5 Hacks To Keep Your Toilet And Bathroom Fresh – Even If You Have A Large Family

Bathrooms can quickly become quite gross when not regularly cleaned, particularly when you have a number of members of the family using the same space. Finding tricks and hacks to keep it clean and smelling fresh can keep your entire living space healthier and reduce your stress levels.

If spending hours every week cleaning the bathroom sounds like a nightmare, we have 5 quick tricks you can use to keep your bathroom cleaner, regardless of how many people use it on a daily basis.

Break cleaning down into small, manageable tasks

There are a number of tasks involved in thoroughly cleaning a bathroom, from cleaning the toilet and sink and showers to mopping the floor and emptying the wastebasket. However, when you look at each task individually, they tend to be quick. You can likely wipe down the sink in 5-10 minutes. Emptying the wastebasket only takes a minute. Cleaning the shower might take 20 minutes.

Rather than trying to do everything at once, break down the tasks involved in maintaining the bathroom into manageable chunks. Then, take about 20 minutes a day to do at least some of those chunks. This keeps it from being overwhelming and turns the maintenance into something you can do quickly before lunch.

Involve children in the cleaning process

You are not the only one using the bathroom, so there is no reason you have to be the only one cleaning it. Involve the children in the cleaning. If you do not want them using heavy chemicals, then you can still have them empty the wastebasket or wipe the sink regularly to keep it clear of toothpaste. 

Make sure the toilet stays clean and the wastebasket empty

The toilet and the wastebasket are two big offenders in bathrooms when it comes to maintaining cleanliness, so make these your priorities. Try to make it a regular practice to empty the wastebasket 2-3 times a week to keep garbage from building up and smelling. Similarly, taking 10 minutes and cleaning out the toilet regularly to prevent buildup. This will greatly help you keep the bathroom more sanitary and usable.

Simplify tasks whenever possible

Give yourself a break whenever possible by making tasks a little easier. For example, get machine-washable floor mats that you can toss in with your other laundry on laundry day. Cleaning the floor mat will help prevent musty smells and if it can go right into the laundry, it will not feel like another chore. Similarly, a machine-washable shower curtain can help keep the shower fresh without feeling like you have to add another item to your to-do list. 

Make sure everyone uses the fan while showering

Bathrooms are incredibly moist environments thanks to people regularly running hot showers. These moist environments can then breed mold if they do not get cleaned regularly. A simple flick of the fan switch, however, can reduce the amount of moisture and therefore mold. You will, of course, still need to clear out the walls of your shower to prevent buildup, but making sure everyone in the family runs the fan while showering can definitely make it easier to keep the bathroom smelling fresh and not musty.

Bathrooms are critical parts of your home, but it can be a challenge to keep them clean, particularly when many people use the same space. These hacks, however, can help you keep your bathroom cleaner and smelling fresh.