5 Most Luxurious Notebooks Under $100

According to science, writing pen to paper stimulates your brain. It unleashes your inner power to create. Interestingly, fumbling over your laptop keys at 2AM doesn’t do that. A beautiful notebook can make you feel something and get onto paper all those ideas you know you have inside.

With that in mind, we’ve discovered 5 notebooks that serve that purpose for under $100. Which one speaks to you?

1. Double Dragon Leather Journal with Precious Stone Notebook

This notebook contains a bold brass C-clasp. Because why not? 

This personalized notebook comes with a front center stone like amethyst or lapis lazuli. 240 pages of lined, plain, or vintage paper go into your leather-bound embossed dragon book.

Claim it with your initials, name, or an inscription for a little extra. 

Still less than $100, by the way.

2. Harris Tweed Notebook

In contrast to the less vegan-friendly choice above, you could get a notebook handwoven in Scotland. 

Choose from a variety of pastel and true plaids, hound teeth, and herringbone. 

It has 46 pages. But when you run out of paper, no worries. It’s refillable with cheap, standard notebook paper.

So wherever your heart takes you, write it down.

3. Embossed Crocodile Print on Cowhide Notebook

When you want to keep it classy, go for the crocodile print.

These sophisticated notebooks are made from real Italian leather with a protective finish to help your creativity-boosting notebook last longer.

But, hey, all notebooks you actually use will show some wear after a while. Own those scratches and scuffs.

They may even give you your superpowers.

4. Bel Fiore Beautiful Flower Italian Soft Leather Notebook

When you’re looking for true inspiration, channel the spirit of spring.

Renew your passion for what it is you do through the energy that brings new growth and flowers everywhere each year. 

These are made of supple Italian leather and are made to order.

The floral prints came from an old print shop in Florence, Italy. A local artist there hand-paints those designs on each notebook just for you.

5. Extra Large Tree Of Life Leather Notebook

Sometimes you just need to go big or go home. This notebook would work best if you do work from home because it will take up a whole side table.

It’s the perfect size for open display in the home or office. You can get it even bigger if you want to spend a little over $100.

Luxurious Notebooks Under $100

To spend or not to spend upwards of $100 on a notebook — that is the question.

You know what. Whether your new luxury notebook demonstrates you value yourself or it helps you create more value at work, you’re worth it.

Don’t be afraid to spend a little more, so you can work in a notebook that brings you joy.