5 Real Life Heroism Stories

In the movies, heroes are handsome, strong and endowed with superhuman strength. But these real life heroism stories show that you don’t need any of those things to be a hero.

1. Saved From a Vicious Dog

Little Nicole Walker can honestly say that she has the best brother in the whole wide world. While 6-year old Bridger Walker and his 4 year old sister Nicole were visiting friends, a vicious dog suddenly ran toward them. Bridger positioned himself in front of his baby sister, moving so the dog couldn’t get to her. When the dog’s sharp teeth bit into Bridger’s face, he yelled for his sister to run. After the dog relinquished his grip, Bridger took his sister to a secure place to hide until help arrived. Bridger suffered severe lacerations to his face, needing over 90 stitches and several follow-up operations. Little Nicole was unharmed. Bridger Walker is a real life hero and an example to us all.

2. Pulled From a Submerged Car

A car accident left the driver unconscious while his car became submerged in Hauser, Oregon. The first witness, Molly Silva, immediately pulled over, jumped into the lake and swam toward the car. Next, Kris Hunter, a passerby who is a commercial diver, quickly put on his dive suit and headed out to where the vehicle had sunk. Yet a third hero used his truck winch and, working with the diva, pulled the car to the bank. By then, rescue officials had arrived and were able to extricate the driver and bring him back to consciousness. This is  heartwarming story of real life heroism with everyone working together.

3. Rescued From a Train Wreck

When a 72 year old driver’s car got stuck on railroad tracks in Kane County, Illinois, he was in immediate danger. Realizing that a train was coming, a passerby quickly jumped into action. When he got to the car, he found that the driver was having a medical emergency, and wasn’t able to move. With the train approaching, the hero unbuckled the man and lifted him from the vehicle to safety before the train smashed into the car, leaving it a jumbled mass of metal.

4. Saved in the Last Ten Seconds

An unknown hero pulled a man to safety just ten minutes before it would have been too late. In New York, a man in a wheelchair had somehow rolled off the platform and fallen onto the train tracks. With just ten seconds remaining, a hero jumped onto the tracks himself and lifted the man to safety right before the train sped into the station. The hero left before anyone could get his name.

5. Human Chain Rescue

On a sunny day in Panama City Beach, a young girl struggled to hold her head above water. Two women swam in to save the girl. One woman emerged with the girl safely in tow. The other woman continued to struggle in the rough waters. After a male beachgoer tried and failed to save the woman, a group of bystanders formed a human chain of 12 real life heroes. Everyone was brought safely to shore, and lives were saved.