5 Internet Memes That Will Live On Forever

The internet wouldn’t be what it is today without the use of memes. As time has gone on, memes are seen as more of a form of communication and expression of self than a standard text or email. They’re funny, they’re creative, and most are just fun to look at. Throughout the history of memes, many have left the world’s collective mind almost as soon as they became popular.

Then, there are those rare memes that transcended the internet and hit mainstream pop culture. These are the memes that can be used in just about any situation, with people wearing shirts, hats, and more with these memes on them. Without further ado, we present five internet memes that will surely live on forever, even long after the internet has been wiped out from human history.

Woman Yelling at a Cat 

Twitter user @MISSINGEGIRL first posted the famous meme in 2019, using a still image of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong and Kyle Richards from the episode “Malibu Beach Party from Hell” for the left portion of the meme and a Canadian cat named Smudge found on Tumblr for the right portion of the meme. 

Armstrong is seen crying and pointing, while Richards holds her back. The meme makes it look like the confused cat, who is sitting at a dinner table with a salad, is the focus of Armstrong’s frustration. Making for a fun and easily manipulated meme that people can’t get enough of. 

Distracted Boyfriend

A classic meme that will live on forever is the Distracted Boyfriend meme, born from a stock photo taken by Antonio Guillem in Catalonia Spain. Guillem wanted to capture a fun depiction of infidelity through the use of the three models seen in the photo. 

The man in the photo is seen looking back in an over-expressive and almost comedic way at a woman walking past him and his girlfriend on the street, who looks at him with a dramatic look of disbelief and disgust. The meme rose to popularity in 2017 and has been a fan-favorite ever since. 

Crying Jordan

The story behind the picture may not be all that funny, but the internet has taken a picture of Michael Jordan crying and turned it into a hilarious meme that will definitely stand the test of time. The photo of basketball legend Michael Jordan was taken by New Times Photographer Stephan Olvera and features Jordan crying in the middle of his induction to the Basketball Hall of Fame. A legend himself, this meme may live on in the same right. 

Kermit and Evil Kermit 

There’s a surprising amount of memes featuring Kermit the frog and one that’s particularly entertaining is the Evil Kermit meme.  The image is a still taken from the “Muppets Most Wanted” movie where Kermit is talking to his nemesis Constantine who is dressed in a black cloak, similar to a Sith Lord. 

Twitter user @aaannnnyyyyaaaa posted a screenshot of good and evil Kermit. The internet fell in love with the meme where captions depict thoughts of good Kermit and evil Kermit, resulting in hilarious and relatable memes. The formula behind the meme and the fact that Kermit is meme gold ensures this meme isn’t going anywhere. 

This Is Fine

One of the cutest and most relatable memes is the “This is Fine” dog, taken from the webcomic strip “On Fire” in 2013. It shows a human-like cartoon dog at a table enjoying his coffee, saying “this is fine”, while the room around him is engulfed in flames. 

Essentially portraying the sarcastic calm one has when attempting to keep it together while everything around them is chaos. It’s because of this, it makes for a hilariously relatable meme that the internet can’t get enough of. 

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