5 Forge of Empires Tips Even Experienced Players Don’t Know

Forge of Empires strategies can take years to learn, resulting in many missteps along the way. By tapping into the wealth of knowledge online, however, you can skip straight to creating a truly successful cityscape. To help you get started, here are five tips that even experienced players don’t know.

A Top-Tier Guild Makes All the Difference

A top-tier guild is key to getting your hands on all the goodies from the start, such as:

  • An income boost from your Town Hall
  • Get more late-age goods and blueprints
  • Higher rewards from Level 4 Guide Expeditions
  • Ability to effectively level your Great Buildings

Active guilds also have many experienced players willing to share their wisdom and lend a hand.

Find a guild by looking in the global list for all the top-ranked, non-GvG guilds. Confirm that they’re active and a good fit for you by reviewing the guild profile. Review their entrance requirements and then apply if you qualify.

Focus on Getting Excellent Great Buildings

Great Buildings can significantly change how you build your city and play the game as a whole. So, it’s worth using your Forge Points to pay for all the goods you need to build these entities.

The most important buildings you’ll want include:

  • The Arc increases the contribution rewards earned from supporting Great Buildings owned by other players and generates valuable goods every 24 hours.
  • The Innovation Tower increases the population of your city and provides Forge Points that you can collect on a daily basis.
  • The Temple of Relics boosts your chance of finding relics during Guild Expeditions, making your Level 3 and 4 sessions even more profitable.

Find the Great Buildings that will support your playing style most by looking at their boosts. If you want to increase your chance of finding blueprints, you need the Rain Forest Project. Prefer a fighting boost? Go with the Statue of Zeus or Castel del Monte.

Aim to Win Special Buildings from Events

Events are the only way to get your hands on special buildings like the Antiques Dealer, Oceanic Terminal, and Friends Tavern. These buildings offer more rewards than regular Great Buildings, making them a must if you want to truly excel at this game.

To participate in the events, you must first unlock Cultivation, a Bronze Age technology. Then, watch for event announcements and clear your schedule to ensure you can complete all the quests needed for each reward.

Only Use Your Diamonds on Expansions

If you end up buying diamonds, don’t use them on Forge Points, premium buildings, or missing goods and blueprints. They’re only really good for expansions, which increase the footprint of your city. All the rest of the items can be acquired by simply letting time go by.

Patience is a Must—Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride

Speaking of time, plan to take your time with this game to get the full gaming experience. Every step of the journey is worth savoring, especially in the early stages when you’re building your foundation.

If you try to rush through, you’ll only get frustrated. Building up enough points and goods takes time to complete, although it will speed up a bit as you put Great Buildings to work for your city.

Use these five tips to get your city going in Forge of Empires. Then, chat with your guildmates to learn even more tips and tricks on how to keep your cityscape growing and thriving through the ages. Before you know it, you’ll be the one sharing tips with the newbies and helping everyone enjoy this fun game to the fullest.

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