5 Reasons to Learn to Code

In today’s high-tech world, coding is the language that drives almost everything. People use computers to do anything from turning their lights on to parking their cars — that all requires someone who took the time to learn code. So why should you learn to code? 

1. Coding Is About Problem-Solving

Coding teaches you the art of looking at the big picture and then breaking it down into smaller, more manageable bites. This skill set would translate into most areas of your life, which can be full of problems. You could apply it to your finances, for example. Instead of looking at debt as one large number, coding could teach you to break it down and manage each piece as a separate unit. 

2. Coding Can Improve Your Productivity

Learning to code can also change the way you think about things. It teaches you to spot ways to multitask, for example. That may mean you can save time during your day. It will also give you the skill set to automate tasks you use software for, such as spreadsheets. You will be able to spot ways to combine elements and write a script or formula to make it work. 

3. Coding May Give You Job Security

Understanding even basic code could make you the go-to person at work. It also tells your employer that you are smart and resourceful. They will see you are willing to learn new things and might be interested in new opportunities. They might be able to pay you more and internalize some previously outsourced tasks such as webpage administration. 

4. Coding Can Turn Your Ideas Into Apps

You could be the next Steve Jobs, but you’ll never know if you can’t write code. You could turn a great idea into an app that brings in revenue or helps others. By being able to build the app yourself, you also save money and don’t have to share your idea with anyone else. 

5. Because It Is Fun

Coding is art for some. It takes creativity and imagination. It is something you can do in front of the TV the same way your mom used to knit. 

Coding is addictive once you get into it. It is a challenge that people spend years trying to master, and there are always new things to learn. 

Coding teaches you how things work, and that is something you can use in every aspect of your life.