5 Most Extreme Escape Rooms For Hardcore Fans

No two escape rooms are exactly the same, with some being very tame and aimed at beginners while others are so extreme that you have to sign a waiver. Hardcore escape room fans have likely seen the most extreme options in their area, so if you fall in this category and want to branch out for a road trip, there are some escape rooms that will test your patience and sanity.

These escape rooms have insanely low success rates and offer outside factors that will have you hitting the panic button faster than you think. If you’re brave enough, check out these five most extreme escape rooms for only the most hardcore fans.

The Basement (Los Angeles, California)

This escape room is not for the faint of heart. The Basement, located in Los Angeles, California, features a devilish escape room where participants have been kidnapped by the cannibalistic serial killer, Edward Tandy. 

Set in his dead mother’s home, the sadistic, flesh-hungry, and psychotic Tandy gives you clues to help solve the scavenger hunt like puzzles to aid in your escape. The room has a slim 12.5% success rate with extreme difficulty and cryptic clues. Once you’ve collected all of the items, you can escape the crazy Tandy and breathe a sigh of relief. 

The Torture Chamber (Elk Grove, California)

The Torture Chamber in Elk Grove, California paints a grizzly picture. You and your team are trapped inside the torture chamber of notorious serial killer, the American River Killer. He’s killed before and you’re his next set of victims. The previous victim used her last bit of strength to leave clues and hints to aid in your escape. 

The sadistic killer has left for exactly 60 minutes and you must utilize every minute and every tool, no matter how small and unassuming, to help you escape before you suffer the same fate as the others. 

The 13th Gate Escape (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

Voted the #1 escape room in the US, The 13th Gate Escape in Baton Rouge, Louisiana features a great selection of rooms with differing themes, difficulties, and fear factors. Like the Tomb of Anubis, Death Row, and Cutthroat Cavern. One of the most notable is the terrifying Asylum Room, with intermediate difficulty and an extreme fear factor. 

The haunting story behind the room is surrounded by death. Dr. Victor Delacroix is said to have performed sickening experiments on patients of the Avery Island Asylum, a tuberculosis hospital in the early 1900s. After his death, the hospital of horrors was shut down, but mysterious and haunting activities still go on inside the tattered walls. You and your team go check it out and you’re all trapped inside. You must work to escape within the 60-minute time frame.  

Bates Motel Escape Rooms (West Chester, Pennsylvania)

Based on the fictional Bates Motel series, this escape room in West Chester Pennsylvania brings it all to life. They feature detailed rooms, with CGI, lighting, and sound effects. Along with mysterious hidden doorways and clues that require attentiveness and critical thinking. If you manage to pull it together in the 60 minutes you have to figure out the puzzle room, you and your team can escape unscathed.  

Trap Door Escape Room’s ‘Fear The Bogeyman’ (Bartonsville, Pennsylvania)

Located in Bartonsville Pennsylvania, Fear The Bogeyman escape room features you and your team playing as paranormal investigators seeking the whereabouts of children abducted by the Bogeyman. The intense action will make it challenging to keep your wits about you for the 60 minutes you have to solve the puzzles and save the unfortunate souls taken by the mysterious entity who is actually in there with you. It takes the fear factor to another level and makes this escape room a must. 

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