5 Tips For Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse

The chances of a zombie apocalypse happening is extremely slim, but it’s not zero. There have been countless movies, comic books, TV shows, and more which have all showcased how people could survive if there were a zombie apocalypse. After going through all of the source material, we feel like we have a good handle on how to stay alive even when times are at their worst. Here are five tips for surviving the zombie apocalypse that probably won’t happen, but isn’t guaranteed to not happen.

Stick together

If you want to survive the zombie apocalypse, you’re going to need some help. Nobody wants to go through the impending zombie takeover alone. Once you separate friend from foe, keeping a tight-knit group of survivors, can drastically improve your chance of survival. Especially if that group is well-rounded and made up of survivors with helpful skill sets. Divvying up responsibilities and tasks will make your new community run smoothly. A little more manpower to fight against the flesh-eating zombies wouldn’t hurt either. 

Stock supplies

Once you and your group of fellow survivors have found a safe and secure place to call home, it’s important you hoard supplies and stock up as much as possible. Carefully plan and execute supply runs to gather medical supplies, shelf-stable food, seeds, water, clothing, and toiletries. Stock up on weapons, ammo, tools, and crafting supplies as well. Although you’ll likely create a routine and have a new normal, everything is uncertain, and you must prepare for anything. 

Arm yourself

Whether you carry firearms, blades, explosives, or any other weapons of choice, it’s vital, you and those around you stay armed as often as possible. Try to keep a variety of weapons on you, or near your person at all times. Place weapons at nearby checkpoints throughout your community in case of emergency. You can never have too many weapons or too much ammo. Your group would also benefit from placing silencers on your firearms, so you don’t cause a zombie swarm when you have to fire your weapons. Not only should you arm yourself with weapons, but any able-bodied person should also train themselves to fight, defend, and execute an escape plan if necessary.

Be quiet

It goes without saying, quite literally, silence is the key to survival. Zombies are highly sensitive and responsive to surrounding stimuli, such as lights and sounds. It’s crucial to keep as quiet as possible outside of your safe zone. That includes equipping your firearms with silencers, or practicing an alternative method of communication with those around you, keeping children, babies, and highly reactive and vocal members of your group in a secure area where they can’t be heard by passing zombies outside. If you’re smart, you can use this information to your advantage by setting traps and distracting zombies with loud noises and bright lights, by way of fireworks or flash-bangs. 

Become a jack of all trades

During the zombie apocalypse, you’ll have a lot of time on your hands. Sure, most of it will be used for survival, but it also allows plenty of time to learn important skills. Train yourself and others on how to perform simple medical procedures, how to raise crops, training to fight and handle weapons, alternative methods of communication, and how to build useful tools and items to benefit your survival and comfort. A skilled and intelligent group of survivors will have a much higher chance of long-term survival than a group of clueless and helpless ones. 

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