5 Tips For Winning a Sweepstakes

There are more than 50 million people in the United States alone that enter into some sort of sweepstakes each year. Whether it be a small local giveaway from a gift certificate or a massive nationwide check for millions of dollars, any sweepstakes can be enticing. While it might not feel like you ever win, there are a few people that keep winning hundreds of them each year.

What is their secret to winning hundreds of sweepstakes on a yearly basis? Thankfully, these experts at winning have shared their secrets over the years. You may have to commit a lot of time, but if you’re willing to devote that time, these five tips will help you win a sweepstakes for the first time (and many times thereafter). 

Read the Terms and Conditions

One of the most important tips to remember when entering a sweepstakes, or contest of any kind is to read through the terms and conditions carefully and thoroughly. 

Even if you win a contest, there’s no guarantee you’ll earn the prize if you haven’t followed the guidelines properly. Otherwise, you could be disqualified. So make sure to read and follow the rules of the game to ensure there’s nothing in the way of you winning. 

Join Online Forums 

If you aren’t sure where to begin when starting your sweepstakes venture, there are tons of online forums and sites that compile information and lists of current and upcoming sweepstakes. 

Some sites, or online groups, may even provide a way to communicate amongst the sweepstakes community, giving you more insight, tips, and information on other sweepstakes to enter from fellow contest seekers. Although there are legitimate groups and sites out there, beware of scams and never put too much personal information out there. 

Enter As Many As Possible 

One surefire way to earn you at least one win is to simply enter as many sweepstakes as possible. If you are only interested in sticking to sweepstakes that surround your hobbies, seek out sites and groups familiar with the hobby and try to enter as many contests they offer for that particular hobby. Though, if you just love winning and don’t care what, entering as many contests is a trick that’s bound to make you a winner. 

Follow Social Media Accounts 

If you’re in the know, you’re more likely to win. Most people skim over ads and social media posts involving sweepstakes or don’t even follow the accounts that run the contests in the first place. Whether it’s because they don’t think they could ever win, or they see it as a nuisance. 

Following, liking, and turning on notifications for social media posts from sweepstakes accounts, popular businesses and restaurants, and accounts that often do giveaways, is a great way to keep tabs on any current, or upcoming contests. You may end up being one of the few people that bother to do so, making your chances of winning even greater. So make sure to pay attention to the repetitive social media posts and advertisements if you’re in it to win it. 

Prepare Your Entry Information

Most contests and sweepstakes take place online these days. When you’re entering all of these online contests, it’s helpful to have all of your basic information ready to copy and paste off of a word document or notepad for speed and accuracy. There’s nothing worse than entering a contest with the wrong information due to a simple typing mistake. 

Also, some sweepstakes have you take a picture with their product and have you post it online to enter. So create your social media accounts beforehand and have the product ready to take a quick snapshot with. Don’t forget any necessary hashtags, or tags to ensure your entry is valid. 

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