5 Tech Devices That Can Have A Positive Effect On Your Kids

There is a constant debate about the health impacts of tech gadgets on kids and whether tech time needs to be limited in favor of other healthy activities. Well, some devices have a positive effect: reading, improving sleep, or encouraging more activity. 

Here are five that benefit kids instead of keeping their attention on video games all day.

Kindle Paperwhite Kids

Encouraging reading is always beneficial, and the kids’ Kindle is a great way to do so. It is easy for them to take multiple books anywhere and can be read outdoors. Ten weeks of battery life means they don’t have always to remember to charge it.

The best part of the Kindle is that if there is a new book they wish to read, Amazon Kindle Unlimited has quite a few titles. The library is an even better source as they can go online, check out any book they want, and send it straight to their Kindle. Plus, there are never library late fees.

$160 at Amazon keeps them reading

Apple Watch SE

A smartwatch can benefit kids, primarily if it keeps them active. The fitness tracking tells them if they have reached a healthy amount of steps during the day and reminds them to stand up and move. Kids love reaching their goals and being praised.

Enabling the GPS on the watch also means you can find your wandering child at a friend’s house, avoiding homework, and call or text their watch to get home. Using the Find My Apple app, you can locate them wherever they may be hiding.

$240 at Amazon gets them moving and makes them trackable

Osmo Creative Starter Kit

The Osmo is an iPad-compatible kit with award-winning games that helps kids learn. It helps with drawing, listening, physics, creative problem solving, and fine motor skills. Kids learn through experimentation and real-time audio and visual feedback. It is suitable for kids ages 5-10. Who knew an iPad could be used with such a great, interactive learning tool?

The kit is inexpensive at $55.99 on Amazon

Huohuotu Alilo Big Bunny

The Big Bunny is an award-winning early education toy that won the Family Choice Award and the British Infant Toy Award. This bunny can sing lullabies and children’s songs and tell stories, poems, and scientific knowledge. It comes with 1000+ pre-installed songs and stories. It is interactive and can answer math, history, science, and music questions.

Everything was considered, including ears that are safe for babies to chew on and the ability to go dormant after 30 minutes of lullabies.

$69.99 makes this miracle education toy a great value

GKTZ Kids Waterproof Camera

A 20 MP kids’ underwater sports camera? How cool. For the budding photographer in the family, a camera is an excellent way for kids to engage with the world around them. They can take videos and pictures both above and underwater. If it gets dropped, don’t worry. The camera has fall protection.

$31.99 on Amazon starts their photography fascination

These kids’ gadgets get reading, learning, and moving and keep them from endless cartoons or video games. You’ll be happy they are having fun while learning new skills and staying active. What great gifts for birthdays and Christmas.