5 Benefits of Sharing Your Secrets Anonymously

All of us have secrets, but sharing them with someone can be incredibly difficult. You want to make sure that your secret doesn’t get passed around through people that you know, so many people turn to the internet to share their secrets anonymously. There are countless websites where people post their secrets, but why do they do it?

It turns out there are several benefits to sharing your secrets anonymously that you might not have thought about. Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons that will make you want to register a burner account and start spilling the tea from your life.

Free of Embarrassment

Normally, sharing secrets can be extremely difficult and perhaps even embarrassing. Even if we share secrets with a trusted person, or someone we feel won’t judge us, there may be a lingering sense of shame. That’s why sharing your secrets anonymously can absolve a good portion of embarrassment and shame. 

Sometimes it doesn’t matter who we tell, it matters more that we are the ones telling it. Once we remove our identities from the situation, it can trick our brains into feeling as though we are not the owners of those secrets and that we are safe from any and all personal shame.  

Easier to Open Up

Sharing extremely private information and secrets is much easier to do under a cloak of anonymity. When you share things anonymously, your mind isn’t focused on the intricacies and awkwardness of directly speaking to another human being. You also rid yourself of the anxiety and fear of repercussions or consequences. 

Oftentimes, secrets are held deep within and surrounded by a sense of shame and fear. Even if we have no reason to be afraid of sharing our secrets, that fear can remain and is so powerful. Anonymity, in a sense, is like a security blanket and makes it easier to be vulnerable  

Family Troubles

It’s hard to believe that sharing your secrets anonymously may trigger a healthier response from complete strangers than if you share those same secrets with loved ones. A surprisingly common reason people would rather share secrets anonymously, or online, is fueled by the harsh judgment and criticism placed upon us by our own families and friends. 

Your loved ones have their own particular thoughts and feelings towards you and who you are. When new and shocking information comes to light, it’s not uncommon for the same people who love you to judge and shame you due to their own inability to cope. 

Release of Stress

It often feels good to vent to someone in person or over the phone you know, and it’s just as cathartic to do it in front of an audience that doesn’t know you and that you don’t know. Anonymous sharing of thoughts can be therapeutic in itself as it provides us an outlet where we can unburden ourselves from the shame or guilt of keeping it all inside. We don’t have to hold onto these negative emotions any longer, and can finally let go of the pain and move forward. 

Anonymous sharing also provides a platform for therapeutic advice from professionals who understand what you’re going through. Professionals such as therapists, counselors, or doctors can provide guidance and support while remaining private. This is especially helpful if you’re not comfortable discussing your thoughts in a public setting or with someone who knows you personally. 

Taboo Topics and Social Stigma

Some secrets may be stigmatized or taboo in certain cultures or societies. By sharing these secrets anonymously, individuals can help break down these stigmas and taboos and promote greater openness and acceptance of diverse experiences and perspectives.

These secrets often center around a family’s religious beliefs or what that person’s region considers to be “the norm.” You’ll be able to find like-minded people who are also stashing their secrets because they know that they’ll be shunned. Topics like sexuality, gender identity, or domestic abuse may be considered taboo in some societies, making it difficult for individuals to seek help or support.

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