5 Footballers Who Gave The Most Entertaining Post-Match Interviews

The post-match interview feels like a dreaded chore to some footballers, but others find it as exhilarating as any athletic pursuit. Some of the world’s best players use this platform as a chance to show off their distinctive personalities. From self-deprecating humor to dry wit and sarcasm, these five players are even more entertaining to watch after they leave the field:

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

This slick striking Swede always has something on his mind after a match — whether it’s disdain for the referees, his opponents — or sometimes, even his teammates.

One notable Zlatan moment saw the gregarious Manchester United star prodding teammate Paul Pogba over his hesitancy to pass the ball Ibrahimovic’s way. Pogba took it all in stride and was eventually forced to pass one thing Zlatana’s way: his Premier League Man of the Match award.

David Luiz

Former Chelsea and Arsenal star David Luiz can make even the most boring post-match interview entertaining. One particular conference found Luiz trapped between Frank Lampard and Fernando Torres. As the two droned on in a sleep-inducing tone, Luiz tried his best to bring some lightheartedness to the proceedings through non-verbal expressions. After nearly three minutes, Luiz was finally allowed to speak, with his only words being an exuberant “Come on Chelsea!” as he threw his arms around his teammates.

Mohammad Anas

During a very heartfelt and sincere acceptance of his Man of the Match Award, Free State Stars striker Mohammad Anas had an unfortunate slip of the tongue. While thanking his fans, Anas also thanked “my wife, and my girlfriend.” Anas quickly attempted to correct himself, but at that point he had already gone viral throughout the world. Thankfully, his speaking error didn’t lead to a red card at home, as Anas is still happily married.

Erling Haaland

Sometimes an interview is made more entertaining by what isn’t said. Case in point: Erling Haaland — the Manchester City striker who refuses to elaborate when asked inane questions about what makes him great. Ironically, when the striker finally did speak up during his first Premier League post-match interview, he let slip some profanity that quickly got him reprimanded by the interviewer (but that fans enjoyed nonetheless).

Michail Antonio

Sky Sports couldn’t help themselves from exposing the planned celebration of West Ham forward Michail Antonio after he set the club’s Premier League scoring mark. When the interviewers showed Antonio stashing a cardboard cutout of himself in the crowd, the gig was up — and Antonio had no choice but to have a laugh about the whole thing.

When asked if he could stay atop the Premier League scoring table, Antonio remarked “Obviously!” Given his penchant for memorable goal celebrations, this won’t be the last time everyone has a laugh over his pitch antics.

There’s no denying that the best footballers are as comedically gifted as they are athletically capable. There’s no better opportunity to get a sense of this than with the post-match interview, which should be essential viewing for every true football fan.

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