5 Tips To Sell Your House

Selling a home is one of the most stressful times that a person can go through because you also have to set up the purchase of your next home. If you’re thinking about getting into that process, here are five tips that you need to follow when selling your house.


One thing that almost every seller does before listing their home is to renovate. Many feel that if they add a few bells and whistles that they can increase the value of the home tremendously, but not all renovations are equal. If you’re doing something like adding new doors or replacing the appliances, you may actually be doing more harm than good. The buyer will likely end up replacing those items anyway, and it doesn’t add to the home’s overall value.

Instead, you should be focusing on renovations that fix any problems the house might have, as that’s where the real added value comes in. Remodeling bathrooms can end up being the most fruitful, while also adding a small deck, porch, or patio can do more good than you think. The bedrooms and living room are going to be completely redone by the new resident, so it’s best to just focus on the bathrooms, kitchen, and exterior.

Work With an Agent

Now comes the time when you get to compare yourself to a professional athlete. If an athlete is working without an agent, they’re probably going to be losing out on millions in guaranteed money and incentives. The same applies to someone that’s selling their home, although it’s more likely in the thousands rather than the millions. Unless you’re selling directly to a friend or family member, it’s important to work with a trusted agent, and even then it might still be a good idea for paperwork reasons.

Speaking of paperwork, one of the biggest reasons to have an agent take care of the sale of your home is because they can do all of that for you. They’ll also have a wider scale of contacts that can start a bidding war for your home, getting you the maximum value. Sure, you could go through all of that yourself, but you’d be spending so much time trying to get the best price that the time you lost out on would negate that.

Beauty On The Outside

You could have the most gorgeous interior that would bring a world-class architect to their knees, but none of that will matter if you can’t get people in the door. The exterior of your home is essentially the handshake of any meeting, you want to make sure you get it right to set a good impression. This means that your lawn (if you have one) should be perfectly mowed, and any debris should be removed.

Selling your home would be a good time to call a landscaper, setting up massive curb appeal to any passersby. If you don’t have a powerwasher, it would also be a good time to rent one and work on your home’s exterior. Once you have everything looking in tip-top shape, more people will be inclined to check out the inside and fast-track the sale of your home.

Get Clean

Now that the exterior of your home has been beautified, what should you do to the inside to make it more appealing? The saying goes that less is more, and that certainly applies to a home for sale. Try to keep only the basics visible like beds, couches, and other furniture. Avoid keeping personal items out on display, too, as your home will be photographed for sale.

Above all else, though, you have to deep clean your home. The carpets or hardwood floors should be immaculate. it might be time to replace the curtains and drapes, and it shouldn’t cost a ton, but invest in cleaning the house even if a professional is needed.

Look At The Bids

There was a time when someone would put their house up for sale and would receive a handful of offers that were all backed by mortgages. These days, however, there are corporations that are buying up real estate left and right and retirees that are willing to pay cash. There are also going to be more bids than you can keep up with. Because of this, it’s tempting to simply take the highest bid and call it a day.

You should look deeper into each bid, though. Do you really want your home to be bought up by a large company that’s only looking to drive up real estate prices in your area, or would you rather sell to someone that will actually be living in the home? There are a lot of factors to weigh, and cash payments are certainly the most tempting as they don’t come with much paperwork.

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