5 Apps For More Effective Learning And Study

Whether you’re in school or just trying to learn something new, study is an important part of life. Then again, tackling new ideas and concepts can be challenging. It always helps to have the right tools at hand.

Below, you’ll find five apps that can help with virtually every aspect of study. They’re great for students, and they can help just as much if you’re trying to learn on your own.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is the ultimate calculator. No matter your level of math, it can help. It can solve professional-grade problems, or help you with your algebra homework. You can use the calculator for free at the website. Or, you can use the mobile app.

In addition to being a calculator, Wolfram Alpha also contains countless resources that are intended to help you learn more about math and its applications.


Evernote is designed to be the only app you need for taking and managing notes. It is robust.

With this app, you can make notes from scratch very easily. You can clip anything you find on the internet to make an instant note. You can upload photos, write in the app, or create PDFs of handwritten notes.

On top of that, Evernote makes collaboration easy, so you can share notes with other students.


When it comes to learning new languages, there are a lot of options. Duolingo is probably the best for students. There is a free and paid version of Duolingo, but the free version is sufficient for most students.

Duolingo will teach you a new language from scratch, but it also works well as a supplemental tool for a foreign language class. The app matches your current level, and it provides extra practice and reinforcement that can help you master a new language in much less time.


Sometimes, you just need to master facts or pieces of information. For that, flashcards are a traditional tool. You can use them to review whatever facts are important, and with a little practice, those facts stick in your mind.

StudyBlue updates this concept to the digital age. The app has more flashcards than you can imagine, with countless decks of cards put together by students and instructors.

You can also create your own flashcards, and you can even create practice quizzes to help in your studies.


On the other hand, the challenge in some forms of study is writing. You might have to write papers or other formal pieces. 

Grammarly is a free tool (there is an even more powerful paid version) that helps you formalize writing correctly. It has a powerful spell and grammar checker. It can also automate citations, provide writing templates, make suggestions to improve the quality of your writing (such as reducing passive voice), and a whole lot more.

If Wolfram Alpha is the ultimate math tool, then this is the ultimate writing tool.

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