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5 Best Selling Hip Hop Albums of All Time

When you’re talking about the best-selling albums in music history, the entire top of the list is dominated by pop and rock music. That doesn’t mean hip-hop is completely gone from the list, though. There have been many albums from the genre to sell millions of copies and make their way to the all-time list.

Almost all of the best-selling albums come from a time where downloading songs to your phone or watching the videos on YouTube wasn’t available. That means that the list is probably never going to change. With that said, here are the five best-selling hip-hop albums of all time. Did you own any of the albums on this list?

5. Greatest Hits by Tupac Shakur

Following the death of hip-hop legend Tupac Shakur, a compilation album was created to honor his legacy, which included four previously unreleased songs as well as the single “California Love”. Like any greatest hits compilation album, this one doesn’t have any slow moments when going through the tracks, which starts off with “Keep Ya Head Up” and “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted”.

All in all, there are 25 tracks on “Greatest Hits”, and it peaked at number three on the Billboard 200. However, the album would see sustained sales throughout the years and eventually reached diamond status more than a decade after its initial release. Even in 2019 through 2022, it was at the year-end Billboard chart inside of the top 200.

4. Life After Death by Notorious B.I.G.

Just like Tupac’s “Greatest Hits”, “Life After Death” came out following the murder of Notorious B.I.G., but it was only a couple of weeks after his tragic death. “Life After Death” is considered by some to be among the greatest hip-hop albums ever made, and was a showcase of a man who got taken down during his peak.

“Life After Death” features songs including “Hypnotize”, “Mo Money Mo Problems” and “Going Back to Cali” which all turned out to be radio hits. The album peaked at number one in 1997 and was at the eighth spot on the year-end charts, while also finding its way to the top 100 of the decade-end charts.

3. Speakerboxxx/The Love Below by Outkast

Back in 2003-04, you couldn’t go for more than 10 minutes without hearing a song from Outkast’s album “Speakerboxxx/The Love Below”. Whether it was the notoriously infectious “Hey Ya!” or “The Way You Move” to the more niche songs like “Ghetto Musick” and “Roses”, the album was unstoppable when released.

The album easily made its way to number one on the Billboard Charts in the United States and performed well in just about every other major market. For the entire 2000s decade, it finished inside of the top 35. That’s certainly cooler than being cool.

2. The Marshall Mathers LP by Eminem

The top two-selling albums in hip-hop history came from one man, and you probably already guessed who it was from the very beginning. Of course, Eminem is that man, and the Detroit native was able to go certified diamond with his sophomore major label album. Following the success of 1999’s “The Slim Shady LP”, many were expecting great things from “The Marshall Mathers LP” and it didn’t disappoint.

The first single released off of the album was “The Real Slim Shady”, which achieved huge mainstream success on the pop charts. This was followed up by more serious tracks including “The Way I Am” and “Stan”. There was a little something for everyone on “The Marshall Mathers LP”, which allowed it to become number one in most major countries and sell over 12.5 million copies in the United States alone.

1. The Eminem Show by Eminem

It took two years for Eminem to follow up “The Marshall Mathers LP” and he did it in a huge way with 2002’s “The Eminem Show”. Recorded in California and Detroit, “The Eminem Show”, much like its predecessor, debuted with a single fit for radio in the form of “Without Me”. And just like the last time, Eminem captured attention first then released the more serious tracks.

Among them were “Cleanin’ Out My Closet”, “Superman” and “Sing for the Moment”. “The Eminem Show” outperformed his previous ventures and all hip-hop albums in general, with a claimed 27 million copies sold worldwide. 

5 Celebrities Who Are Obsessed With Warhammer

Everyone has hobbies, even those that are known for their stardom on stage and screen. Warhammer is one of those hobbies that might not be quite as popular with entertainers, but there are still some devoted fans that have ended up becoming famous. Let’s take a look at five of those celebrities who are obsessed with Warhammer.

5. Ansel Elgort

While many of Hollywood’s most famous Warhammer players only dabble in the game, Ansel Elgort has a full-on obsession. Whenever there’s a chance to bring up his favorite game during an interview, Elgort makes sure to take full advantage. Even going on shows like “Conan”, Elgort has used his airtime to bring up his miniatures and Warhammer in general.

Elgort got his start in acting in 2013 when he had a role in the remake of “Carrie”, and has since become a big star thanks to his lead roles in films that include “Baby Driver”, “The Goldfinch” and “West Side Story”. Now with tons of money to spend from his acting career, Elgort’s Warhammer collection has only gotten more lavish.

4. Trey Parker

There isn’t a whole lot of downtime when you’re trying to produce a show from scratch that has to air in six days. However, in the little time that “South Park” co-creator Trey Parker does have, he spends a bit of it on Warhammer. There have been several shots of Parker playing with miniatures, including Warhammer, between his time writing dialogue or recording vocal tracks for the long running series.

Along with Matt Stone, Parker created “South park” in the early 1990s from an animated short, spawning a television series that began on Comedy Central in 1997. Since then, the series has become a staple of television and has now aired well over 300 episodes. Some of Parker’s side projects include “BASEketball”, “The Book of Mormon” and “Team America: World Police”.

3. Robin Williams

The late, great Robin Williams had a personality that was built for tabletop games, and he enjoyed the likes of Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer. Playing alongside his daughter Zelda, Williams always had an interesting character and story whenever he was playing. He’d pop into small hobby stores to play Warhammer every now and then, as well.

One Reddit user photographed Williams in his store and said that Williams narrated the entire game with his usual flare for the dramatic. Another user from a different shop said that employees were hiding when Williams was shopping as they didn’t want to disturb him but he ended up approaching them and talking about Warhammer for over an hour.

2. Samoa Joe

In the world of professional wrestling, Samoa Joe is about as tough as they come. While there are some wrestlers that are slightly interested in Warhammer, Samoa Joe is a diehard fan. He has appeared at Warhammer World and has talked about his love for the game on social media constantly. A lot of people that didn’t know about his fandom, though, were surprised when he was walking around with a Mark VI Corvus mask in 2020.

Born Nuufolau Seanoa, Samoa Joe started wrestling in the late 1990s and became a champion with Ring of Honor, TNA, and eventually joined the WWE as part of the NXT brand. He made his main roster debut in WWE in 2017 and became a commentator prior to parting ways from the company.

1. Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill is one of the biggest stars in recent memory thanks to his leading roles in “The Witcher” and the Superman films during the Zack Snyder era of the DC Cinematic Universe. After learning that he wouldn’t be returning to either of the successful franchises, however, Cavill revealed that he’s working on a Warhammer project.

This allowed Cavill to talk about his history with Warhammer, and it apparently ran deeper than anyone could have ever thought. “I was that guy who bought all of the Warhammer fantasy armies, books, and all of the codexes and would just read them,” Cavill said. “I never had a chance to actually play with anyone, but I would get all the lore and learn all the rules.” Thankfully, Cavill now has a chance to play with others while also playing characters on-screen.

Busted: 5 Myths About The Constitution

In terms of historical documents, there are few that are as valuable as the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution laid the groundwork for the laws of the new country when it was drafted in 1787 and ratified the following summer. All these years later and the Constitution remains the supreme law throughout the nation. While most people have read at least part of the Constitution, not many have gotten through the entire thing.

Because of this, there are a lot of popular beliefs that are actually myths when it comes to the Constitution. Let’s take a look at one of America’s most valued documents and dispel some of the myths that are often believed to be true.

5. There Is No ‘God’

Many people believe that the Constitution makes direct reference to God for a couple of reasons. The first is that the Declaration of Independence does use the word in the form of “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.” Also, many of the state’s individual Constitutions mention the word “God” in their texts.

The Constitution of the United States, however, makes no mention of God. The Constitution was written up to be as religiously neutral as possible for its time and allow Freedom of Religion. In ratifications, “The Year of Our Lord” is mentioned, but the original Constitution doesn’t mention God specifically. The phrase was slipped in at a later time following the original draft’s approval.

4. The Hemp Hoax

Hemp paper was one of the more popular formats to be used back in the early days of the United States. For that reason, there are a lot of people who assume that the Constitution was written on hemp paper. Many that started this myth have used it as a point of emphasis on hypocrisy as hemp and marijuana had become illegal in the country.

It turns out, though, that the Constitution was never written on hemp paper. The document was written on parchment, which is a paper that’s used from the skin of animals like sheep and goats. It’s also been found that the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights were also on parchment.

3. The President Can Start A War

When there’s a President that gets elected into the White House that we don’t like, we often breathe a sigh of relief thinking that they can’t go to war without Congressional approval. However, the President only needs Congress’s sign-off to declare war, but can engage in military movements if they see fit.

After all, the Constitution gives the President the title of Commander in Chief and can send troops to wherever he pleases. Think of the Iraq War that lasted from 2003 to 2011 as an example of this. George W. Bush sent troops to Iraq, and many recognized it as a war, but Congress never declared it as one.

2. Some Founding Fathers Are Missing

Thinking about the founding fathers of the United States, there are some instrumental names that include John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Their names are on the Declaration of Independence, and many assume that they’re also on the Constitution. That’s not the case, though, as both men were out of the country at the time.

Jefferson was in Paris while Adams was in London. Several other men were not at the final signing, even though there were 55 delegates as part of the Constitutional Convention. However, only 39 of them made the final sign-off including Benjamin Franklin, who was 81 years old at the time.

1. The First Amendment Was The Third

People really value the First Amendment of the Constitution, which allows for freedom of religion, press, assembly, and the right to petition. However, that was not actually the first amendment when the Constitution was written up. Instead, the original said that there should be one US Representative for every 30,000 people.

There was a minimum of 100 Representatives and a maximum of 200, which could be revisited as the country grew. However, the amendment wasn’t ratified and the one that we know as the first today was bumped up to second. Then, the original second amendment regarding Congressional pay wasn’t ratified and revisited many years later, meaning that the third amendment became our first amendment.

Life On Mars: The Logistics of Settling The Red Planet

For many, many years, people on Earth have talked about what it would be like to not just put a person on Mars but to have an entire human colony. This has been a massive part of science fiction work for decades and many who have worked in the aerospace industry have made plans to start human civilization on Mars.

So why hasn’t it happened yet? After all, for decades we’ve been hearing about how we’re “just a few years away” from Mars. It turns out that the logistics of settling on the Red Planet are a bit more complicated than even the wealthiest or smartest people realize when putting their plans into place. Here’s a look at what it would take to put humans on Mars for good.

Getting To Mars

First and foremost, to put people on Mars, we have to be able to even get people there in the first place. There have been a lot of manned missions into space, but none have reached 250,000 miles from Earth. In other words, we haven’t made it further than the “other” side of the moon. Just to put it in perspective, Mars is another 58 million miles after passing the moon.

With that said, we’d have to create a craft that’s capable of making it that distance with people onboard. With current capabilities, it would take nearly nine months for a craft to get all the way to Mars. Thankfully, there are no rest stops or fast food restaurants on the way that would delay the trip.


Let’s say that we were capable of getting to Mars without much of a problem. Sure, we had to sit in our spaceship for months on end, but we finally made it. Now, there’s just the matter of where we stay. Presumably, there would have to be many, many missions with robots to build a shelter on Mars before humans can even think of colonization.

These robots would also have to be incredibly accurate and make sure that the shelter is sealed so that oxygen can flow throughout. The shelter would also have to be able to withstand temperatures that drop to below -200 degrees Fahrenheit, fierce wings, and harmful UV rays since the atmosphere of Mars is almost nonexistent compared to Earth.


Now that the shelter is in place, people have to be able to eat and drink water while on Mars. There are plenty of foods that grow on Earth that we can just pick up and eat without thinking twice, but that’s not the case on Mars. There’s no known life on the planet, so we’ll have to bring our own. Bringing animals for meat would prove to be very difficult, though.

Bringing animals like chickens and cows on a nine-month journey would take a lot of care to make sure that they made it and that there’s enough for the new colony. It would be much easier for vegetarians as the climate-controlled shelter would still be able to allow for fruits and vegetables to grow indoors.


The good news is that there is water on Mars. The bad news is that we don’t know its long-term health effects and how much of it we can actually use. For now, the plan on Mars is to extract water from minerals, but that’s a long and tedious process for not a whole lot of water. 

Water would have to be reused and recycled to the point where the water you drink in the evening may be the same water that you flushed down the toilet that morning.

Summing It Up

It sounds like the most difficult and expensive project in human history to colonize Mars, so why are we even talking about it? Is it because of resources? General curiosity? Whatever the reason, life on Mars would be no easy task and an overall logistical nightmare that would take several decades to even become feasible.

People in the 1960s said that it would probably happen not in their lifetimes, but in the lifetime of those that are alive now. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case, either, as we’re still very far away from planting a flag on the Red Planet.

What Will SpaceX Achieve By 2030?

Since it was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk, SpaceX has been one of the most talked about companies in the world. Not only has it drawn attention for privatizing space travel, but it has also helped to make the internet more accessible around the world with the Starlink satellites. SpaceX accomplished a lot in its first 20 years after a rough start, and people are curious to see where the future will take SpaceX.

The Road So Far

During the first few years of SpaceX, the company unsuccessfully attempted to launch the first privately funded rocket into orbit a couple of times before finally getting it right on the fourth attempt in September 2008. This paved the way for SpaceX to start several new missions, and in the late 2010s, the company was reaching new milestones on a near-monthly basis.

SpaceX has had the first reuse and re-flight of a crewed space capsule, the first orbital launch of a crew fully comprised of civilians, and even set the record for most launches of a single rocket in one year with the Falcon 9. Needless to say, the start of SpaceX has been a huge success for Elon Musk.

What Lies Ahead

After setting that record for most launches in a year, Elon Musk said that he wanted to reset the record each and every year that follows. Not only will this help to put more Starlink satellites into orbit, but it will also increase the use of commercial space travel. The load capacity should be increased for each launch as SpaceX finds a path for its biggest missions.

This includes a return to manned missions to the moon. There have only been 12 people to ever walk on the moon, but none of those have come since Commander Eugene Cernan did so in 1972. Musk has said that getting people to walk on the moon was one of the more immediate goals to hit by 2030 for the SpaceX program. “It may literally be easier to just land Starship on the moon than try to convince NASA that we can,” Musk said.

The Big Red Plan

Of course, you can’t mention SpaceX without talking about the plans that it has for Mars. Musk has said that he not only wants to make it possible for humans to travel to the fourth planet from the sun but also establish a colony on Mars. To do this, SpaceX is attempting to develop the Starship so that it’s capable of traveling all the way to Mars.

This means that there has to be enough fuel to make the trip, which can be tricky as the ship also needs to be able to hold a lot of weight. Once the logistics of getting to Mars are taken care of, then establishing life on the planet can begin. Musk believes that a refueling can happen while on the planet using its resources, allowing it to return to Earth and that humans can be on Mars before 2030.

Outward Expansion

The journey of establishing humans on other planets doesn’t just end on Mars, though. In the distant future, SpaceX hopes that Mars becomes a hub for travel to planets even further away. Also, many wonder what life would be like once Mars is established as a place for humans. Obviously, there isn’t food or enough water for people there currently, and the atmosphere isn’t fit for humans.

This means that humans would have to live entirely indoors while on Mars in a structure that’s able to withstand temperatures as low as 200 degrees Fahrenheit while also blocking out UV rays from the sun. It’s no easy task, but it’s something that Musk feels is entirely possible within his lifetime.

“We don’t want to be one of those single-planet species, we want to be a multi-planet species,” Musk said. “We need to get back there and have a permanent base on the moon…and then build a city on Mars to become a spacefaring civilization, a multi-planet species.”

5 Best Reasons to Shop at Costco

Each year, the number of people that do their grocery shopping at Costco increases. People that have never been inside one of the stores might wonder what the appeal is outside of the cheaper gas prices. Once you step foot into a Costco for the first time, you start to realize just why so many people are flocking to the stores and why new ones are popping up all the time.

If you’re living near a Costco or have one that’s being built, you may flirt with the idea of signing up for a membership. While it might feel odd to pay just to go grocery shopping, you’ll definitely find that it’s worth it. Out of the many reasons to shop at Costco, here are the five best.


Costco, judging by its name, is famous for its low costs on quality products you and your family need to make it through the day. At Costco, you can save a significant amount of money on items such as breads, yogurt, cheese, milk, and meats. 

In comparison to other grocery stores, the price is unbeatable, oftentimes buying products at nearly half the price that they are at competing stores. Buying in bulk is part of the reason for that, but even if you’re not buying bulk items you can still save a hefty chunk of change on the groceries you need. 

Delicious Food

One thing about Costco that sets it apart from other grocery stores is the availability of delicious, fresh, and insanely cheap cooked food in their food court. Customers are drawn to the savory aroma of chicken bake, bbq brisket sandwiches, pizza, huge beef, or polish hot dogs, and even the tempting sight of churros and freshly made gelato. 

All of which can be purchased at a wildly low price. Whether you’re munching while you’re shopping, taking a break for a quick bite, or just visiting the store solely for the food court fare, the freshness and quality won’t disappoint.

Buying in Bulk

Buying items in bulk typically yields a lower price overall, compared to buying individual food items as needed. Buying groceries in bulk can save you a tremendous amount of money over the course of the year. 

It can also keep your cabinets, fridge, and freezer stocked up so you’ll always have something to cook even when you forget to go shopping, or are stuck inside during bad weather. It’s especially helpful if you have a large family. The more mouths to feed, the more likely you are to buy in bulk and Costco is arguably the best place to do so. 

Free Samples 

Who doesn’t love free samples? The best sight to see when you’re shopping around is a welcoming employee with free and delicious treats for you to sample. You may discover a new item to fall in love with and purchase within the store. 

A quick snack is a great distraction from the monotony of grocery shopping and will give you a little pick-me-up before you get back to your errands. Not to mention, the employees offering the samples are some of the nicest and most friendly, because their job is to sell you on the product. A nice friendly encounter is sure to boost your mood. 

Membership Benefits 

And who doesn’t like being part of an exclusive club where you reap benefits like crazy savings, delicious cooked meals, cash back on eligible purchases, and money saved on gas purchases? The Costco membership is only $60 annually, basically a mere $5 a month. 

The ability to shop the incredible deals is worth every penny and won’t be found in most grocery stores you visit. The membership will pay itself off in no time and you’ll have access to all Costco has to offer. 

10 Awesome Apps You Only Need for the Free Trial Period

There are a lot of apps to choose from when looking to kill some time on your mobile phone, but nothing is quite as annoying as playing a game and then having to find out that you have to pay monthly just to use it. However, a lot of these apps offer up a free trial period that allows you to get the entire scope of the app without paying.

Many of these apps you only need for the free trial and then you can finish using them for good. If you’re looking for a great time waster for the next month, try one of these 10 awesome apps you only need for the free trial period.


Akinator is an AI-based guessing game released in 2007, still just as popular as ever in 2022. The AI asks the users questions to determine what person, fictional or real, or animal they’re thinking of. It’s a quick and fun app really only needed for the free trial. 


Karaoke apps like Smule provide users with karaoke versions of their favorite songs and cool voice functions within the recordings you make. It’s a cool app, but you’ll most likely try out all the features and songs before the free trial ends. 


GameFly offers you an entire month for their free trial, giving you plenty of time to rent and beat games you’ve been dying to play or just don’t want to spend the $50+ on for your console, or PC. 

PNP-Portable North Pole 

PNP-Portable North Pole is great for the holidays. What’s even better is you can take advantage of the free trial during that specific time of year. It allows you to receive and gift personalized videos from the jolly Father Christmas himself. Kids will love this little free treat. 

AI Art

AI art apps are all the rage right now. It’s a terrifyingly accurate and impressive method of turning your pictures into interesting works of art without needing to pay for an entire commissioned painting. The free trial is all you’ll need to test out the app and get your awesome AI-generated works of art to show off to all of your friends. 


Monsterfy is absolutely perfect for the spooky season crowd. Since it’s a seasonal thing, there isn’t really a need to keep the app around longer than the free trial duration. It’s a fun app that kids will love that lets them swap faces with spooky monsters, turning them into ghastly ghouls for the Halloween season. 

100’s of Buttons and Prank Sounds 

If you’re the goofy prankster type, this app and its free trial is perfect for you. It’s full of silly buttons and prank sounds that you, or those around you, will probably tire of after the free trial ends. 

Reverse Movie FX

Reverse Movie FX is a fun little app you can use to play around with all of your recorded videos. It allows users to reverse fragments of their videos where someone is performing a normal action. Though a cool concept, the hype of the reverse feature usually dies off after the free trial. 


MadLipz allows users to take popular short clips and dub over the video, or songs featured in them. It’s a really fun activity that could keep you and others entertained for a good while, but the free trial gives you enough of a taste to see if the app is worth purchasing 

Dragon Ball Super Card Game Tutorial

An app focusing on a tutorial is pretty much perfect for free trials. Learning to play the DBZ card game is an important strategy for anime and card game lovers to learn. The free trial gives you enough time to do so without having to pay for the product. 

5 Favorite Comic Book Heroes For Young Girls

When people think of comic book heroes, they tend to think of male heroes like Superman, Spider-Man, and Batman. It’s a pretty male-dominated form of entertainment, but in more recent years, we’ve seen a surge of strong female characters that have made their way to the forefront of the comic book world. This is great news for young girls that want to get into comic books as they’re now represented more than ever on the pages.

While some female superheroes have been around for decades, there are others that have come in more recently to help stir things up. If you have a young girl in your family that’s into comic books and want to give her some female characters to look up to, try one of these five favorites for readers.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is often the first crime-fighting heroine that young girls look up to. Wonder Woman’s iconic look, strength, and thirst for justice gives young girls an idol they can be proud of. Psychologist and writer William Marston created the magnificent superhero with inspiration from his wife and their shared partner. 

Wonder Woman made her first appearance in 1941 and since then has starred in her own television series, played by Lynda Carter, and the more recent Wonder Woman films where she’s portrayed by Gal Gadot. 


Supergirl, also known as Kara Zor-El, is best known as the magnificently powerful, nearly indestructible, flying, and costumed heroine that is closely related to the infamous Superman. She was created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino, making her 1959 debut in Action Comics. 

Her powers are similar to those of Superman, ranging from super speed, immunity to all diseases, X-ray vision, freeze-breath, and many other superhuman abilities. Supergirl is the perfect specimen, despite her weakness to kryptonite like her superhero cousin. She’s a mentally and physically strong, yet responsible, a female idol for young girls everywhere to look up to. 


Batgirl originally started out as a character named Betty Kane, but in 1967 Gardner Fox reinvented Batgirl. She was given the name Barbara Gordon, written into the storyline as Gotham City’s police commissioner James Gordon. Batgirl is the female counterpart to the popular DC comic legend, Batman. 

Like Batman, Batgirl also lacks any superhuman powers but gets by with ease using her intelligence, cunning, and creativity to invent helpful tools to apprehend, or aid in Batman apprehending, Gotham’s slew of criminals. Batgirl’s smarts, inventive nature, and bravery make her a superhero idol for young girls everywhere. 


Within the Marvel multiverse is the Spiderverse, alternate dimensions full of a variety of storylines for our favorite Marvel characters. In one of them, Earth-65, Gwen Stacy finds herself possessing similar spider-like superpowers, making her one of the few female counterparts to the classic Spiderman. 

They possess many of the same powers and find themselves infatuated with one another in this alternate universe. Spider Gwen, sometimes referred to as Spider-Woman, or Ghost Spider is a welcome female character that shows you don’t always need to be saved. She shows girls they can do the saving themselves and gives girls a long awaited female spiderman counterpart to admire. 

Captain Marvel  

Carol Danvers, most commonly known as Captain Marvel, is the ultimate female superhero. Though she’s known as Captain Marvel, she was first created as the male Captain Marvel’s female counterpart, originally named Ms. Marvel. Captain Marvel is one of the most recently relevant superhero idols young girls have the opportunity to adore. 

The Captain Marvel films, along with the Avengers films, showcase the bravery our tough heroine has in tense situations where the world depends on her actions. Her power and sense of responsibility, combined with her grace, make her a well-rounded role model for impressionable minds. 

10 Best K-Pop Songs of All Time

K-Pop has taken the world by storm and is now so cemented into pop culture that it has its own genre on the charts on a global scale. Throughout the years, there have been some certified K-Pop classics, but which ones would people consider to be the best of the best? Here are our picks for the 10 best K-Pop songs of all time.

Gangnam Style by Psy

Serving as the South Korean musician’s worldwide breakout hit, “Gangnam Style” took off and became the party tune of the year in 2012. The highly catchy song and fun music video, showcasing Psy’s interesting dance, made the song as memorable as ever even ten years after its release. 

Dynamite by BTS

One of the most popular hits by one of the most popular K-pop sensations to grace the earth is “Dynamite” by BTS. The song, released in 2020, started off extremely strong, making its way straight to #1 on the Billboard Top 100 and becoming an instant hit in America and South Korea as well. 


“DDU-DU-DDU-DU” by the popular South Korean pop group BLACKPINK was released in 2018 and quickly shot up in the charts, topping the Billboard K-pop Top 100. The video for the song became the most viewed K-pop music video on YouTube at the time, with over 1 billion views. 

Gentleman by Psy 

Another banger from our South Korean wonder Psy, “Gentleman” was the next of his hits to make its way to America in 2013. Up until recently, the music video for the song became the fastest and most viewed, with over 1.4 billion views on YouTube. 


“DNA” was the first major hit BTS graced the US n 2017. The song made it to #67 on the Billboard Top 100 as well as #1 on the Billboard K-pop Top 100. The song put BTS on the map in the United States and started the intense fandom surrounding the group. 

Fire by BTS

Another BTS song to make the list, “Fire” was released as part of the album “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever”. “Fire” was actually about as popular in the United States as it was in Korea despite BTS not yet being a household name. “Fire” reached number seven on the Korean charts while reaching the top spot in US World Digital Song Sales.

Boombayah by BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK made their debut in a big way back in 2016 when they released their first single “Square One”, which was followed up on the same record with “Boombayah”. The song was an instant hit, and in fact became the first K-Pop debut music video to reach over 1 billion views worldwide on YouTube.

As If It’s Your Last by BLACKPINK

While most popular songs are part of a full album, “As If It’s Your Last” was released on its own in 2017 and was written by a trio of artists for Blackpink. The song streamed more than 100 million times in the first year of its release and even won Best Digital Song of the Year at the Golden Disc Awards.

Growl by EXO

Serving as the South Korean-Chinese boy band’s breakout hit, the R&B tune “Growl” by EXO was released in 2013 and became the 5th best-selling K-pop song in the US that year. “Growl” would end up winning the Best Song at the Seoul Music Awards and even the World’s Best Song at the World Music Awards in 2014. 

Peek-a-Boo by Red Velvet

Red Velvet is an all-girl band that formed in 2014 and quickly became one of the most popular groups in Korea thanks to their debut album “The Red” in 2015. Two years later, they released “Perfect Velvet” which contained the massive hit “Peek-a-Boo” that took the world by storm. “Peek-a-Boo” reached number two on both the US World Digital Song charts and the K-Pop Hot 100 in Korea.

5 Special Ingredients to Add To Your Bread Recipe

By itself, bread is certainly a food that you can enjoy and will fill you up, but it doesn’t have a whole lot of taste. It isn’t until we start mixing in some special ingredients that we really bring out the easy-to-eat texture of bread that we all know and love. If you’re planning on making bread or are already a seasoned veteran when it comes to the kitchen, why not try some new ways to make bread interesting?

Feel free to use any ingredients that you want to make your bread really stand out. For our personal preference, there are five special ingredients that we use, which you can also add to your bread recipes to put a new spin on an old favorite.


One special ingredient you can add to most savory bread dough recipes is the basis for most successful dishes, garlic. Some bread dough recipes already include garlic, like some pizza doughs, focaccias, and naan bread. Giving breads a stronger flavor, without being too overpowering.  

Try adding minced raw garlic, fried garlic, roasted garlic, or even whole garlic cloves inside and as a spread, or topping for any savory bread dough recipes you have in mind. Mixing garlic with seasonings, herbs, and delicious fatty butter, or olive oil will enhance the garlic even more. It’ll build more flavor and another dimension to your salty and savory baked treats. 


Honey is a fantastic addition to bread dough recipes, sweet and savory. Try incorporating sweet, or hot honey into the wet ingredients when making your bread dough. Or come up with a delicious honey-focused topping, or spread for your perfectly baked loaves, or rolls. Honey adds a distinct sweetness with more depth than regular sugar. 

Different types of honey will have different notes of flavor, from fruity to floral. Honey will bring something exciting and comforting to the table in sweet, or savory applications seamlessly. Using it as a simple drizzle is just as delicious too. 


Spices are the foundation of flavor. There are a crazy amount of spices available from all around the world, coming from all different kinds of cultures. Whether you use your favorite go-to seasoning or mix up your own spice blend to add to the dough, or as a finishing seasoning before, or after baking, it’s all bound to be a tasty addition to any bread dough. 

You can add sugar, cocoa powder, cinnamon, or any other warm spices to sweeter breads. Add savory spices like dried rosemary, parsley, garlic salt, hot spices, or any exotic savory spices from around the world that pique your fancy. 


Adding chocolate to anything is usually a pretty fantastic idea. Adding chocolate to your bread dough is bound to end up being a success. You can add cocoa powder, chocolate chunks or chips of varying sweetness. You can whip up a delicious chocolate spread to top off your fresh bread with, or maybe add a sweet chocolate spread center to your baked treats.  

Chocolate boosts your mood, has surprising health benefits, and makes everything taste so scrumptious and sweet. Kids will love the playful ingredient as well. It’s a fun addition to any dessert bread. 


Just like spice blends, herbs add so much more flavor to your bread dough than your standard and sometimes straight-up bland dough recipe. Try adding an herb butter blend, or dried herbs to pizza dough crust, focaccia, rolls, Italian bread, and whatever else your heart desires. 

Rosemary is a beautifully fragrant herb commonly used in bread recipes. Parsley makes a great addition to herb butter used on naan bread, pizza crusts, breadsticks, and garlic bread. It’s sure to add a mouth watering, fresh, and savory flavor to your favorite breads.