5 Awesome WordPress Plugins You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

If you’ve built a website using WordPress, you have undoubtedly installed some of the more popular plugins, possibly including Jetpack, Elementor, WPForms or some of the SEO plugins. However, there are over 50,000 WordPress plugins available with new ones being added every day. Here are five interesting and useful plugins you may not know about.

1. Enhanced Media Library

A lot of website developers use Media Library to upload images, videos and other media files. Enhanced Media Library takes the capability a step further. It improves your ability to organize and find media items by categorizing and tagging them. It comes with a number of useful shortcodes for front end categorization. Enhanced Media Library also uses filtering to facilitate searching and sorting.

The plugin was built for developers who have to deal with a large number of media files. It’s open-source, and it comes in both basic and PRO versions.

2. Custom Login Page Customizer

If your site requires users to log in, you may not be happy with a generic logic page that looks like everyone else’s. After all, every user sees it. To fix that, you can either custom code your own page, or you can use Custom Login Page Customizer. The plugin allows you to readily create a distinctive login page directly from the WordPress customizer. It’s easy to give your sign-on screen a professional look with your own logo, background images relevant to your website and whichever custom fonts you prefer.

3. Search Regex

Search Regex is a search and replace plugin that’s useful for updating your posts or, for that matter, any textual data anywhere on your site. If you find you’ve been spelling someone’s name wrong or calling a product by an inaccurate name, you can change it globally. You can find all instances of a phrase you want to remove. You can update text across image tags.

Search Regex is a powerful and invasive tool that makes modifications directly to your database. It’s recommended that you do a backup before initiating any site-wide changes.

4. Image Zoom

WP Image Zoom deals with those images that looked fine when you created them but are too small on your site. Your visitors can see what you originally intended by hovering over the portion of the image with a virtual magnifying glass. It’s good for panoramic pictures, large flowcharts and detailed spec sheets.

There are multiple zooming types, and the zoom image will follow the pointer with an elegant delay. The zoomed area fades in and out and makes the experience easy on the user’s eyes.

5. Image Hotspot

Image Hotspot is another plugin for image management. It allows you to add hotspots to images. This is particularly useful for displaying geographical maps and providing links to information about businesses and other locations on these maps. It’s also good for org charts, building schematics and any kind of image where you want the user to drill down for more information. It comes with a css for changing the background tooltip and text color.