5 Most Memorable Contestants on Love is Blind

Love Is Blind is an innovative reality show that has changed the way we watch and think about dating shows. The concept of the show is simple: singles, who have never met before, talk to each other over the course of 10 days while in separate pods, only able to see each other after they are engaged. The series has spawned more than its share of memorable contestants, so here are five of the most memorable Love Is Blind contestants. 

1. Jessica Batten 

Jessica was one of the two main protagonists on Love Is Blind and became a fan favorite for her candidness and willingness to take risks. She has been praised for her vulnerability throughout the season and even though she was unable to find true love during her time on the show, her journey resonated with viewers everywhere. 

2. Mark Cuevas

Mark became a fan favorite for his sincerity and likability and also had his own fair share of struggles on Love Is Blind as he experienced a rollercoaster ride between three different women trying to win his heart. While he had difficulties choosing between Lauren and Amber at first, he eventually found his true love in Amber and ended up marrying her at the end of the series! 

3. Damian Powers

Damian was initially known as “the villain” on Love Is Blind but by the end of his run, he won many viewers over with his authenticity, honesty, and determination to find true love despite all odds being against him. His relationship with Giannina Gibelli was quite tumultuous but it ultimately grew into something beautiful by the end! 

4. Cameron Hamilton

Arguably one of the most beloved contestants in recent memory, Cameron stole fans’ hearts early on with his sincere commitment to finding true love on Love Is Blind. Although it took him some time (and several failed relationships) before finding that special someone; when Cameron finally proposed to Lauren Speed it melted hearts everywhere! 

5. Kelly Chase

Kelly was one of those people who came out from behind their walls and surprised us all! She started off as shy but soon revealed herself as a strong-willed woman who knew what she wanted from life; which included finding true love despite her doubts about dating apps or reality TV shows like Love Is Blind. And although she did not end up finding that person during her stint on this show, she still managed to make a lasting impression on viewers everywhere! 

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