5 Reasons Why Making Random Decisions Can Be a Good Thing

There are a lot of ways in which people make decisions in their lives, though most of them tend to be very analytical. Most of us are thinking about the long-term and want to put a lot of time and thought into making anything. However, if there’s a decision that you have to make that isn’t quite as impactful on your overall life, it might be better to let randomness decide your next step.

If you’re someone who’s very left-brained and have been afraid to make a decision without analyzing every possible outcome, perhaps you need a push into allowing random decisions to happen. Here are five reasons why making random decisions can actually be a good thing in your life.

Triggers Your Sense of Wonder  

There’s a sense of wonder and magic instilled in nearly all of us from a very early age. As we age, that light can sometimes go out. Making decisions in the spur of the moment can help to bring some of that magic back to your life and connect you with your inner child. Add some spontaneity to your life and see what’s out there waiting for you. 

New Opportunities 

The gift of new opportunities and experience is an often overlooked benefit of making random and spontaneous decisions. Following the crowd and living your day-to-day life routinely and expectedly will offer you comfort. It may not always open your life up to new and rewarding opportunities and experiences. If you want to break free from the monotony, take the time to be random and go with the flow. You’ll be surprised where it may lead you, who you could meet, and how it will change the direction of your day or even your life. 

New Friends

Along with the possibility of new and exciting opportunities, making random decisions could also lead to many intriguing people you wouldn’t have met otherwise. If you’re already a social butterfly, or maybe a bit on the shy side, random choices could lead you to places likely outside of your comfort zone. It might be just what you need to expand your horizons. The people you meet could impact you in incredible ways and add depth to your life. You could do the same for them as well. There’s so much life to live and people to make the journey more interesting. Make life a journey and celebrate the friends you find along the way. 


Life is a journey and we’re meant to explore. There’s a reason past generations and civilizations packed their bags, risked it all, and explored new lands and seas. Of course, safety is important and it’s always better to prepare yourself when you’re traveling or exploring. Always let people know where you’re headed, have an emergency kit, plenty of food and water, bring a communication device, and never trespass. Besides the standard safety procedures, explore to your heart’s content. Choose your destinations at random and see what the world has to offer. You’ll be happy you did. 

Helps Practice Quick Thinking 

When you make decisions on the fly, without planning, it can have a wonderfully positive impact on your wit and quick thinking. Most of the time, daily life has to be somewhat monotonous and we need to know what to expect to a certain degree. It doesn’t always set us up to improve our critical thinking skills. Making random choices and going with the flow allows us to practice our quick thinking and increases our wit. Just like improv, there’s no set destination and everything is made up on the spot. It’s more of an “enjoy the journey” concept, rather than only wanting to make it to the destination. 

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