5 Must-Listen Sermons for Those Struggling with Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression can be debilitating, leaving many feeling hopeless and alone. While seeking professional help is important, it can also be helpful to find solace in spiritual guidance. Listening to sermons that address anxiety and depression can provide comfort, hope, and a renewed sense of faith. Here are five must-listen sermons for those struggling with anxiety and depression. 

1. “God’s Antidepressant” by Rick Warren 

In this sermon, Pastor Rick Warren discusses how to overcome negative thoughts through the power of prayer and faith. He shares his own struggle with depression after the loss of his son, as well as practical tips for managing anxiety. 

2. “The Cure for Anxiety” by John Piper 

Theologian John Piper explains what it means to cast our anxieties on God and trust in His sovereignty. He reminds us that we are not alone in our struggles and encourages listeners to seek comfort in Scripture. 

3. “When Life Doesn’t Make Sense” by Tony Evans 

Pastor Tony Evans delivers an empowering message about finding purpose in the midst of pain. He speaks candidly about his own experience with depression and offers hope through God’s promise of redemption. 

4. “Peace Be Still” by Joyce Meyer 

Joyce Meyer shares her personal journey with anxiety and how she found peace through her relationship with Jesus Christ. She encourages listeners to trust God’s plan even when life feels chaotic or uncertain. 

5. “Overcoming Fear & Anxiety” by Joseph Prince 

In this sermon, Pastor Joseph Prince teaches listeners how to conquer fear through faith in Jesus Christ. He emphasizes the importance of renewing our minds with God’s truth and relying on His strength to face our fears.

6. “Finding Strength in God” by T.D. Jakes 

Bishop T.D. Jakes discusses how faith can provide strength and comfort during difficult times. He encourages listeners to trust in God’s plan and seek guidance through prayer. 

7. “The Good News about Mental Health” by Craig Groeschel 

Pastor Craig Groeschel talks about the stigma surrounding mental health and the importance of seeking help when needed. He reminds listeners that God loves them regardless of their struggles and encourages them to find hope in His promises. 

8. “Anxiety and the Sovereignty of God” by Tim Keller 

Pastor Tim Keller explores the relationship between anxiety and God’s sovereignty. He offers practical advice for managing anxiety and encourages listeners to trust in God’s goodness and plan for their lives. 

9. “Freedom from Fear” by Joel Osteen 

In this sermon, Pastor Joel Osteen discusses how to overcome fear and anxiety through faith in God. He shares stories of individuals who have found freedom from their struggles and offers hope for those still searching. 

10. “Depression and Hope” by Max Lucado 

Pastor Max Lucado discusses how to find hope in the midst of depression. He shares personal stories of his own struggles with depression and offers encouragement for those feeling lost or alone.

Listening to these sermons can offer a sense of hope during difficult times. It is important to remember that seeking professional help is still necessary but finding comfort in spiritual guidance can also be beneficial.

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