5 Countries With Surprising Laws To Watch Out For When Travelling The Globe

No matter where you go, even if you’re in the town that you’ve lived your whole life in, you aren’t expected to know every law. Every place has their weird and intricate laws that might sound made up at first until you have a fine in your hand. Some of them might sound weird to us, but are taken very seriously where enforced. If you plan on traveling, here are some countries that have surprising laws that you should watch out for as a tourist.

5. Indonesia

If you’ve been holding it in while on a flight to Indonesia and make a beeline to the bathroom upon landing, make sure that you flush the public toilet. That’s because it’s illegal to not do so in the country. Certain members of the police in Indonesia make it their job to inspect public toilets, so don’t get caught being a flush-skipper.

4. Countries without Alcohol

Many of us partake in a few adult beverages when we travel, but there are certain countries where that’s not going to happen. In fact, you shouldn’t even try as the penalties are much more severe than you might think. Some of the larger countries that have alcohol bans include India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Sudan and Saudi Arabia. For some countries, non-Muslim tourists are still permitted to drink, so always check the laws before heading there.

3. France

One of the most common hobbies that people partake in while on vacation is hopping into the ocean or pool to go for a swim. If you’re heading to France, though, you may be a little more scantily clad than you anticipated. That’s because since 1903, France has had a law that says men must wear tight fitting swimwear, claiming that it’s more hygienic that way. You can still wear your larger Bermuda shorts when walking around, but get ready to show some skin when getting into the water.

2. Italy

Italy has a lot of rules for tourists that can result in pesky fines, but one of the most interesting ones comes from the tourist destination city of Venice. Apparently, too many tourists were visiting the city without eating at local restaurants, instead opting to bring their own snacks and eat in the street. Because of this, Venice has banned outdoor eating during certain hours of the day. Now, there’s a fee of around $3 to $10 depending on the day just to wander the street.

1. Singapore

Chewing gum is one of those things that westerners just consider to be part of life and, for many, a daily ritual. In fact, about 50 percent of people in the United States chew gum, but don’t try bringing in too much of your own. While the country outright banned non-medical chewing gum over 30 years ago, they have loosened up on the rules, since. However, it remains that Singapore doesn’t like people spitting out their gum, and you can face a hefty fine if you don’t discard your used gum in a trash can. They like things very clean in Singapore, and you’ll pay a large sum if you don’t do your part.

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