5 Essential Tips To Survive The Coming Zombie Apocalypse

While zombies have been popular since the early 19th century, the thought of a zombie apocalypse really started to hit the mainstream thanks to horror films of the late 1960s and early 1970s. George Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead” had a lot of us thinking about what we would do if zombies were all of a sudden roaming the Earth, and possible scenarios have only become more detailed thanks to shows like “The Walking Dead” and movies like “Zombieland”.

So let’s say that you get an alert on your mobile phone that says the zombie apocalypse is starting. How would you survive? Thankfully we have some tips that you must follow if you’re going to survive the coming zombie apocalypse.

1. Stock Up On Preserved and Canned Foods 

One thing we humans are used to in the modern world is convenience. You can order food, groceries, and other goods online and have them at your front door in no time. That’s a luxury of the past once the world is overrun by flesh-eating, brain-hungry zombies. 

Stocking up on canned, dried, preserved, foods is essential when planning the long-term survival of you and your family. Another helpful and even more long-term survival method would be learning how to grow and harvest your own crops when the shelf-stable food supplies begin running dry. 

2. Have A Water Supply

Clean water surprisingly isn’t even a luxury for everyone in today’s world, but it’s a highly essential part of our survival. Ingesting contaminated water poses many risks to a person’s health, like parasites, disease, and of course the contamination caused by the infected slew of zombies roaming about. Having access to clean, zombie-free water is a must for drinking, bathing, cooking, and providing your crops with nourishment.  

3. Have An Emergency Kit

The world is already a pretty dangerous place as it is and emergency situations will still arise in the midst of the impending zombie apocalypse. Having a kit full of emergency supplies is always a good idea and even more so in a truly harrowing situation, like being wounded while you’re surrounded by vicious zombies. Bandages, wound disinfectants, tourniquets, medications, and weapons, would all make great additions to your emergency kit.  

4. Travel Light

Whether you prefer to stay on the move, or you’re given the daunting task of going out on a supply run, it’s important to learn to travel light and undetected. If it’s a short trip, only bring the essentials in case of emergency and a weapon for protection.  

If it’s a longer trek, you may be faced with the difficult choice of leaving certain supplies behind and only bringing the items you find to be most important for survival. Preserved foods, water storage, devices to purify water, a weapon, essential medical supplies, one extra pair of clothing and footwear, and possibly a form of communication (if available), would be some of the important items to take with you. Work with your surroundings to blend in and make careful movements to avoid making too much unnecessary noise. 

5. Don’t Take Risks

The famous phrase “it’s better to be safe than sorry” rings true when the world and everyone in it is up against a devastating infectious disease. Take precautions by washing hands regularly, bathing, ingesting only clean food and water, and keeping your distance from infected, sickly, or deceased animals and humans. You can never be too careful in that type of situation. It’s important to be vigilant in detecting potential risks and keeping healthy practices. 

We’ve already had a few prime examples throughout human history when it comes to infectious diseases and how to stay away. Everything form the plague to COVID-19 has shown just how fast some diseases can spread, so consider the pandemic of the early 2020s to be practice.

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