5 Weird Britney Spears Facts

Beginning her singing career in the late 1990s, Britney Spears quickly went from relative unknown to household name to pop music icon all in the span of a couple of years. Spears became a media darling, with paparazzi following her around almost everywhere that she went. Because of this, some of her best and worst moments were captured for the world to see.

Out of all of the things that we know about Spears due to her life being so public, which parts really stand out as the weirdest? Here are five weird Britney Spears facts that even some of her biggest fans may not know about just yet.

Britney and Justin Timberlake Had Custom Toilet Seats With Each Other’s Faces on Them

During their four-year fairytale relationship, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake did the cute stuff all couples do. They shared moments, and memories, and had affectionately strange nicknames for one another like “Pinky” for Spears and “Stinky” for Timberlake.

However, they reportedly had another strange way of showing their love for each other. They’re said to have spent an estimated $21,000 on two gold-plated, diamond-chipped toilet seats adorning each of their faces from their Mickey Mouse Clubhouse days.  


Celebrities’ use of aliases to avoid detection is nothing new, but Britney Spears had a few interesting names she would go by when wanting to go undetected.  Ms. Alotta Warmheart was an alias she went by, with her reasoning behind it being simply that she had a warm heart.

Possibly an ode to the character Alotta Fagina from the 1997 movie “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery”. Another alias she’d use, Mrs. Diana Prince, was a nod to the late Princess Diana. Finally, Mrs. Abra Cadabra, with no real reason behind it.  

Stood Up By Prince William 

Before pop princess Britney Spears and pop prince Justin Timberlake became an item from 1998 to 2002, Spears could have bagged herself a real prince. In a 2002 UK interview, Spears revealed she and Prince William had an online romance through emails.  

She said the prince was supposed to come to visit her while she was on her UK tour, but he never showed up and the virtual romance was short-lived. Some claim the prince went fox hunting instead. There’s also speculation the two tried to meet up afterward, but it didn’t work out. Prince William began dating his now-wife Kate Middleton shortly after in 2003. 

Britney and Kevin Federline Reality sShow 

One of Britney Spears’ biggest and most cringeworthy regrets is the reality mini-series she and her now ex-husband Kevin Federline took part in called “Chaotic”. The footage was originally recorded to document her journey during “The Onyx Hotel Tour” she planned for 2004. After suffering a knee injury during the filming of her “Outrageous” music video, though, the tour was canceled. 

Rather than ditch the footage, they stuck to the idea of using it for a reality show and instead shifted the focus to the couple’s relationship from their first encounter, all the way to marriage.  The pop star came under heavy fire from critics who had a lot to say about the train wreck of a series.  

Calling Her Home Phone To Record Ideas For Songs 

Although Britney Spears didn’t join in the writing process of her own songs until her third album, her methods of writing the songs were unconventional, but worked. Rather than jotting her ideas on paper, she would call her home phone, let it go to voicemail, and the answering machine would record Spears singing snippets of a song she had come up with. It seems to have done her a lot of good, with her massive success even to this day. After all, if it works, it works.  

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