Decluttering Your Mind: 5 Simple Tips on Letting Go of Negative Thoughts

The day-to-day grind of life can be a lot for your brain as one thing always seems to stack on top of another. When this happens, our minds can get completely cluttered, only making the situation worse, as negative thoughts can start to creep in. Here are five simple tips on letting go of negative thoughts so that you can declutter your mind.

Distract yourself  

When your mind is clouded and racing with negative thoughts, sometimes all you need is a good distraction. Negative thoughts can weigh you down and greatly affect your mental, emotional, and even physical health. Distracting yourself with activities like television, music, spending time with friends, going for a walk, or doing something fun, or that keeps you focused, will help to ease your mind. Don’t focus too much on the fact you’re trying to let go of negative thoughts and try to immerse yourself in your distraction. 


What drives away negative thoughts? Well, positive thoughts and mediation of course. Reinforce positive self-talk and replace those negative thoughts with happier, more relaxed ones. Meditation can do wonders to clear your mind and rid it of thoughts that make your mind feel bogged down. Leaving you plenty of room to fill your mind with positive thoughts of self-love. Go to your most favorite, comfortable destination to seek peace and meditate. Practicing meditation when negative thoughts hit will help to control how it affects you. Soon enough, your mind will be full of positive, happy, and relaxing thoughts. 

Talk it Out 

Sometimes negative thoughts take so much space in our minds that getting them out is the only way to soothe our troubled minds. Bottling up your emotions is detrimental to your allover health. It’s important to seek support and trusted people in your life that you can vent to. Make sure whoever you confide in is comfortable with taking on your troubles. If you feel you don’t have enough support, therapy is a wonderful tool you can use to unravel your negative thoughts and find professionally recommended ways to cope. 

Self Care  

Self-care is extremely crucial to your well-being in all forms. Positive self-care can help rid you of negative thoughts and feelings by replacing them with cozy feelings. What better way to put your mind at ease than indulging yourself? Self-care can come in all forms. Going to the spa, getting your nails done, treating yourself to your favorite meal, taking a trip to your favorite place, or splurging on a well-deserved gift for yourself. Whatever it may be, the positive emotions you’ll feel will drive away the negative ones little by little, decluttering your mind and leaving space for happier thoughts. 

Remind Yourself That Thoughts Aren’t Facts 

When negative thoughts take over, it’s helpful to constantly remind yourself that your thoughts are not facts. Your negative thoughts and feelings do not determine who you are as a person. Negativity is an overwhelming feeling and you might begin to spiral into a depressive episode if the thoughts linger. That can result in feeling guilt and self-loathing for believing the thoughts, or thinking you’re responsible for them. Gentle reminders from yourself and others that they are simply thoughts and nothing more can help ease your mind and free you of any guilt you feel as a result of those negative thoughts. 

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