5 Weird Lindsay Lohan Facts You’re Dying To Know

Lindsay Lohan is an actress, model, and singer who has been in the public eye since she was a child. Her personal life has been widely reported on by the media, from her battles with addiction to her legal troubles. However, there are some weird facts about Lindsay Lohan that you might not know. Today, we’ll explore five of the strangest things about Lindsay Lohan’s life that you’re dying to know.

Fact #1: Lindsay and her “Mean Girls” co-star had a falling out

One of Lindsay Lohan’s most famous movies is “Mean Girls,” which debuted in 2004. Lohan played the lead character, Cady Heron, and her co-star Rachel McAdams played the antagonist, Regina George. While the movie was a success, there were rumors that Lohan and McAdams didn’t get along on set. In a 2014 interview with “The Kyle and Jackie O Show,” Lohan confirmed that she and McAdams had a falling out during filming.

“We had a little bit of a feud on set,” Lohan said. “I think it was just the typical actresses trying to one-up each other.”

Despite their disagreement, Lohan said that she hasn’t seen McAdams since filming ended but that she has no hard feelings towards her.

Fact #2: Lindsay has a strange phobia

Lindsay Lohan has admitted to having a strange phobia: she’s afraid of microphones. In a 2006 interview with Oprah Winfrey, Lohan revealed that she gets “really scared” when she sees a microphone. She said that she thinks they look like an animal or insect, and that they make her feel uncomfortable.

“I just don’t like them,” Lohan said. “It’s something that I’ve always been scared of.”

This phobia has affected Lohan throughout her career, as she’s had to use microphones during interviews, performances, and filming.

Fact #3: Lindsay once opened a nightclub in Greece

In 2016, Lindsay Lohan opened a nightclub in Athens, Greece, called “Lohan Nightclub.” The club was a joint venture with two Greek businessmen, and it was located in the heart of Athens. Lohan said that she chose Greece for the club because she has a strong connection to the country.

“I have a really close relationship with Greece and its people,” Lohan said in a statement. “It was important to me to bring a beautiful place to Athens where people can come and enjoy themselves.”

The opening of the nightclub was met with mixed reviews, as some people criticized Lohan for her involvement in the project.

Fact #4: Lindsay has a secret talent

Lindsay Lohan has a hidden talent that many people don’t know about: she’s an expert at speaking in different accents. In a 2018 interview with “The Wendy Williams Show,” Lohan demonstrated her skills by speaking in a British accent, an Australian accent, and a Russian accent.

“I’ve always been able to mimic someone’s accent,” Lohan said. “I think it’s just from being around so many different people growing up.”

Lohan’s talent for accents has been on display in some of her movies, including “The Parent Trap” and “Mean Girls.”

Fact #5: Lindsay’s mother once wrote a book about their family

In 2008, Lindsay Lohan’s mother, Dina Lohan, wrote a book called “Living Lohan: My Family Business.” The book was a memoir about the Lohan family and their experiences in the entertainment industry. It also included details about Lindsay’s upbringing and her struggles with addiction.

The book received mixed reviews, with some critics saying that it was exploitative and unfair to Lindsay. In an interview with “Access Hollywood,” Lindsay said that she was upset about the book and that she felt like her privacy had been violated.

“I think it’s unfortunate that my mother went on to do a book about me,” Lohan said. “It’s not something that I would have done.”

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