5 Best WordPress Plugins For Sending Mail From Your Site

While those that casually browse the internet and don’t know its inner workings might not know it, WordPress is one of the pillars of the world wide web. It has allowed us to create countless websites, and these days you see nearly 700 new WordPress sites pop up to join the more than 400 million that already exist. If you’re using WordPress for ecommerce, there are a lot of tools available, especially when it comes to mailing. If you’re looking for the right one, try one of these five plugins that are rated as the highest.

5. Sendinblue

Clocking in with over 300,000 websites worldwide, Sendinblue is one of the newer services on the block, celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2022 after being founded by Armand Thiberge in Paris, France. Sendinblue has grown a lot since then, and is now handling over 140 million emails every day and over a quarter million text messages. The ratings are extremely high, as well, with satisfaction reaching scores of 9 out of 10 frequently.

4. HubSpot

As the name suggests, HubSpot is a plugin that offers more than one service, hence the “hub.” This CMS tool is free to try and has multiple email tools to use. This includes automated emails for sales, marketing, signatures and tracking. Hubspot’s platform is easy to use and is great if you’re running a small ecommerce site. For 1,000 contacts per month, you can expect to spend $45 (or $540 per year). For those that want a massive reach it runs up to $38,400 per year, as well as a plan for those in between at $800 per month for professional services..

3. WP Mail SMTP

Among the most used email plugins on WordPress is WP Mail SMTP, with over 2 million websites currently using the service. Of the thousands of reviews that WP Mail SMTP has received thus far, you’ll only find a handful that are below five stars. One of the biggest appeals of WP Mail SMTP is how easy it is to use. You can use any Gmail alias that you want when using SMTP and it only takes seconds to reach thousands of people.

2. MailPoet

MailPoet was once its own service, and a popular one on WordPress for merchants that has the capability of sending out mass emails to subscribers. In late 2020, MailPoet was acquired by WooCommerce, allowing the extension to grow even more. These days, about one-third of all ecommerce sites are using MailPoet and WooCommerce for their mailing. According to MailPoet, the open rates on their emails are a whopping 40 percent, giving you a massive and engaged reach.

1. Sumo

Sumo is essentially a do-all extension that has been regarded as being among the best for sending mail. With Sumo, you can send up to 10,000 emails each month…and that’s just on the free version. The premium upgrade allows you to do even more, and it’s worth the cost. Plans run from $29 to $119 per month depending on the size of your website. Since there is a lot to learn about Sumo, you’ll probably want to get in touch with their customer service. You’re in luck, though, as getting the help you need is free.

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