, Derrick Thomas of the Kansas City Chiefs had a field day with the Seattle Seahawks offensive line as he sacked quarterback Dave Krieg seven times. The wildest part of Thomas’s game? The Chiefs still lost 17-16. Many figured that the new record could possibly be tied, but virtually guaranteed to never be topped.

There have been a handful of games in which a player has gotten six sacks, including Adrian Clayborn in 2017 and Osi Umenyiora in 2007. However, Thomas stands alone as the first and only man to sack a quarterback seven times in one afternoon.

3. Brett Favre’s Ironman Streak

There have been some challengers for the consecutive games started at quarterback streak that Brett Favre set, but nobody has really come close. Favre started 297 games in a row for the Packers, Jets, and Vikings between 1992 and 2010, including 24 games in the playoffs. The next closest was Philip Rivers, who never missed a game in his 15-year career, but still came up 57 games short.

What might be just as crazy as Favre’s streak is the fact that Tom Brady has three of the 15 longest streaks for consecutive games started as a quarterback. The first streak went from 2001 to 2008 before his injury and he started again in the 2009 season before missing the beginning fo the 2016 season due to suspension and restarting his streak.

2. Brian Mitchell’s Kick Return Yards

Brian Mitchell may be one of the most underappreciated NFL players of all-time, and set the tone for return specialists like Dante Hall and Devin Hester in the 2000s. Mitchell played the entirety of the 1990s for Washington, then finished his career with three seasons in Philadelphia and one more with the New York Giants.

The former All-Pro and Super Bowl champion returned 607 total kickoffs in his career and finished with 14,014 yards on those returns, including four touchdowns. Nobody else is even close, either, with Allen Rossum (who retired back in 2009) being more than 2,000 yards behind him. In fact, Mitchell’s career as a return specialist places him second all-time in all-purpose yardage as part of our next record.

1. Career All-Purpose & Receiving Yards

Mitchell needed thousands of return, rushing, and receiving yards to get to 23,330 total, but he was eclipsed by a man who had just six combined return yards in his career. We’re talking, of course, about Jerry Rice, the legendary wide receiver who spent the bulk of his career with the San Francisco 49ers.

Rice picked up 645 rushing yards throughout his long and illustrious career, but it was his receiving yards that set him apart, which is why we’re combining two records at the top spot. Rice finished with 22,895 of his 23,546 total all-purpose yards through the air. He has over 1,700 more all-purpose yards than anyone not named Brian Mitchell, and his receiving yardage record is essentially impossible to break in the modern NFL.

Ranking The MLB Stadiums Opened In The 1990s

The 1990s saw tremendous growth in the game of baseball, and it also launched the era of stadiums being built exclusively for baseball instead of shared with professional football teams. As a result, there were nine full-time MLB stadiums that were opened in the 1990s. How do those nine stack up against one another? Here is our definitive ranking of the 90s ballparks:

9. Tropicana Field

If there’s any sort of list about baseball stadiums and Tropicana Field qualifies, you can be assured that it will be at the bottom. The home of the Tampa Bay Rays has been called the worst in Major League Baseball since it opened in the 1990s and converted to a baseball-first facility upon the team’s first season in 1998.

8. Chase Field

When it opened as the home of the Arizona Diamondbacks in 1998, Chase Field was seen as sort of cheeky and fun as there was an inground pool beyond the right field fence. The stadium hasn’t aged particularly well, though, and Chase Field sort of has a massive mausoleum feel as it boasts one of the quieter atmospheres despite having a retractable roof.

7. Guaranteed Rate Field

For almost 90 years, the Chicago White Sox had called Comiskey Park their home, but it was time for an upgrade when 1991 came along. That’s when their new stadium, which was also called Comiskey Park, was opened for the first time. There’s nothing really wrong with it, but the stadium now known as Guaranteed Rate Field just lacks the uniqueness of other stadiums, including crosstown Wrigley Field.

6. Turner Field

The first of the two 1990s stadiums to not make it for more than just a couple of decades, Turner Field was originally built for the 1996 Summer Olympics and then converted into a baseball stadium for the Atlanta Braves. The stadium certainly served its purpose, but Turner Field was left for the George State University football team as the Braves moved to Truist Park in Cobb County.

5. Progressive Field

Still referred to lovingly by fans as “The Jake” since it originally opened in 1994 as Jacobs Field, Progressive Park has been the above-average home for the Cleveland Guardians ever since. While it shares a lot of similarities to other stadiums of its time in that there’s not much that’s unique to it, Progressive Field does offer better sightlines than stadiums like Guaranteed Rate Field.

4. The Ballpark in Arlington

Opened in 1994 to serve as the home for the Texas Rangers, The Ballpark in Arlington was a beautiful facility that was truly unique. However, there was one problem. The Ballpark was an absolutely brutal place for players and fans during the hot Texas summers. The stadium didn’t even make it 25 years before it was replaced with a new facility called Globe Life Field, and the old ballpark is now known as Choctaw Stadium.

3. Coors Field

Denver, Colorado joined the list of major cities with a Major League team when the expansion Rockies played in Coors Field for the first time in 1995. The Rockies have no plans on moving from their stadium, either, as it remains one of the fan favorites across the league. With the unique “rockpile” centerfield and long home runs due to the thin air, Coors Field is a party every time the Rockies play.

2. T-Mobile Park

Originally opened as Safeco Field in 1999, T-Mobile Park has been the home for the Seattle Mariners since they moved from the Kingdome. T-Mobile Park is referred to as one of the best in Major League Baseball, and it keeps fans covered from the Pacific Northwest rains thanks to its retractable roof. T-Mobile Park has even hosted WrestleMania, with the 19th edition being held on the field.

1. Oriole Park at Camden Yards

The Baltimore Orioles showed everyone how it’s done in 1992 when they replaced Memorial Stadium with Oriole Park at Camden Yards, and teams across Major League Baseball have been trying to replicate what they’ve done ever since. Camden Yards set the tone for stadiums like Petco Park in San Diego and PNC Park in Pittsburgh as the original contemporary baseball-first park.

5 NFL Players You Forgot Were Drafted First Overall

They say that the NFL Draft is a crapshoot because you can scout a player for months and still not get exactly what you thought. There’s especially pressure for the team drafting first as you don’t want to mess up on selecting who should be the top player in the draft. 

There have been many Hall of Famers and many busts, but what about those that were neither? When thinking of these five players, you may have forgotten that they were first overall picks as they feel more like middle-of-the-round types.

5. Sam Bradford

When the 2010 NFL Draft came along, there was a lot of talk as to who should be the first overall pick. The St. Louis Rams were desperate for a quarterback, though, and made 2008 Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradford the top pick out of Oklahoma. Bradford showed flashes of greatness, but he couldn’t stay healthy and only lasted for five seasons with the Rams before spending his final four seasons with three teams and was out of the league after 2018.

Was it worth the pick? Sadly, no. The following six selections in the draft ended up being great players, especially Ndamukong Suh for the Detroit Lions and Trent Williams for the Washington Commanders.

4. Courtney Brown

When talking about the biggest busts in NFL history, nobody seems to bring up Courtney Brown. In fact, nobody seems to bring him up at all. Brown was the Big Ten Defensive Player and Lineman of the Year in 1999, and in the spring of 2000 he was selected by the Cleveland Browns to anchor their defense for years to come. However, Brown lasted just five seasons and only 19 sacks before ending his career in 2005 with the Denver Broncos.

Was it worth the pick? 100 percent not worth it. Washington selected a better defensive player and a perennial Pro Bowler with the next two picks while Hall of Fame linebacker Brian Urlacher was also a top 10 pick.

3. Mario Williams

When you think about defensive ends that were selected first overall by the Houston Texans, you probably think of Jadeveon Clowney. That’s because Clowney was one of the most hyped college players ever, but eight years prior to him being drafted, the Texans surprised many by taking Mario Williams first overall. He certainly didn’t disappoint as he was a four-time Pro Bowler and one-time All-Pro, but unfortunately most of those accolades came when he was with the Buffalo Bills.

Was it worth the pick? Absolutely. No other player drafted in the top five was at the same level as Williams, and many of the Pro Bowlers in the 2006 NFL Draft ended up being a flash in the pan.

2. Eric Fisher

It’s hard to find an NFL Draft that received as little hype as the 2013 edition. There were some names that got floated around as to who should be the number one pick, but the Kansas City Chiefs were still able to shock some analysts by selecting left tackle Eric Fisher from Central Michigan. Fisher played for eight seasons in Kansas City and made two Pro Bowls before heading to Indianapolis for the 2021 season.

Was it worth the pick? The 2013 NFL Draft was filled with landmines and only a few players that ended up having solid and lengthy careers from the first round. Fisher was a mainstay for Chiefs and won a Super Bowl with him at tackle, so it would be hard to say they didn’t make the right choice. However, Lane Johnson was the fourth overall selection and a better player at the position.

1. Jake Long

Fisher isn’t the only somewhat forgettable left tackle from the state of Michigan as Jake Long was the first pick by the Miami Dolphins five years prior. Long played for four teams total in his career, making four Pro Bowl squads. He last played in 2016 for the Minnesota Vikings before retiring after 104 career games.

Was it worth the pick? Not really. The Dolphins had the chance to select Matt Ryan, which would have solved their quarterback troubles for years. In terms of the top five, however, Long was the second best player so it wasn’t a total miss.

5 Biggest MLB Contracts That Were Traded Away

When it comes to the largest contracts in Major League Baseball, many of them are signed with the teams that originally drafted the player as they don’t want to let a franchise cornerstone get away in free agency. There are also massive contracts signed by players who hit unrestricted free agency as teams get into a bidding war with one another for a star player.

Then, there are rare circumstances where a player signs a massive contract with a team only to get traded away with plenty of years left on their contract. Teams have become warier in taking on major deals that players have signed with other teams, but sometimes a franchise will pull the trigger because the player is still a star, and the team trading that player away needs the salary relief. Here are the five biggest MLB contracts that were traded to other teams.

5. Yu Darvish

The Chicago Cubs were still contenders in 2018 and thought pitcher Yu Darvish could get them over the hump and grab a second World Series in the 2010s. Instead, the team turned their focus to a rebuild, but still had Darvish’s six-year, $126 million contract on the books.

The team decided to deal Darvish to the San Diego Padres after he played half of his contract in Chicago. In exchange, the Cubs received Zach Davies in four prospects.

4. Eric Hosmer

Eric Hosmer was once the third overall draft pick in 2008 and cracked into the MLB with the Kansas City Royals in May of 2011. Hosmer was an All-Star with Kansas City and won four Gold Glove Awards before hitting the free agent market after the 2017 season. Hosmer inked an eight-year deal worth $144 million with the San Diego Padres who were looking to add the final pieces of what they felt was a World Series-worthy roster.

Hosmer didn’t quite live up to his contract, and the Padres attempted to trade him to the Washington Nationals for Juan Soto. However, Hosmer evoked his no-trade clause as he didn’t want to be in Washington, so his contract was instead sent to Boston for a pair of Minor Leaguers.

3. David Price

David Price started his career with the Tampa Bay Rays and was one of the best pitchers in baseball, winning the AL Cy Young Award in 2012. Price continued to be a strong performer when he spent 2014 with the Detroit Tigers and split his 2015 season between Detroit and Toronto prior to becoming a free agent. The Boston Red Sox won the bidding war for Price, giving him $217 million over seven years for his services.

Price would only end up playing in four of those seasons for Boston, however, and was limited by injury in much of his time there. Price was then sent to the Los Angeles Dodgers alongside Mookie Betts in exchange for Alex Verdugo, Jeter Downs and Connor Wong as the Red Sox looked to dump salary and acquire younger players.

2. Nolan Arenado

The Colorado Rockies drafted Nolan Arenado in 2009, and at 22 years old he made his debut with the team in 2013. Arenado proved to be worth the hype right away and quickly became one of the best infielders in baseball. He certainly didn’t struggle with Colorado as he made five All Star Games and was rewarded in 2019 with an eight-year contract worth $260 million.

The St. Louis Cardinals performed the heist of the century when they took on the disgruntled Arenado from the Rockies for five players. Not only that, the Rockies paid $51 million of the contract. Arenado immediately performed for St. Louis and in his first season was a Gold Glove winner and All-Star with 34 home runs.

1. Giancarlo Stanton

Back when he was referred to as Mike, Giancarlo Stanton came into the MLB through the Miami Marlins organization and quickly became one of the best sluggers in baseball. Stanton was a four-time All-Star with Miami and led the National League in home runs twice, and in 2015 he signed a 13-year contract to stay with the Marlins through the 2027 season.

However, the Marlins were sold in 2017 and the new ownership group wanted to unload the $325 million deal as part of the rebuilding process. With that, Stanton was traded to the New York Yankees after his MVP season in exchange for a pair of Minor League players, cash considerations, and Starlin Castro. When healthy, Stanton has proven to be worth the money.