5 Famous Figures Who Are Making A Difference In The World

The world today is filled with many incredible and inspiring people who are doing remarkable things. From celebrities to everyday citizens, these individuals have made it their mission to make a difference in the world. Here are five of the most influential figures who are making huge strides in making the world a better place.

Malala Yousafzai

At just 18 years old, Malala Yousafzai rose to fame after surviving a Taliban attack for her outspoken activism for girls’ education. In recognition of her bravery, she was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize and has since become an ambassador for girls’ education around the world. She’s also written numerous books on the subject of education and even started her own nonprofit organization called the Malala Fund which works to provide access to safe, quality education for every girl in the world.


Bono is known around the world as an award-winning singer-songwriter and frontman for U2, but he’s also an incredible humanitarian working hard to fight global poverty and inequality. He co-founded DATA (Debt AIDS Trade Africa) which lobbies governments to take action against poverty and disease in Africa, as well as ONE Campaign which focuses on ending extreme poverty through grassroots campaigns across Europe and America. Bono has also traveled extensively around the world speaking out against corruption and injustice while advocating for human rights and economic development initiatives.

Muhammad Yunus

Muhammad Yunus is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of social enterprise with his creation of microcredit loans that allow people living in poverty to start small businesses that can eventually lift them out of poverty. He won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 for creating Grameen Bank which provides low-interest loans without collateral requirements or high-interest rates often found with traditional lending institutions like banks. Each microloan borrower receives training from Grameen Bank which helps them become self-reliant entrepreneurs so they can generate sustainable income that allows them to improve their family’s standard of living over time.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie isn’t just one of America’s most recognizable actresses, she’s also an avid philanthropist who works tirelessly to help those affected by war and conflict throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America get back on their feet again by providing financial assistance through her Jolie Foundation as well as emotional support through various refugee aid programs such as Global Action For Children (GAC). She uses her international platform not only to bring attention to important issues facing millions around the globe but also actively works towards solutions that will bring real change to these communities once forgotten by governments across developed countries worldwide.

Bill Gates

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is probably best known for his philanthropic efforts rather than his tech giant empire—from donating millions towards global health initiatives with his foundation The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, supporting educational initiatives across America through his College Ready Education Program or recently funding research into climate change initiatives through Breakthrough Energy Ventures — Bill Gates knows how much power money can wield when used correctly and positively impacting people’s lives around the planet.

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