How to Care for Your Garden in Extreme Weather Conditions

Most of us wish that we lived in a perfect climate where we didn’t have to deal with tornadoes, blizzards, heat waves, droughts, and more. However, there’s only so much space in these areas that have a perfect climate, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t get some gardening done in areas where we experience extreme weather.

There are a lot of ways in which you can still care for your garden during harsh seasons, and we’ll walk you through how to do just that. Here are eight tips for keeping your garden in perfect condition even when weather conditions aren’t perfect.


Garden stakes aren’t just for labeling the placement and variety of plants throughout your garden. Stakes can help support weak or top-heavy plants and keep them secure during intense bouts of wind and rain. Essentially, you kill two birds with one stone by introducing the use of stakes in your garden. 


Mulch is an essential part of keeping plants safe from irregular temperatures and holding moisture. The distribution of mulch surrounding your plant beds helps keep the frigid air from reaching their roots, which could very well lead to plant death. In the case of dry, hot weather, mulch helps hold moisture in after watering. Keeping your plants well hydrated and safe from perishing. 

Water Wisely 

Watering with caution and weather awareness is important to keeping your plants happy and healthy during not-so-wonderful weather. Keep an eye on the weekly weather report and water accordingly. If the forecast calls for a torrential downpour, it’s best to let nature do the watering for you. You can also utilize mulch to keep your plants from being drowned out by the storms. If you run into extra dry and hot weather, it’s a good idea to water your plants more thoroughly and deeply. 

Avoid Dark-Colored Containers

We all know that darker-colored items attract and hold in the heat far more than lighter-colored ones. So, it’s best to avoid darker-colored planters and garden accessories during the warmer months. You can even cover plants with pots and other coverings to keep them safe from extreme weather. When doing so, be sure to pick lighter-colored coverings. 

Keep Them Inside

Are your plants unsafe outside? Just bring them inside. A seemingly simple solution to keeping your plants safe from extreme weather. It can be a hassle to get all of your vulnerable plants inside, but it’s possible. Make sure you have adequate space, sunlight, and planters to ensure your plants have everything they need indoors. 

Shade Cloth 

Shade cloths are a fantastic way to protect your plants from harsh weather. They’re affordable and come in a multitude of colors, densities, and sizes. You can choose the right shade cloth that fits your plant’s needs. The variety of shade cloths to choose from provide different levels of heat, sun, and general weather protection. Making them a vital accessory for any garden facing bouts of extreme weather. 


Though they can cost a pretty penny, greenhouses are a helpful way to keep your plants safe from harsh weather, while refraining from having to relocate them inside. They provide a level of safety and environmental control for your plants that you can’t get anywhere else. With the proper equipment, greenhouses can sustain fresh produce and healthy plants year-round. 


Adequate drainage is vital to growing healthy, happy plants. To ensure your plants don’t become bogged down and drowned out by poor water distribution, there are drainage devices, planters, soil, and gravel that you can purchase online that can make it all that much easier to regulate the amount of hydration your plants receive. 

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