5 Conspiracies That Are Fully Documented and Verified

Most of the time when somebody comes up with a conspiracy theory, we tend to dismiss them immediately and think that they might be teetering toward the crazy side. Anybody can come up with a conspiracy theory that would be nearly impossible to disprove, but very rarely can a conspiracy actually be proven.

From Bigfoot to rigged sports games and Elvis to the moon landing, there are a ton of conspiracies that many believe to be true but have never been proven. Then, there are those rare cases where a conspiracy theory did indeed turn out to be a reality, leaving many of us in shock. Here are five of those cases in which a conspiracy was fully documented and verified.

Cigarettes and the Link to Cancer

These days, it’s common knowledge that cigarettes lead to a massive increase in cancer risks, but the public wasn’t made aware of that for quite some time. While millennials and gen z’ers have only known a world in which smoking is taboo, it wasn’t until the 1990s that tobacco companies admitted the link between cigarettes and cancer.

The original research came out more than 40 years prior, though, but big tobacco was able to cover up the fact that their products caused cancer. Many had their theories that there was a cover-up, and now cigarette companies are forced to put cancer warnings on their products.

Weather Control

Weather is a naturally occurring phenomenon, though it can certainly be swayed into doing things that we want it to do. There had been theories that the CIA launched a project that could control the weather in Vietnam by creating rain, and it turned out to be 100 percent true. The project was called Operation Popeye, with Henry Kissinger signing off on the government’s attempt to modify the weather by extending monsoon season on the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

The CIA felt that increasing the rainfall on the trail would cut off the limited roadways in Vietnam, causing the north to not get the supplies that they needed. It wasn’t until deep into the Vietnam War that the plans were revealed after they had been used for five years, with rainmaking coming to an end in July 1972. The act of creating rain is now illegal.

Nazis Worked For The US Government

There were some very powerful people in the Nazi Germany regime that suddenly went missing following the conclusion of World War II. Many of them were never tried for their crimes, and people theorized about where these people ended up. A lot of them fled to South America, while more than 1,500 landed jobs with the United States government.

The US brought in these Germans that were at the top of their fields in science, tech, and engineering. It was called Operation Paperclip and lasted through the 1950s. People in the US knew that there were a handful of Nazis that were part of the program, but it wasn’t until the 1970s that the public learned about the true size of the program.

Cuban Air Scare

Airplanes being hijacked has always been a massive fear for people throughout aviation, and it was brought to a head in the 1960s thanks to Operation Northwoods. The CIA led several false flag hijackings to drum up support against Cuba by blaming the hijackings on their government.

Then-president John F. Kennedy was vehemently against the proposals of Operation Northwoods, and it remained a secret for decades. The documents were made public in the late 1990s as part of the government records that surrounded Kennedy’s assassination in 1963.

MK Ultra

One of the most well-known attempted coverups in the history of the CIA happened between 1953 and 1973 in the form of Project MKUltra, which attempted to brainwash people while also causing psychological damage. MK Ultra was an interrogation tactic that included the use of psychoactive drugs, abuse, and complete isolation that was considered to be torture.

It wasn’t until two years after the project was complete that the details of Project MK Ultra were revealed, with the final documents being declassified in 2001. What was even the goal of the project? To develop mind control drugs to use on foreign enemies as the United States felt that other countries were already using these tactics.

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