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What to Wear To A Show On Broadway

Whether you’ve been waiting your whole life for your first Broadway show or are being dragged to your first show by an enthusiastic fan, you want to look good. Here’s the good news — on Broadway, almost anything goes fashion-wise. Most theaters don’t have dress codes. Wondering what to wear to an upcoming Broadway show? Then, check out these ideas.

1. Make your own kind of music. 

You don’t have to bend your sense of style to see a Broadway show. Instead, you can wear almost whatever you want. Most Broadway audiences strike a variety of style notes. Some come dressed to the nines in tuxedos and formals, while others (tourists and New Yorkers alike) roll in in flip-flops and shorts. 

2. Dress up for special performances.
That said, if you’re going to a special performance, you should put on a little extra shine. This includes previews, opening nights, and gala nights. In other words, if the tickets to your show weren’t easily available to the public, you might want to polish your shoes, get your hair done, and try to look a little spiffy. 

3. Think about where you’re going before and after the show.

Because anything goes on Broadway, you don’t necessarily have to think about what you should wear to the show. Instead, think about where you’re going before or after the show, and then, let those activities dictate your wardrobe. If you’re going out to a fine dining establishment, men might need to wear a sports coat and tie, while cocktail dresses may be perfect for the women in your group. If you’re hitting a matinee and then going on a long walking tour of the city, you might prefer to wear something a little more comfortable with tennis shoes. Whether you go fancy or casual, don’t forget that this is an event that you’ll probably want to capture for Instagram or the family scrapbook, so dress accordingly. Even if you’re not into photos, one of your friends is likely to snag a few shots.

4. Coordinate with your friends

You can wear nearly anything to a Broadway show, but you don’t want to show up in a sports jersey while the rest of your crew is in formal gowns. Reach out to your friends before you go to the show, and coordinate what you’re wearing. You don’t have to all come in the same palette — unless you want to take some family photos after the show — but it’s nice to be in a similar spot on the casual-to-formal spectrum.

5. Think about the show.

It goes without saying that the most important part of this experience is the show. Some shows require you to dress a certain way. For instance, you want to be comfortable for long shows and able to move for immersive productions. In other cases, you may want to emulate the long-standing Rocky Horror Picture Show tradition and wear something that gives a shout-out to your favorite character. In all cases, remember that the show is on the stage — don’t wear any hats or outfits that draw focus away from the main attraction. Other than that, just have fun with your outfit choices, and most importantly, get ready to sit back and enjoy the show.    

5 Best Tourist Destinations In South East Asia

Southeast Asia is a tourist hotspot, but it still maintains its authentic vibe. Choosing a place to go is perhaps the most challenging part of visiting this section of the world. With so many great options, it’s hard to narrow it down, but to help you get started, this post looks at five of the area’s best travel destinations. 

1. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Situated in northwest Cambodia, Angkor Wat is a World Heritage site and the country’s largest religious monument. Its ruins include hundreds of sandstone structures, spanning over 162 hectares. In addition to exploring the ruins of this 12th-century wonder, you can also learn about more recent history at the Cambodia Landmine Museum and Relief Center and the War Museum located in nearby Siem Reap.

In this traveler’s paradise, you can enjoy the unique vibe of country residents and vibrant cafes, or you can wait until after sunset and hit the clubs. Shopping includes two massive markets offering gifts, souvenirs, food, and more. 

2. Koh Samui, Thailand

In the past, Koh Samui was a prime destination for backpackers exploring the best travel destinations of Southeast Asia, but over the last few years, it’s become a high-end destination full of resorts and posh spas. The white beaches, however, are just as pristine as they ever have been. If you want to get out and explore, the Ang Thong Marine National Park offers trails running through a tropical forest to hidden waterfalls and a 12-meter-tall Buddha statue.

3. Bagan, Myanmar

If you like temples, then Bagan, Myanmar needs to be on your must-see list. Nestled next to a mountain range, this UNESCO World Heritage site features over 10,000 pagods and Buddhist temples built between the 11th and 13th centuries. Currently, the Bagan Archaeological Zone features 3,5000 buildings and over 41 square miles to explore. 

The Ananda Temple features a blend of Mon and Indian styles, and if you want to learn more about the area’s historical architecture, you can head to the town’s Archaeological Museum, which includes countless artifacts, including a Rosetta Stone that’s over 1,000 years old. 

To learn about the area’s modern culture, check out the lacquerware art workshops in Myinkaba. Then, hit the sunset at the Shwesandaw Paya pagoda — with just a bit of climbing, you can catch a 360-degree view of the area. 

4. Bangkok, Thailand

The capital of Thailand, Bangkok is a great jumping-off point for other destinations in Southeast Asia, but this world-class city also merits a stay. Over 24 million people visit Bangkok every year, and they get to enjoy the pleasing contrast of contemporary skyscrapers and ancient temples. You can do a lot of sightseeing in the area’s temples, museums, and the world’s largest teak building — the Vimanmek Mansion. Use a tuk-tuk taxi or a water bus to get around, or simply whip out your phone to contact the local ride-share company Grab. You can also dive into modern culture at the city’s clubs and cafes. 

5. Luang Prabang, Laos

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, Luang Prabang features stunning architecture that combines the best elements of French colonial and traditional styles. Its location along the confluence of the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers offers stunning natural beauty. With just a short hike, you can check out the Kuang Sit Falls or Pak Ou Caves, which are full of mini Buddha sculptures. On most mornings, the town fills with the color orange as local monks take to the streets for Alms Ceremonies. 

5 US Destinations to Visit By Rail

When you think of traveling via train, your mind instantly goes to Europe. In one day, you can travel by rail and see several countries, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. In fact, you can see more than two dozen countries in Europe for around $300, making it a massive bargain. In North America, however, and the United States specifically, traveling is done mostly by vehicle or airplane rather than a train.

One of the biggest reasons why passenger cars aren’t more popular in the United States is that most of the rails are owned by freight companies, making it difficult to schedule passenger cars without being a logistical nightmare or constructing a whole new set of rails. Still, there are some places in the United States that you can reach by train rather easily, with these five being the top spots.

New York City

New York City is the largest and most popular city in the United States, and one of the easiest to get to when traveling by car or plane. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to know that getting there by train isn’t too difficult, either. New York City is easily reachable from other major hubs in America’s northeast, and the local rail scene makes it so that you don’t need a taxi to get around.

The Big Apple has the largest local rail system in the country, and it isn’t even close. More than 2.7 billion (yes, billion) people ride the rails of the New York City Transit Authority each year, which offers around 250 miles in track length. With nearly 500 stations, you can visit Yankee Stadium, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, and more all easily within the same day.


Outside of New York City, perhaps the only other city where you could get away with absolutely never needing to drive a car in your life is Chicago. Chicago offers the third-largest local rapid transit system in the country with over 218 million riders per year and over 100 miles of track that take you from airport to airport and baseball stadium to baseball stadium.

Getting to Chicago via train isn’t all that hard, either, as pretty much every railroad eventually leads to Chicago. Outside of New York, it’s one of the biggest hub cities for rail transportation, serving as the midwest’s de facto train capital. Whether you’re coming from Detroit, St. Louis, or Milwaukee, any long train trip will connect through Chicago.


The Pacific Northwest is a bit of an outlier when it comes to any sort of travel in the United States as it serves as basically the only major hub of travel in the area. Whether you’re in Southern California or in Minneapolis, there’s a railway that leads to Seattle.

It can be a bit tricky to get there if you’re heading from the southwest as you have to make your way to Sacramento to get to the northbound train that heads to Seattle, but you’ll be glad that you made the trip. You’ll also get to stop in beautiful Portland, Oregon along the way to spice up the deal.

Washington D.C.

The nation’s capital is known for gridlock traffic from outsiders, but it should get a lot more praise for its public transport. Washington D.C. offers some of the best in the country, allowing those that live in the city the opportunity to get anywhere without needing to get stuck in some of the nation’s worst traffic jams.

Even getting to Washington D.C. is easy as it serves as the major hub of the east coast for national travel. Cincinnati, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Cleveland, Philadelphia, and more all make their way to D.C. so you don’t have to fly.


Cleveland, Ohio is a fantastic city that serves as the connector for railways that are heading from the Atlantic coast to the Chicago hub. Washington D.C., Boston, Albany, and Pittsburgh connect from the east while Chicago feeds in from the west.

Though the local rail system isn’t one that gets a lot of love from around the world, it’s still one of the largest (ranking in the top 15). Starting at the Airport, you can travel by train to landmarks including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

5 Best Beaches In The World For Surfing

There are more than 3 million people in the United States alone that surf at least once per year, with hundreds of thousands doing so at least once per week. Around the world, the number is even larger as there are plenty of global beaches that surfers flock to religiously because they have the best waves and are easily accessible for surfers.

With plenty of options to choose from, it can be hard to narrow it down to just a few beaches around the world that rank as the best. However, we did our best research and concluded that these five were the best of the best. So grab your board and make sure that your passport is handy so that you can enjoy these fine beaches.

Black’s Beach  

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Southern California has at least one entry on the list as the stereotype around the world is that everyone from the area is laid back and loves surfing. The Los Angeles area isn’t the only part of SoCal that’s known for surfing, as you can travel south down the Pacific coast to find some amazing spots in the San Diego area.

Swimmers are encouraged to stay away from getting deep into the water due to the swells, but experienced surfers will find Black’s Beach appealing for the same reason. The beach itself is beneath Torrey Pines in La Jolla, which many know for its amazing golf course, but the surfing is just as big (if not bigger) of an attraction. Just make sure that you dress warmly as the water can be awfully cold throughout the year.

Surfrider Beach

Sticking in Southern California, we head back up the coast to an area that’s synonymous with surfing: Malibu. Though the official name of this area is the Malibu Lagoon State Beach, there’s a reason that it’s known as Surfrider Beach to those that live nearby. In fact, this beach was the first to be dedicated as a World Surfing Reserve, earning that honor in October 2010.

Surfing became popular around the world thanks to this beach, which started seeing an uptick in people during the 1960s. Now, it’s considered one of the Meccas of surfing and has areas for those of all skill levels to try their hand at our favorite water sport. The late summer is the best time to visit Malibu and ride the long waves.

Gold Coast

Most of the people of Australia live on the eastern coast, and for good reason. Not only is this where all of the favorable weather is, but it’s also home to some of the best surfing in the world. More specifically, the Gold Coast of Australia is where the surfers down under heads to have a good time.

Situated in the state of Queensland, the Gold Coast has a sunny climate that allows people to head out for surfing on a year-round basis. Even as far back as the 1920s, the Gold Coast has been drawing in surfers with signs and buildings dedicated to the sport. Even one of the suburbs of the region is called Surfers Paradise, and it’s hard to argue with that name when the waves and weather are so perfect.

Banzai Pipeline

Like Southern California, you can’t think about surfing in the United States without mentioning the state of Hawaii. The 50th state brings in surfers from around the world all year, and there are a lot of beaches to pick from. If you were to ask all of the expert surfers what their favorite spot in Hawaii is, though, there’s a good chance that they would say it’s the Banzai Pipeline.

Known by some simply as “The Pipe”, this area of the Ehukai Beach Park is in Oahu and is where a reef break creates some of the best waves that have ever been seen. It wasn’t until the 1960s that it became a popular destination for surfing, and since then has been home to a lot of competitions. Be warned, though, as the waves at Banzai Pipeline can be so large that even the most experienced surfers can face danger.

Jeffreys Bay

We end the list with a visit to South Africa where the small town of Jeffreys Bay is home to the best surfing spot on the continent. When surfing became a worldwide phenomenon in the 1960s, Jeffreys Bay exploded in popularity and was established as a “hippie” spot in the country.

In the years since, Jeffreys Bay has been known as a great tourist destination with world-class waves. Even the famous film “The Endless Summer” was shot at Jeffreys Bay, helping it gain worldwide recognition.

5 Must-See Landmarks in Wise County, Texas

Wise County, Texas isn’t among the largest in terms of population in the state with under 70,000 people, but it does have a rich history. Sitting outside of the Dallas metro area, Wise County has several cities and towns and has grown considerably over the past few decades. Everyone that moves to Wise County is introduced to its history through several notable landmarks, with these five being the most must-see that Wise County has to offer.

5. Wise County Heritage Museum

When it was first opened, the Wise County Heritage Museum was the home of Decatur Baptist College, which was the oldest junior college in the world. The hall was constructed in 1892 and finalized for $20,000, serving as a prep academy for Baylor University. However, the school moved to Dallas in 1965, leaving the building vacant.

Thankfully, Wise County didn’t take long to turn the building into the Heritage Museum after a quick restoration. Several new additions were made to the Wise County Heritage Museum which includes exhibits like a funeral coach from the 1890s, fossils, a machinery room, and much more. The museum is open to the public and costs just $5 to visit.

4. World’s Largest Bowie Knife

The Bowie knife was introduced in Arkansas in 1830, but Arkansas isn’t home to the largest one in the world. That honor belongs to Wise County, with Bob Hadley coming up with the idea to promote the town of Bowie, Texas, the namesake of the knife itself. The original Bowie knife was 9.5 inches long and a quarter-inch thick, and the large monument is more than 20 feet tall.

There’s an entire storyboard for visitors to look at that shows information about the invention of the knife, as well as the monument. With a length of more than 14 feet and a weight of over 3,000 pounds, the Bowie knife was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as being the largest Bowie knife in the world after construction in 2016.

3. Texas Tourist Camp

At the intersection of US 287 and US 380, you’ll find a few monuments of the past, with the Texas Tourist Camp and Petrified Wood Gas Station welcoming travelers from near and far. The Tourist Camp was established in the 1920s by E.F. Boydston, and its popularity peaked throughout the post-war era of the United States.

The Texas Tourist Camp was certainly a product of its time, and some of the facilities started to close in the 1960s. Eventually, the Petrified Wood Gas Station followed suit, shutting down the pumps at the end of the 1980s. Just a few years later, the property was purchased and remodeled, making it an attraction for locals and tourists to visit.

2. J.T. Brown Hotel

Chico, Texas is certainly not among the largest towns in Texas or even Wise County. However, it does have one of the most notable landmarks throughout the county in the form of the J.T. Brown Hotel. The hotel is named after the colonel that founded the town in 1876, with the hotel being built just over a decade later.

R. Lee Morris owned the hotel from the early 20th century until 1965, and it has since become a landmark for Wise County. The Brown Hotel started to show its age during the 2000s but was purchased once more and underwent renovations to bring it into the 21st century and introduce a new generation to its rich history.

1. Waggoner’s Mansion

There aren’t too many mansions in Wise County, which makes the Waggoner Mansion stand out so much in Decatur. Also known as El Castile, the WWaggoner Mansion sits on more than 13 acres of land and has 16 rooms in total. It was constructed in 1883 by Daniel Waggoner, who owned a nearby ranch.

Waggoner also owned multiple banks, oil mills, and a coal company, so owning such a large property isn’t a surprise. The home was purchased during World War II by the Luker family and has since become a nationally recognized historic building. It was added to the NRHP in 1974, though the inside is closed to the public.

5 Reasons Why Golden Retrievers Make the Best Pets

Out of all of the dog breeds out there, the most popular one in the United States is the golden retriever. These dogs weren’t originally from the United States as they were first bred in Scotland, but have become a staple of the American way of life and are typically associated with the country.

Now, there are hundreds of thousands of people across the country with golden retrievers of their own, and there are plenty of reasons why they make the best pets. Whether you’re looking for a new furry friend or looking for more reasons to brag about your golden retriever, here are five reasons why golden retrievers truly make the best pet of any dog breed.


Golden Retrievers are renowned for being among the most loyal breeds of domesticated animals. The more time spent with your pet, the stronger the bond will be. This is especially true for golden retrievers. Their loyalty and bond with their human counterparts are incredible. 

Throughout history, they’ve been bred as hunting companions, making them highly intelligent, patient, easy to train, and of course extremely loyal. One of the primary reasons owners yearn for an animal companion is the friendship, loyalty, and bond built through the years. It’s a special one that, although it ends sooner than we’d like, lasts a lifetime.  

Ease of Training

Being that golden retrievers have been bred and trained as companions for hunters throughout history, they’re gifted the helpful quality of being pretty easy to train. Training your pet makes a world of difference and can make your life easier. 

You and your pet will form a tighter bond when you take the step to train them. If trained properly, your pet should respond to your commands to perform, or cease an action. Golden Retrievers have many great qualities that make them ideal companions and the ease of training them is a big one. 


Dogs are sought after for their goofy, playful nature. Golden retrievers definitely deliver on that. If you’re an active person, or you’re an owner with a lot of energy to spare, these are the breed you’ll want as an addition to your family. 

Golden retrievers are social, friendly, and full of extroverted energy. Making them the perfect playful pal for you, your family, and even your children. If you’re an involved owner and love playing fetch, going to dog parks, taking trips, and exploring the world with your furry companion, this is the dog for you. 

Good With Kids

As previously mentioned, golden retrievers make wonderful family pets. Their gentle and friendly nature, paired with their energetic and playful personalities make them prime companions for families with children of any age. 

As a parent, you worry about the safety of your children and how your household pets interact with them. You don’t want to purchase a breed that will fill you with worry when they’re around your children. That’s why golden retrievers are the best choice for your family. 


By nature, golden retrievers are some of the friendliest dogs around. They’re never in a bad mood and always want to make new buddies because that’s the way they were bred. The friendliest dogs were bred to make great friends with humans, with goldens being the result. Hunters would often take them out for a long trip so that they had someone to spend time with during those hours of downtime.

So while not only are they great at assisting hunters with their end goal, but they also kept spirits high. As house pets, goldens love to sit with their best friends while also being the best greeter for new people that you can find. However, they do not make the best guard dogs because they’re so friendly.

The 5 Happiest Countries in the World

We can all be as patriotic as we want about our home countries, but that doesn’t always translate into true happiness. There are many factors that contribute to the overall happiness of the citizens of any given country, including work-life balance, affordability, weather, and much, much more. Though a country can be lacking in one of those departments, it may excel in the rest, making its citizens happier overall.

When looking at the happiest citizens around the world, which ones are truly living their best lives? You’ll find that there’s a certain part of the world in which its citizens are happy and have all of their big-picture worries taken care of while their day-to-day lives lack a lot of stress. Here are the five happiest countries in the world based on the general consensus of their citizens.


Located in Northern Europe, where many of the world’s happiest countries reside, Finland was crowned the happiest country on Earth for five whole years in a row. The country’s gorgeous landscape full of clear freshwater lakes, mountainous forests, and great air quality make it a comfortable and beautiful home to proud Finnish folks. 

Their extraordinary education programs, relaxed style of living, helpful nature, and pride in taking care of their homeland make it easy to see why they’ve earned the title of the happiest country in the world. 


Denmark is a close second to Finland in the rating of the happiest country on Earth. It’s not hard to see why. Denmark is another Northern European country tucked away within the serene, fresh air, nature-focused land. Denmark is known for their healthy balance of work and play, universal healthcare, and free education system. 

The people of Denmark believe in taking care of and giving back to their country, knowing they will receive proper treatment in return. Their helpful, peaceful, comforting nature makes for a healthy environment enjoyed by all who get to experience the beautiful country. 


Not surprisingly, Iceland is the next Nordic country on the list of happiest countries on Earth. The Northern European country is known for the land’s intense and magnificent beauty. The towering glaciers, fjords, and pristine snowy landscape is a wondrous sight for those who are lucky enough to view them. 

As if the beauty of the land isn’t enough, Icelanders believe in a strong sense of fairness and justice, paired with low crime rates. Residents believe in equality, celebrating gay pride, practicing equal treatment and pay for men and women, and ensuring the community is taken care of financially. 


Switzerland is comedically known for its neutral standing, which isn’t really that far off from how the people of Switzerland truly are. They’re a peaceful community of Nordic people in the gorgeous landscape within Northern Europe. The vibrant green mountains are unbelievably stunning. 

Along with that, they’re also known for their perfectly crafted chocolate confections. Chocolate is known to release feel-good chemicals and is just downright delicious. Though the Swiss don’t let the sweets drag them down. Outdoor activities and healthy exercise regimes are a big part of the lives of the residents of Switzerland, keeping them mentally and physically fit and happier overall. 


The final Nordic haven named one of the happiest on earth is The Netherlands. Nearly all of the residents of the lovely country feel their life is comfortable and happy, and that their mental health is stable.

 Like many of the previously mentioned countries, The Netherlands offers financial support for its residents, a generous and healthy sense of community, and a great work-and-play balance. Physical and mental health is a priority for the people who call The Netherlands home. Their life expectancy is among the highest because of this. The rest of the world could stand to learn from these five beautifully happy and content countries. 

5 Largest World Capitals You Have to See

Every country needs capital, and it’s almost always where all of the national governmental decisions are made. With that said, there are a lot of capitals where there are some significant governmental buildings, but not a whole lot else to do. Then, there are world capitals where they become the hub for the entire country, offering up plenty to do as the large city in their respective nation’s capital.

If you’re traveling the world and want to make things easy on yourself by visiting cities that are easy to get to and offer a lot of cheaper lodging, going to a capital city is always a safe bet. Out of all of the capital around the world, though, these five rank as the top to visit because of the long list of things for visitors to do during their trips.


China’s extraordinarily populated capital city of Beijing holds a whopping 21.3 million people. Not only is it the most populated area within China, but it’s one of the most highly populated capital cities in the entire world. Beijing has so much to offer and it’s no wonder why residents remain in the powerful city. 

Beijing is home to the largest collection of Fortune 500 Companies, is exceptionally popular with tourists, and is one of the leading centers for media, economics, and science. Beijing combines a balance of old and new structures, both equally magnificent and breathtaking. Giving you a taste of the rich culture of then and now. 


Cairo is another one of the most populated capital cities in the entire world, with an astounding 21.9 million people residing there. It is the most populated land in Africa and the Middle East. Cairo is a sight to behold, featuring the pyramids of Giza, one of the world’s wonders.

Cairo is also located near the Nile Delta, where the beautiful river meets the Mediterranean Sea. There’s such rich history and culture that date back over half a million years ago. It’s a must-see if you’re a history buff, or want to take in the majesty of the ancient city. 


Tokyo is guaranteed to be on almost everyone’s bucket list of destinations to explore in their life. It serves as Japan’s capital city, largest city, and one of the most populated capital cities in the world with 14 million residents as of 2022. 

There’s an endless amount of entertainment, new technology, quirky lifestyle gadgets, delicious cultural fare, and an intriguing atmosphere. Tokyo residents get a fabulous view of Mount Fuji on the nearby island of Honshū. The abundance of cherry blossoms makes the old-school culture-rich areas a comforting and gorgeous place to visit when you want a break from the busy metro area. 


Jakarta is Indonesia’s capital city and the most populous city in the country. As one of the most populous capital cities in the world, it holds over 11 million people. 

Jakarta is a fresh change of pace for the people of Indonesia, offering a higher standard of living compared to the poorer and underdeveloped parts of the country. The people of Jakarta have a rich culture that is displayed through the use of art and festivals. 


Moscow’s population as of 2022 has reached over 12 million residents. It serves as the largest city in Russia and is one of the largest capital cities in the world. It is the second most populous city in all of Europe. 

Russia’s turbulent history doesn’t seem to keep people from wanting to live in and visit the culturally rich city. Making Moscow a hot spot for tourism and one of the most visited cities in all of Europe. It’s also one of the coldest capital cities out there. So don’t forget to bundle up when you take a trip to Moscow. 

5 Best Places to Live in the USA

No matter where you’re from or where you live now, there is always going to be a debate throughout the United States as to where the best place is to live. People from every city will boast about their local restaurants, natural beauty, work environment, and anything else that will make their city more appealing to those that are thinking about moving there.

When it comes to the general consensus as to which places in the United States are the best to live, though, there are some that most experts agree upon. Whether it’s because they offer low housing prices and even lower crime rates or have a plethora of good-paying jobs and dozens of hiking trails, these towns and cities are the best that America has to offer. If you’re planning on relocating you and your family, here are the five best places to live in the USA.

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah Georgia has a lot to offer and is certainly one of the best destinations to call home in the USA. As of now, there are over 330,000 residents enjoying life in Savannah. If the allure of southern charm and great food isn’t enough to sway your decision, the charming southern city has a low cost of living, beautiful structures, a refreshing coastal scene, and a plethora of fun activities that might make the decision to relocate to the diverse city all that much easier. 

Rochester, Minnesota 

Rochester Minnesota might seem like an unassuming destination when you’re deciding where to call home. Still, the densely suburban city offers a quiet and homely place to make you feel comfortable and secure. Most of the residents own their homes, so you won’t feel cramped or necessarily have to share living space. Of course, another one of the perks of living in Rochester would be the natural scenery of the Midwest seasons. Rochester is full of beautiful parks you and your family can enjoy. Higher standards of living make the healthcare and education systems some of the best as well. 

Sioux Falls, South Dakota 

Like the previously mentioned midwest location, Sioux Falls South Dakota offers a comfortable and spacious suburban feel. With an affordable cost of living, it won’t be tough to find the perfect home in this quiet Midwest city. Low crime rates assure those who live there that the area is moderately safe and secure, which is especially important if you have little ones at home. Feeling safe and comfortable are arguably the most crucial factors when deciding on where to settle down. Along with safety, Sioux Falls is known for its excellent healthcare and education systems as well. 

Spokane, Washington

Spokane Washington delivers on providing a bustling city environment, while also having options to live a more quiet and serene life close to all the nature the northwest USA has to offer. It’s an ideal location for those who don’t want to settle on one lifestyle, or another and wants the best of both worlds. Although the city is big, residents don’t have to suffer the downside of big city life. If that’s not appealing enough, the state of Washington is incredibly beautiful with access to the rocky coast and excellent weather that changes depending on where you go. It’s the best US city for those who like variety and the power of choice. 

Tucson, Arizona 

Arizona is a popular destination for retirees and those seeking a thrilling, active lifestyle away from the inconvenience of summer humidity and winter snow. The dry, snow-free climate is unbeatable if you’re not a fan of the cold and snowy winter months or the sticky humid summer months elsewhere. Tucson has a growing food scene, full of authentic and homemade dishes served at culture-rich restaurants. There’s an abundance of parks, mountainous landscapes to hike, and a fabulous art scene. To top it all off, affordable housing makes it easy to find the place that best suits your needs without jumping through hoops. 

5 Things To Think About Before Starting Urban Exploration

While some people want to get in touch with nature and go hiking through the wilderness, there are plenty of us that appreciate manmade structures just as much and want to go urban exploring. From abandoned sports stadiums to underground tunnels, urban exploration offers a lot of great opportunities to see the history of humanity by visiting once-great structures that are no longer in use.

Many would think that you can simply grab a backpack and a bottle of water and start exploring, but there’s a lot more to it than that. You have to make sure that your trip is a safe one before going on your adventure. Whether you’re new to urban exploration or have made dozens of trips, here are five things that you need to know before you go on your next expedition. 

Tell People Where You’re Going

As seen in the popular movie 127 Hours, based on real-life events, it’s crucial to inform others where you’re headed before you begin any sort of exploration. You can contact family, friends, or anyone who cares about your well-being, and let them know the exact or general area you’ll be exploring. Give them instructions to check in with you every so often and have a plan of what to do if they don’t hear from you after a certain period of time.

Bring Adequate Supplies

No matter where you’re going, having access to the proper supplies matters. It’s vital to survival, especially in the case of an emergency. Whether it’s medical supplies, filming equipment, food, water, toiletries, or backup energy batteries and communication devices, supplies are something you’ll regret not having. It’s better to bring too much than too little. If you must travel light, bring the necessities and be sure to go back to replenish supplies as needed. It will benefit you and those around you if you pack smart. 

Know The Area

Whether you’re going somewhere local, or somewhere completely foreign to you and those with you, it’s a good idea to have a map of the area. Even if you think you know the area like the back of your hand, you may not know all there is to know about an area. Bring an updated and recent map of the area you’re exploring so you don’t run into any confusion, or get lost. Getting lost in an unknown area can be incredibly dangerous. If you do get lost, a map can help you regain your heading, or at least give you an idea of where you are if you need to call for help and describe your location. 

Bring a Translator Device or Know the Language

If you’re taking your exploration to land that’s foreign to you, bringing a translation device will make your trip so much easier. It’s good to learn how to speak and understand at least the basics of a language foreign to you. If you aren’t confident in your abilities and want to make sure nothing gets lost in translation, a translation device will come in handy. Plenty of online retailers sell relatively inexpensive translator devices similar to a cell phone, or in earbud form that help translate spoken conversations back and forth. There are apps that can translate typed messages as well. 

Do NOT Trespass

It should be obvious, but trespassing is illegal and not very safe. Urban exploration is exciting and it’s hard not to get carried away and delve deeper into areas that are off-limits, usually for good reason. If you’re told to stay away from a specific area, it’s taped off, or even if an accessible area simply seems unsafe to you, don’t venture further and don’t take the risk. It won’t be worth it and you could end up getting injured, or disrupting the structure. Be smart and explore safely.