5 Celebrities Taking Action To Help The Environment

Celebrities have long been renowned for their influence, inspiring people to try new trends and helping fight for causes that matter. Recently, a number of A-list stars have taken it upon themselves to lead the way in fighting climate change and preserving the planet. Here are five celebrities who are doing their part to help protect our environment:

Leonardo DiCaprio

The Academy Award-winning actor is one of the most prominent global environmental activists. He always takes an active role in many environmental issues, whether taking part in protests or delivering speeches on the subject. As an advocate for sustainability, he worked with various organizations including The Oceanic Preservation Society, The World Wildlife Fund, and International Fund For Animal Welfare (IFAW). In 2018 he produced a documentary film “Before The Flood” which won numerous awards.

Ariana Grande

Ariana has always been vocal about environmental issues, even before she became a world-famous pop star. She frequently speaks out against forest destruction and animal cruelty at her concerts and public events. In 2019 she joined forces with her manager Scooter Braun to launch her fragrance line called Thank U Next, through which they donate all profits from sales to Global Green USA – an organization dedicated to protecting the environment by implementing green initiatives all over the world.

Emma Thompson

The award-winning British actress is both an activist for human rights and for a cleaner environment. Emma co-founded “Lights Out London” which eventually grew into a movement of thousands across Great Britain encouraging citizens to turn off their lights after dark as a symbolic act of solidarity against light pollution destroying wildlife habitats and disturbing ecosystems around the world. Apart from being active on social media platforms raising awareness, she has also been seen marching alongside other Extinction Rebellion protestors in London last year advocating government action on climate change.

Georgie Badiel

Georgie is a supermodel from Burkina Faso who founded “GloWater Foundation” – an initiative that helps finance wells in rural areas where drinking water may not be available due to lack of technology or harsh climates affecting normal infrastructure building efforts. Her goal was both to provide clean water for local people but also reduce plastic bottle consumption thus helping cut back on plastic waste production in those areas.

Al Gore

Former Vice President Al Gore has been an advocate for sustainability since 2000 when he founded “The Climate Reality Project”. Through this initiative he successfully worked towards changing policies worldwide supporting sustainable modern energy solutions such as solar panels or wind turbines, resulting in fewer emissions released into the atmosphere. More recently he partnered with Google in creating “ClimateTrends” – a platform designed to inform citizens about how their actions can help combat global warming while empowering them through positive engagement towards joining relevant movements like Earth Hour or reforestation efforts across various countries.

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