5 Best League of Legends Players and Their Champions

League of Legends has been played by millions upon millions of people around the world, but it takes a special kind of talent to play the game on a professional level as those at the top are, for lack of a better term, freakishly good. From winning tournaments worth massive prize pools in the millions to garnering audiences on Twitch, League of Legends has a massive following and requires a lot of skill to be at the top. Let’s take a look at the best of the best, which champions they use, and how much they’ve won during their careers.

5. Perkz

Real Name: Luka Perkovic

Country of Origin: Croatia

Favorite LoL Champion: Ryze

Bio: Perkz is a Mid Laner that joined GSI Gaming shortly before it disbanded, signing with three different teams in 2015. Perkz finally found some stability when he signed with G2 Esports, and remained with the team for five years before heading to Cloud9 and eventually Team Vitality.

Perkz has accomplished a lot in his career, including winning a Mid-Season Invitational, League Championship Series, and a pair of Rift Rivals titles. However, his biggest feat has been winning the LEC eight times, including being named to the All-Pro Team four times.

4. Caps

Real Name: Rasmus Borregaard Winther

Country of Origin: Denmark

Favorite LoL Champion: Syndra

Bio: Caps became a professional League of Legends player in 2016 when he joined the Dark Passage team, and in the same year joined Fnatic. Since 2018, Caps has been a Mid Laner for the G2 Esports Team and a valuable part of the squad.

Caps has won the Rift Rivals championship twice and the TCL Championship and MSI Championship once each. The biggest accomplishment that he’s had thus far, though, is winning the League EMEA Championship an impressive seven times and has been a First-Team All-Pro in each of the events.

3. Uzi

Real Name: Jian Zihao

Country of Origin: China

Favorite LoL Champion: Vayne

Bio: Playing as a Bot Laner, Uzi started in the early days of League of Legends when he became a professional with Royal Club from 2012 to 2014. He would hop around to several teams between 2014 and 2016 before finally signing on with Royal Never Give Up for several years and eventually Bilibili Gaming in 2021.

Uzi would ultimately retire from professional gaming in 2020 due to health issues, but he was able to build quite a resume in League before doing so. Uzi was a two-time LPL Champion while also winning the Rift Rivals title and Mid-Season Invitational in 2018. He’s been the MVP of four major tournaments and a two-time All-Star 1v1 winner.

2. Smeb

Real Name: Smeb

Country of Origin: South Korea

Favorite LoL Champion: Rumble

Bio: Like Uzi, Smeb started playing League professionally back in 2012 and was part of the NAB Team, and has played for Incredible Miracle 1, ROX Tigers, and KT Rolster through his professional career before officially retiring in December 2020 after winning a long list of titles.

Prior to his retirement, Smeb had a long list of accomplishments during his LoL days. He won the KeSPA Cup in back-to-back years (2016 and 2017), while also winning two League Champions Korea titles. Smeb’s accomplishments allowed him to be an Olympic torch relay runner for his native South Korea in 2018.

1. Faker

Real Name: Lee Sang-hyeok

Country of Origin: South Korea

Favorite LoL Champion: Ryze

Bio: Faker is the biggest icon in all of professional League of Legends gaming, and started his career with T1 and has been with the squad ever since 2013, eventually becoming a part owner. Faker is referred to by most as the greatest player in the game’s history, with some referring to him as the Wayne Gretzky of LoL.

Faker is a 10-time winner of the League of Legends Korea championships, including three MVP titles. He’s also won the Mid-Season Invitational hosted by Riot Games twice, and won the world championship in 2013, 2015, and 2016.

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