5 Most Expensive Dog Breeds In The World

Almost everyone loves dogs whether they have one or not. After all, almost 40 percent of homes in the United States have at least one dog, with a strong share of just about every breed imaginable. We all know that owning a dog isn’t cheap, costing around $1,800 per year with vet visits, food and more. What are the most expensive dog breeds, though? Here are the five costliest. Note: This list is in no particular order, also, as prices vary greatly by region. Naturally, there’s no MSRP on a dog.

5. Chow Chow

When you think of fluffy dogs, one of the first breeds that comes to mind is the Chow Chow. A breed that’s native to China, Chow Chows are very sturdy and large dogs that are ideal for families due to their loyalty and ability to protect. Chow Chows require a lot of grooming, which can help rack up the bill for keeping one quickly over its lifespan of about 12 years. At the very lowest, it costs around $1,000 per year to raise a Chow Chow. However, most find themselves paying $2,300 just to obtain one and spending around $3,200 per year.

4. Samoyed

Affectionately referred to as “Sammies,” the Samoyed is one of the most beautiful looking dogs no matter their age. Samoyeds hail from the Siberian region of Russia and are a medium sized breed that grows to around 20 inches in height. Mainly pure white in their coats, Sammies are also one of the most requested dogs for breeders. Getting a Samoyed isn’t overly expensive at around $1,000, but some can be up to $3,000. The average cost per year runs between $750 to $3,600.

3. Afghan Hound

Afghan Hounds are among the most identifiable breeds because of their unique coats and tails. These gorgeous dogs are large, but not very thick compared to those that are in the same height class. Coming in many different colors, Afghans have long legs and live for about 12 years on average. Getting an Afghan from a breeder runs about $1,000 and the yearly costs tend to fall between $2,000 and $3,000.

2. Tibetan Mastiff

One of the largest dog breeds in the world, the Tibetan Mastiff is also majestic and speedy. Keeping itself warm with a double coat, these dogs can thrive in harsh conditions and are used to doing work while also having a longer lifespan than most others of its size. Naturally, these dogs love to eat, so get ready to spend a lot on food. These boys are expensive as puppies, costing up to $5,000 from a breeder and $1,500 as a rescue while also adding $2,500 to $4,000 in yearly costs.

1. Shikoku

Not to be confused with the very similar looking Shiba Inu, the Shikoku is one of just a handful of dogs that are native to Japan. The Shikoku is a blend of several other breeds including Great Danes and St. Bernard’s, making them a very powerful and sought after dog. Standing at around 20 inches tall, Shikokus are a medium size dog that require a lot of care. A puppy from a breeder is around $4,000 with yearly costs reaching north of $3,000 on the lower end.

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