5 Essential Tips To Manage The Stress Of College

College offers lots of benefits and rewards in life, but it can be rife with stress. For many students, college is the first time they will be away from home. This can feel scary and stressful.


For other students, the stress of college has to do with the desire to get good grades. Ambitious college students are more likely to put demands on themselves that lead to feelings of stress.


Some students feel stress at college because of peer pressure. There are feelings of wanting to fit in and make new friends.


Whatever the reason, there are effective ways to manage the stress of college. Here are five ways to cut down on stress during the college years.


1. Get Exercise


Physical health is closely related to mental health. It’s easy to become lazy in college. After all that mental excursion in class, you may just want to sit around and watch TV. But being lazy can lead to feelings of stress.


Instead, make sure you get some form of exercise every day. After classes, enjoy a long, leisurely walk on campus. Consider taking an exercise class or going for a swim. It will do you good!


2. Be Social


When you’re feeling stressed out, you may think you won’t be good company. But being around friends is a good way to de-stress. You can talk to your friends about feelings of stress. You’ll probably discover that your friends feel the same way, and this can actually make you feel better. Knowing that you’re not alone in your feelings of stress can be a big relief. You and your friends can get through it together.


3. Seek Counseling


If you’re feeling really stressed and can’t seem to come out of it, seek counseling. Most colleges have trained counselors on staff to help students dealing with stress. Go to the administrative offices and find out what resources your college offers. Trained professionals will understand your feelings and help you to learn how to overcome stress.


4. Find an Outlet


Many feelings of stress are actually negative emotions that build up inside. If you can find a way to release those negative emotions, you may feel more relaxed.


Some people release stress by taking up physical hobbies like running or boxing. Others find that dancing is a great outlet. Just be sure to avoid dangerous vices like alcohol and drugs to relieve stress. Substance abuse will quickly lead to its own set of problems. Find an outlet that isn’t addictive and that doesn’t harm your body.


5. Tell Your Parents


Sometimes stress comes from parental expectations. If this is you, try talking to your parents about it. Tell them that you feel they have high expectation. Explain that this is making your feel more stressed than is healthy. After an honest chat, chances are you’ll feel better.


Use these five essential tips to manage the stress of college, and everything will be easier from here on out.